Lock Both Ways
Oh, Oh, catch that buzz, A lot of drugs is what I'm thinking of!!

The Flantastic Four

That would not be me, two Labradors and a dessert, because I am way below the 'flantastic' level. Still.

I have made a No Cook Chocolate Tart in my fluted rectangular flan tin. JessiLe_tin_de_flan_chocolat_1e brought it all the way back from Paris for me!!! C'est tres bon!!(bonne??) C'est magnifique!!! Truly, this only took me 9 or 10 minutes to assemble. Which is a good things as 9 or 10 minutes is about as long as I can stand standing!!!

So, nothing is happening, I am off to bed this afternoon. The Labradors had a walk. There has been no knitting, sewing or even any Enterprise watching. The last season has begun : not with the episode we need to see, Part 2 of last year's cliffhanger, but we should be grateful for small mercies I expect...         



Yum!!! Recipe printed off as I write this. On Sundays we have yummy cake and coffee for morning tea. Guess what we will be having with our coffee this Sunday??

Rest up wont you, when you aren't knitting, sewing or even Enterprise watching, you must need rest!!


That tart looks absolutely delish! Take it easy and don't overdo it.

amanda j

I do hope you feel better soon! Your slice looks loverly.

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