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Where did I go to my lovelies?

I have been all Scott of the Antarctic!!!

On Friday I made the cup cakes for MrsMacGyver's birthday cake. And rested.Pirates_of_the_caribbean_cup_cakes_1 Chocolate_choc_chip_and_lemon_curd_cup_cRaspberry_and_white_chocolate_1   

Saturday I went along to the Knitting Coven stall and I went to MrsMacGyver's party. It was a party for those of a certain age. We were oh so civilised: we drank some bubbly ( one glass for me and then cups of tea), ate some nibbles ( 3 party pieMystery_man_1s and some fig paste and feta cheese, oh and sour worm lollies and a Wizz Fizz for me)  watched video music clips from the olden days and chatted till late. I certainly 'lived it up'. I was home after 11pm, which is such a late night for me, even though I had been sleeping in anticipation. I was trying to build up a sleep credit. It didn't work. I still have a cold. On Sunday I slept in till 12-36pm. Yes, that's right, till the afternoon. I had opened the dog door for The Labradors, but they didn't get fed till 1 o'clock!!

MrsMacGyver rang about 1-45pm and then we went to a 'happening'. Do you recognise this piece of a man on the left in B&W?? He was there and so were a lot of other volunteers who haHappy_rainy_dogsd performed a very wonderful good deed for some friends. They will be on the TV at the end of July. MrsMacGyver and I are hoping not to be on TV. We spent a lot of time camera Were_outta_hereavoiding, though we took lots of photos!! Then there was more bubbly after the unveiling!!

Today I have taken The Labradors for a walk. It has been rainingKermit_masquerading_as_a_snail in the last few days and they have been walking in the rain, revelling in the wetness and puddles of water everywhere!!! I also went to TBSODLTM where I purchased a Kermit_the_rainbow_connection_scarflot of things that I might take a photo of later as they had a 20% off sale........

Kermit, The Rainbow Connection Scarf, is complete. It was a scarf made of 2 strands of 5ply knitted  together with a 1/2 ball offset, so the colours mingled. I was inspired by the UK Simply Knitting!!! It was a present for MrsMacGyver : she likes lots of colours.Giant_needles_terrible_photo There is blue, well two blues, so this qualifies for Project Spectrum too!!!

I am currently working on Bolshoi. It is an Interweave Ballet Wrap Cardigan in 12ply Rustic, colour: Elm, from Bendigo. I have to knit on giant needles that I hate. I am  enduring it as a means to a desired end. I had to knit wih 8mm. It was like knitting with telegraph poles. It is very fast though with 6mm now and I am just about to the underarm cast off after just knitting through Jericho. Very fast indeed!!! Elm is green even though it looks, well, a boogelly grey colour!!!

The_back_of_bolshoi I am glad that my Sock Tote tutorial was helpful!! It was very long!! I hope some one might make one of their own one day!!!! Thank you for your kind comments......



Is that cardigan easy to knit? I'm trying to look for an easy cardy for myself. Dare not try anything too complicated!!


I hate big needles too, even going up to regualar 4mm seems like broomsticks, especially after knitting socks on teeny tiny needles.

amanda j

Ooh big needles hurt my precious hands. And Wizz Fizz! There's nothing like it. Perhaps if you had eaten a sherbet cone you would have been able to get out of bed earlier!


I've thought about knitting that cardi. I agree about how 6mm seems huge. I've been knitting socks and lace for so many months anything bigger than 3mm seems gigantic. :)

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