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Our house has two street frontages, well a frontage and a backage really. The road at the front runs righHay_a_good_bookt below the raised footpath and so you have to come in and out the back way.  Despite this, my letterbox is at the front of the house. There is a point to all this. On Sundays the paper is always put into the metal cylinder thingy on the back gate. I never check for mail at the back gate: there never is any. Never say never. Yesterday when we went to get the paper, poking out of the metal cylinder thingy was a rain soaked invitation to my friends' daughter's 21st birthday afternoon tea - yesterday afternoon!!! Minor panic and battle stations!!!!! I had planned to do nothing at all yesterday, so luCaras_21st_birthday_and_cakeckily I had time to buy her a present : the very nice Donna Hay Modern Classics 1 - she loves  to cook. I also had time to make another applique Easter Egg. Could I could find both of the eggs I had carefully put away?? No!!! So Joanie's mum and Cara's mum both received their very late Easter presents!! and I had a lovely afternoon tea. Cara has been wishing for a Sweet shop birthday cake ever since she can remember and now she finally has one!!! Cara's mum is moving back to her house which is just 3 houses up the hill from me!! How cool is that??? We are very happy.

Last_2_little_zippy_bags I have finished the last of the Little Zippy Bags. I  saw patterns on the internet when I googled, and I bought a few patterns from catalogues (so yes, the dog handbags may yet appear) but as I am wont to do, I changed things. I made the long pieces beside the zip twice as wide and folded them in half rather than having to finisLeft_all_aloneh an edge and then fold it under, and I made the bag a little smaller too. I am forever not making things to a pattern!!!

This morning we all slept in till 10am again. It was the excitement of the party: all those egg sandwiches and cups of tea. There was no walk at the dam, but late this afternoon we went for a walk to the shop to post some parcels. They sat and waited patiOh_happy_day_youre_backently while I was in the PO and there they were still sitting quietly when I came out!! Peri cried a bit, but Harki is older and wiser and knows I will be back.I love seeing their happy faces when I come out of the shop, and when I come home too!!!

Something else I like : Bleak House, the BBC's latest adaptation of Dickens' novel. It is absolutely full of actors I know and has a plot the Footy Fixtures Show would be proud of : woman has baby out of wedlock, marries an older man, years later the lover returns only to die....her daughter comes to live nearby to be a chaperone and immediately gains a stalker...meanwhile the two young wards of the man who hired the young woman fall in love and elope....... See??? It's Soap opera really!!! I used to skip over Dickens' descriptions when I was reading his books. Miriam Margolyes is following in Dickens' footsteps in Dickens In America at the moment. She adores him. Although I disagree with her, he is not greater them Shakespeare, I am still enjoying the programme. Oh I just read that in the UK Bleak House was screened in half hour episodes as a nod to it's soap opera roots. Now I'm a literature geek!!!

Ann and I are having our own private little KAL : the V neck vest from Jo Sharp's Knit 1. It's the Equine Vest you know!!!Truly_i_can_take_a_photo_really

Never let me take your photo. I will promise the earth and deliver, well, mud!!!  I have 15 more of these. I have no idea what it is but it is definitely mine : it's green!!



Boss thinks Harki and peri are saying hello to him. He jumps on my lap to see his friends on the internet. My parents think it is daft that the dogs have emails for one another but I know we understand.

Love you bags they look so good.


I *loved* Bleak House when it was shown over here. It is very soap opera-ish!


Lucky letterbox check!!! What yarn are you going to use for your v neck vest???


I didn't know if Bleak House would be to my liking or not and as I was really tired on the night of the first episode, I went to bed early and didn't watch it. Sounds like I should have.

Harki and Peri look so cute, they really do pose for photos.

She Who Smells Yarn

I dont think I couldnt handle two mailboxes!! Does that mean double the bills?

What cute piccies of Harki and Peri!!!

Bags look great!

I sometimes take piccies like that and end up wondering what on earth they are later..


Ann Lim

I feel so honoured to be in a private KAL - I will call my vest the Equine vest too (if you don't mind)!. I have only 10cm of the rib & hope to get more done tonight while attending my daughter's ensemble concert. Love the pic of Peri & Harki - they looked so.....cute!


My doggies can never sit still. Therefore, I never take them out when I go to the shops. I've just finished the back of bolshoi. I'm not sure if I did them correctly :P as they look a bit odd. Haha!!

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