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Marmite but Pawill*

I'm Livin' in the Eighties

Rest assured, there is no Ego is not a Dirty Word or severed fingers here*, we're living in the Eighties, Some_deer_friends_gifts not Livin' in the Seventies (hums song to self) Yesterday I went to Mrs MacGvyer's just long enough to watch this week's episode of Stargate SG1 and I foolishly predicted that it would be a 'to be continued' in jest : and it was!! I must learn to use my powers for good, rather than for evil!!! Oh go and see the wondrous results of the voice activated software loaded onto Mrs MacGyver's laptop. Scroll down and see how it interpreted the National Anthem and sing along lustily!!!!

I came home and slept the sleep of the ever sleepy and then at 8pm went to Uncle and Auntie Dutch's party. You were meant to go dressed in 80s wedding style. I had no energy to dress up: I took a dress I wore to a wedding in the 80s, and wore my Dr Who ZippyUppy Eggscellent_present Cardigan, as Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor)  married Lalla Ward (First Romana) on December 30th 1980!!! I saw lots of cool clothes and Village People moustaches, but I forgot my camera. They might email me a photo!!!

They brought me back some presents from their trip overseas, which they deemed mere trifles and bagatelles, but which I think are wonderful : a traditional cook book and some teeny tiny reindeer biscuit cutters, a lovely handpainted wooden egg and the most gorgeous necklace. I love it, I am wearing it now. I think I might become a necklace person by Tom_foolerydefault.

I am in the depth of fatigue. I have done nothing at all really, but I feel as if I have been working non-stop. I think it is sheer excitement that wears me out, yeah, right!! A Dr Who screening and sitting in the corner at a party for 2 1/2 hours : that's really taxing!!! I did drag myself out of bed to walk The Labradors in the rain this morning. We all liked that and we saw Dr Blocking_bolshoi_1 Tim walking his dogs too!! I have pinned out Bolshoi to block. I want to sew it up tomorrow. There is no band on the back of the neck, it is left as a cast off edge. Very poor. I have kept the 3 stitches of the front 'band' live and I will knit a band along the back neck edge, grafting the two pieces together at the centre. I might try to knit up a stitch from the cast off edge as I go instead of sewing it on. Could be tricky!!!!

A big Thank You to My_button_2Fifi, who has made me a button with pawprints on it!! Thank you from The Labradors, they are eternally grateful and send licks and wiggly tail wags!!!!!

*The Skyhooks 'Ego is not a Dirty Word' album, which I have somewhere in the Spare Room, had a fan letter inside. The fan had attached her severed finger to the letter in order prove her devotion. It was very controversial at the time!!!



u actually have a blocking board!! ^_^ i have nothing to use to block my stuff...probably that's one of the reason why i never block :)


Did you happen to watch Spicks and Specks on Wednesday night? It was a countdown special which of course appealed to anyone 'living in the 70s and 80s'. There was footage of a very young Shirley
Strachan, how sad that he is no longer with us :(

I love your new button!!

amanda j

I do hope you feel less fatigued soon Cindy, I don't think this weather helps. Everything looks damp and cold and mouldy at the moment. Spring will spring soon.

She Who Smells Yarn

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Cant wait to see Bolshoi finished!

I noticed the button on Fifi blog..It looks great.

That necklace is gorgeous.



I loooooove the look of all your prezzies especially the painted wooden egg.

Will Bolshoi make a completed appearance at SnB on Tuesday.


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