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I'm on the road to somewhere...

I'm glad I don't have human children, as they would have been taken by the Welfare at some point early on in the last week. The Labradors can survive reasonably well with an intermittent walk, a good feed and a few feeble pats. There is no dire crisis, I just have had a new cold, or the old one has come back with a vengeance, and knocked me for 6 or 7. ThereNot_poppin have been headaches, ear aches, paleness, listlessness, an inordinate amount of sleeping and an assortment of tablets taken. I haven't knitted really at all, I have half sewed a bag, I haven't read a book at all. I have blobbed on the couch in front of the TV or lain, Lady of Shallot style, abed.

There has been nothing to blog about, even if I wanted to. I had neither the inclination, nor the energy to bother. There: I am all full of self pity, and as MrsMacGyver would admonish : "It's all about Me, Me, Me!!" I'm not sure if I'm on the road to recover yet, I'm not sure if I'm on the road to anywhere, but I  expect I'm indicating towards the road to recovery!! But I am fortified by tablets, which I am allowed to sort through and then take as I like (according to the back of the packet etc etc though lets' face it, I'm more likely to die of my boogelly disease before an extra tablet will kill me!!), cups of tea, and a restorative soup made with leeks, parsnip, carrot, garlic, organic chicken, brown pasta, parsley and lemon juice.

Harki and Peri are excellent nurses and lie beside me wagging their tails and looking at me lovingly. It is sunny so we might sit on the balcony for a little while and watch for cats!!!!



Gee Cindy I was starting to get worried but atleast you surfaced enough to tell us your still there.
Hope you soon get back on the road to recovery.


I hope you're feeling better soon, Cindy!


Get better, take your vitamins and if you can find saline nasal rinse...use it.

I too would have made a lousy mom, NO WIRE HANGERS...EVER!!


Hope you soon feel much better.


I wondered why you were absent on the blog front and thought you may have been on the sick list yet again

Hopefully you will be a lot better by Tuesday.


Katt Walker

You had me worried!! Good thing the girls have been looking after you..Now just have to teach them how to make tea and you are set.

Get better real soon hun



I hope you feel better soon!


So sorry to hear you're not well - get better soon. Glad to hear the four paws are looking after you, but I'm not too sure about the sitting on the balcony and watching for cats part of the recovery!


Furry friends make great nurses! I hope they do a good job of getting you back to health.


Take care of yourself and I hope to see you on Tuesday :)


Glad you are doign bettr, at lest he girld are being sensible and are NOT PANICING! DON"T PANIC MR MANNERING!

The reply e-mail is winging it's way back across the great divide called cyber space as I write this (hopefully)!



I've missed your blog..hope you feel better soon!

Mrs MacGyver

But would she get a Drs appointment 2 weeks ago??
She is naughty...but not lying dead in her house being eaten by alsatians so she is more "you stupid boy Pike" than anyone else!!!
Sympathy...what's that???
By the way...she is banned from making any comments on Amanda Tappings hair, using the word ilk or ...damn it ..I forgot. There is a third thing ....I will remember and pass it on.


I'm so sorry to read that you have not been well. I hope you're up and about in no time at all.


Cindy, I do hope you fell better soon, it is no good being sick and not able to knit, read etc.

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