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Marmite but Pawill*

I don't know why I endlessly complain about being tired : you would think I would be over it now!! I am going to be tired, with slight episodes of less tiredness, forever!! I think I complain mainly because it stops Bolshoi_wrap_cardigan me doing the things I want to do.

It has not stopped me sewing up Bolshoi, however, and I am wearing it with my pyjamas right now at 3-45pm. It is a 'look' if I ever saw one!!! At least everything I am wearing is green, so I'm 'teaming with the theme'. Bolshoi is very nice though when I make it again I shall make some changes. I already decided not to knit the sleeves 49cm long, thank goodness. My arms are not short, but the cuffs would have covered my hands completely, rendering me a sleevage mutant. I also added a band to the back of the neck. Who thought a raw cast off edge was a good idea???? And because of my inherent 'curviness' I  think next time I will decrease the front edge more gradually, so more of my decolletage is covered and warm. Nevertheless, I love my Bolshoi, it onlt took me 16 days to complete. I am going to make a pair of trousers with some Mechanical Stretch in almost the same colour and I will be making a new Bolshoi soon too. I think I might dye some cream Rustic. Ooh I am so brave!!

In the latest Knitscene there is a man's zippy uppy cardigan called Vegemite. Now here in Australia we know and love Vegemite , so I emailed the magazine, explained about Vegemite, and asked why they called the cardigan by that name....They just liked the word!!!!! How very North American Continent of them. Perhaps I should call my next knitted project Philadelphia Cream Cheese!!!!!

It has been raining on and off all day, so the poor Labradors have been stuck inside, they don't want toLime_casein_colours_for_me  get wet. Harki has to go back to see Dr Tim, or another doctor, in the morning to have her FlippyFloppy Ears checked. Peri will have to be shut inside and she will be howling piteously.

Casein_needles_for_me I have new casein needles, the tortoiseshell kind. I have found that you can buy brightly colour ones as well, and I am lusting after the green ones, naturellement!!!

I might have to venture out to the shops now as I am craving some fresh fruit. I will quickly take some photos, which will be dull due to the cloudy rainy weather. I think The Labradors can have a bone. My new green glasses are here. I shall pick them up now too!! Kismet......




Hey Cindy,

You re not alone in your PJs today. I have 2 boys yet to be dressed (at 4.40pm).


Bolshoi looks beautiful.

Good job getting it finished.

Don't worry about the pj's as sometimes over the weekend I don't get dressed until late in the day.



The Bolshoi looks gorgeous, I am very very envious.
Vegemite has a very interesting history; I do like Philly Cream cheese, it is yummy.


Bolshoi (or bolshi as I keep calling it my head!) looks lovely. Any chance of one of the dogs lending a paw to photograph you in it?


I love your jumper,wow,16 days!!! I have just done a pair of socks in that time and that was great for me!!!
Vegemite!!! I had a look and expected a rich vegemite colour and it was GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gee why did i have to go to work i want a pj day as well

She Who Smells Yarn

Bolshoi looks gorgeous! And I bet it looks fantastic on you.

That Vegemite ZUC is pretty horrid!! We should all be insulted! lol

See you tomorrow..



The Bolshoi looks fabulous! 16 days to complete is so quick ... I'm sending yarn!


The Bolshoi looks amazing! I love the color!


I love Bolshoi and can't wait to see it today at the knitting coven.

If you find coloured casein, let me know as I would love to add some to my needle stash. I have been using ivore casein, cream coloured, they are as smooth and lovely as my prized tortoiseshells.


what are casein?? anyway, the bolshoi is lovely!! now i cant wait to get my yarns and start on it!!!


I love your cardi. What issue was the pattern in?


Your Bolshoi looks great!

My husband loves Vegemite. (he spent a few years in Sydney) It's impossible to find around here. Though it does seem a strange name for a cardigan.


Ah yes knitscene. Trying to be daring like rowan, they somehow manage to become sad and derivative. I like the subtlety in you comment.

Your cardi is fabulous btw.


Bolshoi looks fantastic and only 16 days to complete! The colour is just gorgeous too.

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