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Tardis_rose_and_the_doctor Yes, I am a fully fledged Geek!! Not only can MrsMacGyver and I watch 'Tooth and Nail' Doctor Who episode 2 as recorded on the DVD hard drive, we can also watch it with the commentary downloaded from the BBC Doctor Who site!!! There is a commentary for every 2006 episode. I worked out how to subscribe and download them to my Juice thingy. Then I worked out how to download the older ones. Now all I have to do is work out how to burn them to a CD for convenience. I can highly recommend listening to David Tennant as you watch the show : it is very amusing!! I have just enough geekery and nerdery to do this, though it is MrsMacGyver who has the courage and gungho-ednesss to actually find the exciting things!!!

Once I made my appointment to see the Doctor ( not, not THAT Doctor!!) the earache disappeared. Isn't that always the way? No doubt it will be back as this was the second attack. I am feeling a little more like myself today. It must be all the enforced rest and Recuperation soup. I have been to the Hospital to have my port flushed and they kindly changed my pathology form so I could have my blood tests at the same time, instead of having to traipse off to another place. It is not a terribly unpleasant thing to be poked and prodded with needles, but I am much happier if I know the person performing the task. They know me, I know them: we have a certain rapport!!!

Trying to take a photo without The Labradors today was well nigh impossible. The Nice Lady Nextdoor  was having some trees removed today, and the tree men had 2 dogs. Peri didn't know what to do, she was both infuriated and intrigued. She would race outside, hackles up, straight to the fence, give a few barks and then race inside to tell me about it. Harki had a more laissez faire attitude : she looked alert and stood about being watchful, but mostly she just looked at Peri's behaviour with amusement. The NLN saw me after I came back from the Hospital and reassured me that The Labradors had not been barking, not even once, while I was out. I think it was all for my benefit. I would also like to say that The Not_camera_shy_labradors_at_allLabradors do watch the neighbourhood cats. They have an easy truce with the cat next door, but otherwise they do bark if they see a cat on out front lawn. The neighbourhood cats are not silly, they stay a safe distance away from the house with 2 Labradors!!  So here is a half sewn little bag, with Peri on the left and Harki's head on the right!!!

My ever so slowly increasing state of wellness is illustrated by the increasing length and quantity of The House of The_almost_house_of_elliott_socksElliott Socks. Now there are two. In fact there would be two completed socks, but I stopped at the very first toe decrease on the second sock inorder to take a photo before the Sun disappeared behind the hills. See how they match?? See how there is a tiny amount of wool left from the first ball of Patonyle? There is about 2 1/2 metres. That is all. I can't believe how lucky I was not to need another ball just for 2 1/2 metres. I will post these off after the Knitting Coven tomorrow. I plan to rest in the morning. There is no walk to be had, and so I will sleep in as far as I can and take tablets before I go out. I can afford to be grumpy and feel boogelly at home, but it is like in The HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy : "I don't want to die now. I've still got a headache. I don't want to go to heaven with a headache, I'd be all cross and wouldn't enjoy it" - "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Series. Fit the Second. I don't want to go out and feel poorly!! I save feeling poorly for at home!!!

I owe emails to people who have left me lovely comments ( and horrible ones too!!) I will get to them this week. It is my only goal!!!

Here is the recipe for Recuperation Soup. I found it while idly googling. It is based on one of Nigella's recipes, but far easier. It is very restorative!!!

Recuperation Soup
Loosely based on Anna del Conte's recipe, found in Nigella's 'How To Eat'

2 tins of chickpeas
3 sprigs fresh rosemary
8 cloves of garlic, peeled and bruised
400g tinned tomatoes
60 ml olive oil
3 litres of stock (vegetable, chicken, white wine & water or a mix of any of them)
270g small tubular pasta
parmesan for grating over
flatleaf parsley, if you like

Empty the chickpeas/beans into a large pot with their liquid. Add the olive oil, the garlic cloves and rosemary and cook for a few minutes. Add the tinned tomatoes and the stock.
Once it comes to the boil, add the pasta and cook for about 1 or 1.5 hours, so the flavours really meld and combine. You can add flatleaf parsley near the end, if you want to. Serve with parmesan cheese.



Do you know we have been busy each night of DrWho, that i haven't seen an ep yet! boohoo... oh look I can comment, and no nasty pop up has come up on my screen. I love the H of E socks, lookin' good.
Glad your'e feeling a bit better!


Hey cindy!! Hope you're feeling much better!!! {{hugz}}


You certainly seem more spritely! Which must be a good sign.

I can't believe people left oyu horrible comments, how rude? Like people who rent DVD's and never return them.

And my plans have been ruined! 28th is indeed this Friday, but I have to do a practical. I can not go in all my Grumpy Old Bag Glory and knit and glare at the other patrons!

However I suppose I am getting a chance to get the coven tomorrow. It's not all bad I suppose.

I odn't know what the Friends elbows is otherwise I would be doing them.

Give my love tot he girls! Even if they are cat chasers!



Too. Much. Geek. Geek-pleasure nodes are in over-drive. Going to explode. Should have known about the Who audio sooner. Can't wait for the repeats. Nice sock.


You always have the best recipes. I'm glad that you are starting to regain your health!


Sorry to hear you've been unwell, I hope to hear you're on the mend soon.
That soup sounds lovely, especially since I'm sitting here sipping on a nasty packet cup a soup as I type.
Penny sends you & the labs some kisses to keep your morale up.

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