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I'm Livin' in the Eighties

Rest assured, there is no Ego is not a Dirty Word or severed fingers here*, we're living in the Eighties, Some_deer_friends_gifts not Livin' in the Seventies (hums song to self) Yesterday I went to Mrs MacGvyer's just long enough to watch this week's episode of Stargate SG1 and I foolishly predicted that it would be a 'to be continued' in jest : and it was!! I must learn to use my powers for good, rather than for evil!!! Oh go and see the wondrous results of the voice activated software loaded onto Mrs MacGyver's laptop. Scroll down and see how it interpreted the National Anthem and sing along lustily!!!!

I came home and slept the sleep of the ever sleepy and then at 8pm went to Uncle and Auntie Dutch's party. You were meant to go dressed in 80s wedding style. I had no energy to dress up: I took a dress I wore to a wedding in the 80s, and wore my Dr Who ZippyUppy Eggscellent_present Cardigan, as Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor)  married Lalla Ward (First Romana) on December 30th 1980!!! I saw lots of cool clothes and Village People moustaches, but I forgot my camera. They might email me a photo!!!

They brought me back some presents from their trip overseas, which they deemed mere trifles and bagatelles, but which I think are wonderful : a traditional cook book and some teeny tiny reindeer biscuit cutters, a lovely handpainted wooden egg and the most gorgeous necklace. I love it, I am wearing it now. I think I might become a necklace person by Tom_foolerydefault.

I am in the depth of fatigue. I have done nothing at all really, but I feel as if I have been working non-stop. I think it is sheer excitement that wears me out, yeah, right!! A Dr Who screening and sitting in the corner at a party for 2 1/2 hours : that's really taxing!!! I did drag myself out of bed to walk The Labradors in the rain this morning. We all liked that and we saw Dr Blocking_bolshoi_1 Tim walking his dogs too!! I have pinned out Bolshoi to block. I want to sew it up tomorrow. There is no band on the back of the neck, it is left as a cast off edge. Very poor. I have kept the 3 stitches of the front 'band' live and I will knit a band along the back neck edge, grafting the two pieces together at the centre. I might try to knit up a stitch from the cast off edge as I go instead of sewing it on. Could be tricky!!!!

A big Thank You to My_button_2Fifi, who has made me a button with pawprints on it!! Thank you from The Labradors, they are eternally grateful and send licks and wiggly tail wags!!!!!

*The Skyhooks 'Ego is not a Dirty Word' album, which I have somewhere in the Spare Room, had a fan letter inside. The fan had attached her severed finger to the letter in order prove her devotion. It was very controversial at the time!!!

Who saw Who????

Who_made_this_sad_melty_dalek I did, and Mrs MacGyver!! I am just home after seeing the Dr Who The Christmas Special!! It was fantastic!! Here are photos......

I made MrsMacGyver a lovely melty bead Dalek to wear (Project SpectruWhos_in_the_tardism Purple/Violet!!!). It is to scale. It is so horrid that it is almost nice : it has a certain je ne sais quoi!!! There was a TARDIS and a Dalek, and a Christopher Eccleston fan who asked her mum and dad to buy her a signed photo on Ebay for her birthday ( girl after my own heart!!!)Who_loves_the_old_doctor

Then after an hour or so of 'live radio' at 6-05pm they started the episode. And there the new Doctor was!!! It was so amazingly good: I laughed and was afraid, and jumped at sudden happenings and marvelled at the excellence of the writers. David Tennant in going to be a true Doctor. MrsMacyver may become MrsDrWho!!!

Who_wants_to_exterminate_youNow I need to go to bed as it was all a little too much excitement and I was pale toWho_can_it_be_now_1   start with!!

Watch it tomorrow night at 7-30pm, ABC!!!!!

Violets on TV

Tape_measure_for_millys_sister Yes, Project Spectrum July is Purple and Violet and here are two things : the Top Cat bag and a covered tape measure, both for Milly's sister G!!! She can whizz the tape measure in and out to her heart's content. I am still adapting the bag pattern, I think I want to square off the inner corners now. I like the tied handle, I just curved the ends to a point. It worked really well.

Today is D Day : Dr Who Day. 9 hours to go till I start watching The Christmas Special!!! I am off to town toTop_cat_bag  buy Mr Dutch a birthday present. It was his birthday on the 4th, but the party is tomorrow. It is an 80s wedding dress up party. I am using up all my energy to go to Dr Who so I won't be dressing up - I do have my 'going away' dress though!! Fitting into it?? Not an option, but I plan to take it along on a coathanger. It is, of course, green : aqua taffeta with a beaded lace bodice. I made it, and all the other dresses. I sewed a bazillion bridesmaids' dresses in the 80s.  There were yards and yards of ruffles and boning and beads and pearls. Oh the horror!!!

Harki and Peri both rolled a little in something boogelly. They love me more because they pong. I am avoiding them. They love me even more!!!

Kmart's dreaming of a White Christmas!

Sometimes here in Australia, the land of hot Christmases, we long for the cool snow and iciness of a Northern hemisphere Christmas, and so we have Christmas in June or my mum has 'Aus-mas' at her gym or her doing-good-for-the-community group. Not Kmart though. Today at Kmart, I saw CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS AND LIGHTS. I am shouting in capitals because I am gobsmacked!!! I didn't have my camera, but be assured I will be back there tomorrow to obtain photographic evidence. What are they thinking of?? It is 6Project_spectrum_bags months till Christmas. Last year I remember seeing Christmas things at the supermarket in September, but is Kmart going to let an opposition supermarket gazump them this year?? No way.

I am making Project Spectrum bags. I saw a pattern in the catalogues a while ago, and I perused the internet and I have adjusted the pattern I used for the Frangipani Bag. I wanted a longer handle, so I am making 2 straps that can tie together and make any length you like. I have put a little elasticated pocket inside, that I think I would make a tad larger next time, and I have plain opaque buttons. There are 3 of the bags with purple or violet in them!!I_dont_like_the_rug_or_cushion

The Labradors and I slept in till 8-30pm. We all slept in, no-one woke up earlier or hit me with their paw, or stared at me to wake me up. The Labradors must have been tired.I was tired too and I didn't do any more knitting at all and slept all night. Harki Peri_has_been_shopping_and_recycling has been systematically taking the cushion and rug off the couch and I have been putting them back. We are at an impasse. Peri has been helping herself to the recycling, or trying to teach me to suck eggs!!!

I have a new magazine, the Interweave Knitscene. it has a wrap around carMy_new_magazinedigan. I am happy!!

It is only 2 days till Dr Who and so far my button hasn't changed. Today, July 5th, is the day  though!!!

Here is one of the recipes of the truffles I made for MrsMacGvyer's birthday, she said they are yummy!!!

Almond Cherry Truffles

  • 125g or more of glace cherries
  • 2tbspn brandy or whatever you like, or rosewater/orange juice etc if non-alcoholic
  • 1/2 cup pure icing sugar
  • 185g ground almonds
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/4cup thickened cream
  • 1 tspn vanilla extract
  • 375g white chocolate
  • 200g dark chocolate
  • 15g Copha

Soak cherries in brandy for at least an hour. Mix the sifted icing sugar and almond meal with the egg white.  Melt the white chocolate and cream in the microwave gently and stir till combined. Cool a little then add to the almond and sugar mixture along with the liquid you drain from the cherries and the vanilla. Spread this mixture into a square or rectangular container lined with clingwrap and refrigerate till set.

When set, divide into 28 squares, or however many little squares you think it will make. I always make more than it says. Now knead each little square in your hands till it is softened, flatten it out in your palm and then place a well drained cherry into the centre and enclose it. Then roll the ball in your palms to make it very spherical. Do this about a bazillion times and refrigerate again.

Melt the dark chocolate and Copha in a glass bowl over simmering water in a pan on the stove. This is the best way to do this, believe me!! Prepare some baking or silicon paper on a tray, arm yourself wth a skewer or two, and dip each truffle into the chocolate, shake off any excess, and then place on the lined tray. Refrigerate again, and they are finished!!! These keep very well in an airtight container in the fridge.

You're the One Sleeve that I want! Oh! Oh! Oh! Honey!!!

Yes, it's Grease and OhMyGodChandlerBing it was 28 years ago. I am so old!!!! There is just one sleeve of Bolshoi to goSnug_as_bugs_in_a_rug_2. No wonder people whip up jumpers in no time at all : with big 6mm needles and 12ply there is nothing but whipping up (whip upping??) to be done. Knitting Covens of the World Beware!! I will be wearing this by next Tuesday or else!! (There is no forfeit, I will be finished!!!)

We has a small Knitting Coven today. Someone was bereft as she missed last week's meeting, sIts_not_wood_heaters_it_is_thiso we met for lunch and knitting today. Great fun was had by all...

The Labradors had a most wondrous walk today : there was a creek, and 'kangaroos', much running to be done and barely any rolling in 'you don't want to know what'!!! The Labradors are now asleep on the couch and they look like golden angels : if angels snore ever so slightly.

When I looked out my window yesterday morning, this is what I saw. Not a woodheater, not a car, but a  jolly big factory spewing smoke. Together with the Forestry they manage to sully our air....

I am cross with our local council. They are:Queen_vic_museum

-trying to close our Queen Victoria Museum, which is an historic site,

-demanding that all new houses built in a certain suburb be at least 350cm above ground level. What??? This is 30cm above the 100 year flood level. They are not doing anything to reinforce or repair the flood levies. The 'lower down' residents there can apparently drown for all they care,

-going to knock down Memorial Trees planted for WW1 soldiers and others and turn part of the park into a carpark, with no consultation all. If they do nothing, it wil be a fait accompli later in July,My_gorge_just_down_the_road

-allowing a house to be built in the Gorge area. It was approved by them, and when the public discovered  this the council did a 'duck and cover'. They might pass a law that prevents other houses being built, but they won't acquire the land and compensate the owner. The council in Hobart just bought 5 million dollars worth of pristine bush to preserve a hill and skyline.

A little power is a dangerous thing........

I have a Button now. Sharon says the picture will change when the new Knitty appears. It is like magic!!!! You can see MrsMacGyver's birthday photos here too!!!

NOT on top of Old Smokey.

Harki_says_i_feel_better_nowThanks to everyone for their Get Well wishes for Harki. It worked!! ( Although that may be in some small part due to the injection and ear drops, but who's to say???) She is back to her bounding about, tail wagging, playful self!! I have to finish giving her the ear drops and then she has to go back to see Dr Tim on the next Knitting Coven day - in the morning!!! Peri has not been left out!! She gets a treat for sitting and dropping promptly and having the Pretend Ear Drops and an ear massage. I do know that The Labradors are dogs, but to me, they are my family. I love them as I would love Peri_is_a_pongerhuman children, much to my mum's horror. 'They are dogs', she says, though she humours me, then washes her hands frequently when she thinks I'm not looking. Peri_says_she_doesnt_pong_anymore

Yesterday Peri rolled in something very boogelly and had to be washed with lavender soap. She now  smells like Lavendola. She is so cute that I can't resist her. She misses me when I get the letters.

Caramelised_lemon_tart Today I was going to stay home all day, but we are having a slight Knitting Coven crisis- I can't contact the cafe we want to meet at tomorrow. Major Planet Sized Crisis There!!!! I put on the Dr Who ZUC and jeans so there was no ironing involved, and drove to the OLD Smokey Joe's Cajun Cafe where a sign said they were in the process Yum of moving. I then accidentally bought a slice of Caramelised Lemon Tart from the French Patisserie as a reward for going out, and went to the NEW Smokey Joe's which looked extremely not open. Now we all have to email like there's no tomorrow, in case there isn't, and try to arrange another place to go......The lemon tart made it to the back gate, when I was forced to take just one little bite....and that was the end of it. It was absolutey delicious, and I am very critical of lemon tarts, though it did cost $3-70 for a tiny slice : but it was a tiny slice of heaven!!!

On the knitting front, I have finished the back, one front and one sleeve of Bolshoi and I have just about finished one tie: 7 stitches, 4.5mm needles and 139cms worth. One down, one to go!! I am goinBolshoi_sleeve_and_tieg to start the left front this afternoon. I also want to do some sewing, but I may have used up all my puff going out. Sewing involves ironing, cutting out, pinning etc before any sewing even starts.I have a bag and a covered tape measure to make by Thursday. I will have to do it on Wednesday.

I am waiting for the new Knitty to arrive. It may be The Extremities edition. It may have nice sock patterns. I am not a hat person, except for when in the Summer sun. I look boogelly in a hat.

Some_lovely_food_or_other Yesterday I went to MrsMacGyver's and we made Lamb Rogan Josh, Chicken Korma, Beef Stirfry and Pea and Ham soup- with real smoked hambones and green split peas. I am now awash in frozen food. I haven't tasted the soup but the Rogan Josh is my favourite so far : the lamb falls apart in your mouth it is so tender. I think I have enough food for a whole month!!! MrsMacGyver actually did most of the hard work, and I was her helper. Jamie? Nigella? Eat your hearts out!!!!

Oh, Oh, Oh!! I've just won a double pass, so to speak, to see the special early screening of the Dr Who Christmas Special this Friday night. I knew when the announcer said the question would be about a literary figure that the answer would be Charles Dicken, and it was!! I am so excited my stomach is all quivery!!!!!!!

"Spotlight-less" in Seattle

Today wHarki_at_the_vetas the Supposedly Wondrous Knitting Day at the Black Spot of Doom Light TM  although all that really happened is we knitted an acrylic square for charity. There was 30% off the Moda Vera wool, but it was the end of the range odds and ends and there was not much to be had. Sharon managed to pick up some ribbon yarn for a bag and Sandra knitted so hard she broke her needle. When_will_it_be_my_turn

Poor Harki has horrid FlippyFloppy Ear. Dr Tim took some swabs and did Laboratory Tests while we were there and she has yeast and bacterial infections.  Poor baby. She has ear drops and had an injection too. She is sleeping after all the excitement. Peri was sleeping too, but when I was playing with the camera she was forced to wake up in Dont_wake_me_up_to_take_my_photocase she could have her picture taken. And Peri brought me a present : a mouse. It is an ex mouse. It is a tiny mouse. It is boogelly. Thank you Peri. Waking you up is not revenge enough. Thinks : should I be exacting revenge on a Labrador?  We have met Saffy and Silas the Labradors here!!!

I had to undo Turing Sock  #2 as it needed another paltry 4 rows to be added to the leg. Bah Humbug. I am back to the heel now. I an sleeving along on BMexican_boxesolshoi but it's a bit boring to look at!!!

I bought 2 of these storage boxes for less than half price (40 x 30 x 20 cm) as they have a fairly boogelly pattern on them. In fact it's cactus!!!! I have a bazillion things to put in them. I might need some more........

The new July MagKnits is ready.....

Project Spectrum June : Blue

Bags_of_fun_1 I have reckoned up my tally and it is 9. Not too bad considering!!Pencil_cases_and_harkis_nose

I have sewn a little purse,  pencil cases, a polar bear bag ( I'm just counting that in, so there) and a drawstring bag. The drawstring bag has a blue dragonfly lining as well - oh you can see it in the pencil  case picture!!!

Flyawayhome_bugbagI am not counting in the Frangipani bag, even though it has a blue button. That is just stretching the premise too far.

I have made some stitch markers ( wonkily ) and there are blue M'n'Ms in the cupcakes!! ( DesperatPolar_bear_bag_for_donnaion Spectrumming there!!!)

I have knitted the Evergreen Thuja Socks and there are two shades Thuja_evergreen_socks of blue : light blue and indigo, in the Kermit Rainbow Connection Scarf.

Baby_blue_stitch_markers Kermit_the_rainbow_connection_scarf_1 Farewell Blue : Hello Purple and Violet. I havePirates_of_the_caribbean_cup_cakes  FOUR things ready to Egyptian_bag_1go, not three!!!!

Oops. I forgot the Egyptian bag. That makes 10!!!