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The Grateful Undead

Yes, I am Mrsmacgyvers_socksbeing grateful for the next two weeks at least. I am playing The Glad Game properly and not moaning and whining. How did I degenerate into non-stop moaning and whining???

Today I wound wool. I wound MrsMacGyver's sock wool ( and yes, only because it has purple and qualifies for the sadly neglected July Project Spectrum!!!)  I wThis_will_be_a_stoleound the Knitabulous lace weight wool into a giant ball, and then discovered I didn't have the right needle, so I can't start knitting that till tomorrow!! But I have printed out the pattern. I am in no way daunted by the pattern. This may not augur well!!!

A_vest_with_no_name I have been knitting the as yet unnamed vest. I have this very minute named it 'Equine", as we all know I have been through the desert on a vest with no name!!! There is 30cm of 5ply rib on 3.25mm needles to be made. I am half way there.

I have made 5 little bags, and I have only to line 4 and they are all complete!! They all have purple or violet colours : I am not silly. That's 5 more things for Project Spectrum. They are, of course, lined with green and they have a little green tag onPretty_maids_all_in_a_row_2 which I shall indelibly draw my trademark two paws. I have one more to make for someone as a thank you but I need to buy some material she will like.

Peri and Harki have been disgruntled today. They were not happy that I kept going out to the balcony to wind wool. It interfered with their day. Peri discovered that she could hop up on the chair I was sitting on and have a clear view over the top of the balcony. I would have taken a picture, but as we all know, Peri sees a camera and runs towards it!!

And, for the record, Amanda Tapping's hair is endlessly fascinating, as is the hair of the entire team. Ilk is a word that must be said every day, lest it fall into disuse. Jamie Durie stands on a little box whilst hosting Dancing on Ice, which I like to call 'Being Injured on Ice'. This week they tried to disguise the platform by tapering the edges and making it look like a flattened pyramid. It didn't work. He is still short. I defy you not to notice this all the time now!! According to the IMDB he is 5'73/4". I think that says it all really!! Ha!!!

This is the recipe for the extraordinarily easy slice, which can be as healthy, or not, as you choose.

  • 125g butter
  • 2 tbspn honey - or substitute jam or golden syrup as desired
  • 55g sugar
  • 135g rolled oats
  • 40g self raising flour
  • 140g dried fruit
  • 100g nuts
  • 100g choc bits : optional
Use whatever fruit and nuts you like. I used a mixture of craisins, almonds, sultanas and white choc bits.
Preheat oven to 180*C (160 ff) and grease and line a 20x30cm tray.
Melt the butter, honey and sugar in the microwave and stir till the sugar is dissolved. Mix the dry ingredients together thoroughly, make a well in the centre and add the wet mixture.  Stir till well combined and press into tray. Bake for 20 minutes and cut into squares while still warm.


Ann Lim

You are definitely a lady of multi talents - knitting lace, socks,vest, etc; sewing bags & baking. I love the stole pattern-let me know if it's easy to knit as I have never knitted lace. I am also knitting the same vest but have not got the yarn yet. Love your bags too but I can't sew. Will you make me one of your sock tote????


Cindy, your blog has everything - knitting, sewing, cooking and stuff about Jamie Durie! You rock!!!


The bags are lovely - for what are they intended? I whole heartedly agree with you about A.T.'s hair - get a stylist for gawdsake! The muesli slice sounds lovely - shame I can't eat oats at the moment (the joys of a having a dodgy immune system!) :)


I have to agree with the above comments also, your wide range of topics always makes your blog a great read.

Lovely little bags, they are so gorgeous!!

Jamie Durie is short isn't he, if he was of the opposite sex he possibly wouldn't get a gig!! Now that sentence just reminded me of something I saw on tv on Sunday night. Bert Newton, now nothing against Bert but really, he is fat, old and wears way too much makeup on that old moon face, would that same tv station let a female host a show looking like that???!!!


i always love coming to your blog. i often drool over your knitting, baking, cooking, sewing, crafting!!! think you'll need to make me a bib or use a dishcloth to wipe all these drool!! haha!!

love those bags!!! they're so pretty!!


That Muesli slice sounds lovely, I was just lookign at a recipe I had for Muesli Slice thinking I will have to make that. I guess now I willl ahve to make 2!

Good to see oyu today!



I will try your muesli slice tomorrow. It sounds absolutely yummy.
Oh btw I clicked on your clickety link 'entire team' and I was FORBIDDEN to see the Stargate site. Oh woe is me!

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