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The Price of Cove(n)

Yes, today I am paying the price for enjoying myself yesterday. It is like a 'cold hangover'. Not that I have had many hangovers, in fact I have has just one, about 15 years ago when I drank sparkling white wine (can't say the 'C' word now apparently:Your father smelt of elderberries) ) on an empty stomach.  I had studiously avoided hangovers before, and now after, this horrid event. I can't understand why anyone would want to feel so boogelly. I am a fast learner : once was enough for me. I enjoy a G&T, a nice glass of wine, in fact I like lots of alcoholic drinks, just not to extreme. This is opposed to the other parts of my life where I induge in extremes and obsessions all the time. According to some. Anyway, today I accidentally slept in, I had every intention of taking The Labradors for a walk but I didn't wake up till 9-30am and then I have been on the edge of, or totally in, a headache all day. I have had cups of tea, food and tablets and I am staving it off . Late this afternoonInitially_these_are_lovely I rallied and Harki and Peri and I all walked to the shop and back. They were very happy.

It is a dull and rainy day, so all my photos are dull and rainy. I like the rain. Rain is good. Is rain : is good.

Yesterday at The Knitting Coven Caroline the Blogless gave us all a present : little stitchmarkers with our initials. I plan to make earrrings, as otherwise I will just have to knit thPonies_and_applesem into a pair of socks!!! Sharon let us all fondle, then marvel at, her B4 bag. She also brought along the Pony Pearls we ordered. I am in love with them. The most excellent Donna sent me a set and now I am addicted to them!! They are fantastic for knitting socks. Katt brought along the last of the sock wool orders and I am the proud owner of some Opal Uni in Apple Green. Suzi was very excited to be 'allowed' to leave 'school' early to come. Sandra picked her up!!! Cathy was sounding very poorly though. Toni came again - Hi Toni. She's making the loveliest scarf from Knitty : Loopy. She is inspiring me to make one too. We also had another pAnd_you_can_colour_my_worldotential member visit!!!

I have new books. I will try to add them to my reading list at the side. I have a new book about colours. I love colours and I collect all the colour books. I have the most greens : Of course. I have 3 new Doctor Who books. I have a new novel, Kiki Strike, and MrsMacGyver lent me Half Moon Investigations. 7_wonders_of_the_neck

On July the 7th I had 2 necklaces : a lovely malachite one and a green dangly one (top left and middle) Now I have SEVEN. I am nothing if not determined to become a necklace wearing person now. I love all my necklaces and I shall be wearing them all the time. Unless it is too hot.

House_of_elliott_socks The House of Elliott Socks have been completed and posted off. They were easy, if loooooong, to knit and they felt very soft. I hope Mrs Dollhouse's dad likes them.

If you like knitting Lace, then pop over to Whose Lace is it Anyway? I would like to join, but I fear I won't be able to buy a lace pattern here. I will have to have a browse in the KN&Woo!!!



It's ok, the dogs got to go for a walk and you got to knit. Rest up and get well.

amanda j

If it is any consolation, I am still sick too! The HoE socks are very nice, I have some of this Patonyle languishing in the pile. And your necklaces are lovely. Why are some people necklace people and some people are not necklace people? Get well!


Also like hangovers, it was worth it, wasn't it?? We did have a lovely time at the Coven.

I didn't get to look at your new colour book :( could you possibly take it along next time again?

The House of Elliot socks were lovely, I have forgotten so I will ask again, what sock wool is it?

Take care and rest up :)


those socks are lovely and i love that green opal yarn of yours :)

funky needles :)

She Who Smells Yarn

I have only ever had one hangover and I dont remember it so its all I plan on never getting drunk..the whole out of control thing isnt me (and I would probably be a mean drunk).

Hope you are feeling better.

Love the socks! I have cast on wool on those gorgreous needles too and now love them!! lol


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