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The Third Ban

Don't Panic. No-one has left me a truly horrible comment. It is only MrsMacGyver, who told me a week or so ago that I should go to the Doctor, rightfully saying 'I told you so'. She is also banning me from any comments about Amanda Tapping's hair whilst watching Stargate SG1 DVDs, and any other characters' hair, it's less of a blanket ban, more of a hair ban. Oh and the word 'ilk' and one other thing she can't remember. I blog in trepidation!!!

Actually, I go on my merry way, commenting about everyone's hair and saying ilk at every opportunity. It is also my duty  to indulge in every other whim, fancy and eccentricity until I find whatever the forgotten third thing she wants to ban is!!! Be kind to her, she has 26 seasons of the original Doctor Who TV show to catch up on!!!!!



Love the Bolshoi Wrap, have found some great 12ply and would like to know how to get the pattern.


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