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Yesterday Harki and Peri had a run in the drizzle. They ran a lot because there were Hydro trucks and people on the dam road and The Labradors had to be on their leads till we reached the bush. Peri has her annuaLittle_zippy_bagsl check up at the Vet soon and she ran away with her letter : it smelled of Vet I think. Harki has been playing with her tyre toy from Katie. Yes, it is still going, no longer squeaky, but good for  throwing. Usually I have to try and throw an unstuffed toy leg. That just doesn't work.

Also yesterday The Knitting Coven had their stall. Suzi has an exMrsmacgyvers_socks_1cellent post outlining the 'happenings'.

I finisheWe_have_lace_offd the little zippy bags and they are very cute. I made 6, and 5 of them have purple or violet!!! That's 5 things for the sadly neglected July Project Spectrum. I have also started MrsMacGyver's birthday socks using the Knitty RPM pattern and The Knittery's wool, Sea Breeze I think, but there is definitely purple there. I have also started the Print O' The Wave Stole with the lovely wool from The Fabulous Knitabulous, and the Equine vest is galloping along. I am almost at the underarm of the back. It is excellent TV knitting of the peculiar mindless variety.

In Doctor Who last night we saw Sarah Jane Smith and K9. My word ElisabEquine_horsing_around_1eth Sladen looks good : 9 times better than K9!!!

Now, don't ask why, but I am off to make an applique Easter Egg............



Easter Egg, ummm.. forward planning perhaps, hehe! Now due to the [ahem] rugby, i missed K9!

I've got some knittery yarn to knit socks, maybe Jaywalkers???

Glad your stall went well, off to Suzi's site to read all about it.


Did you see Collectors the other night?

DH said they had DR Who stuff but I haven't seen it yet but it's on video to be watched later.

I also enjoyed watching Sarah Jane and K9 (what a blast from the past).

I enjoyed Suzi's post.



i love those zippy bags!!! also, i'm planning to knitting socks soon!!! as for the bolshoi...i'm almost finishing the the back piece now :)

She Who Smells Yarn

The little bags are gorgeous!!

Wouldnt mind making a couple of those (if I ever get room for my sewing machine to be pulled out).

Doing a tad better then me for Project Spectrum Purple!! I am ALMOST finished a half way through the back of another...sigh.


Ann Lim

Wow, so many projects on the go! I just cast on my vest with yarn from The Knittery too - looks like we have a lot in common. Also love your little bags.

She Who Smells Yarn

Just a question my darlink...Where did you get the pattern for the little bags from?



You are so talented and you get so many nice things done. I dont know how you do so much I get exhausted just going to church now to play in the band.


She who smell yarn pinched by opening line, but I'll say it all the same!

The little bags are gorgeous!

I especially like the first one, cute little dresses. You guys are so talented and are having way too much fun.


Saturday was um er interesting to say the least!!

Nice rpm socks, I am still working on my pattern for handpainted sock wool.


I loved Dr Who! K9! Sarah Jane! Giles! I think it was my fave episode so far.
I was unsure about Tennant, but now I'm won over.


I'm glad the tyre is still in use, even though it has lost it's squeek!
You are sooo busy, so many projects, I'm just about finished all mine up, what to knit next....?

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