You say I want another Revolution...
I'm on the road to somewhere...

Yo Ho Ho and I'll lose my bottle : What fun!!

Yes, theA_collar_with_no_crimere is a collar, well almost a collar in Bill speak!! I have been knitting the annoyingly short rows of the lace pattern for it seems like forever, but it will be put to rights and banged up soon enough...I still think I'll have this completed over the weekend because I have knitted the increases, the back of the collar and now I am up to the other side of the front and the decreases :  but we shall see!! I could bottle out before the day is done, though I am stubborn, so it's not likely!!Thems_knittin_hands

Thanks to Caroline from the Knitting Coven and her mobile that takes photos, I present our 'knittin' hands and charity squares at the Black Spot of Doom Light TM . Guess which one is me!! Not hard to do, is it.... The KnittinHarkis_made_herself_comfyg Coveners each knitted a square. That was all there was to do.

Harki and Peri didn't have a walk yesterday due to the fact that I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with Mrs MacGyver. It was great, very amusing, and if you go to see it, stay right to the end as there is a tiny scene after the end credits jPeris_in_the_best_spot_now_1ust as there was with POTC 1. Today the went for a walk and they ran wild and free. They are playing musical couches tonight : Harki scruffs their blanket about till it is all comfortable, then foolishly takes her eye off the prize and before she knows it Peri has swiped hThanks_tianneer spot!!

  The lovely Tianne has sent me a clipping showing someone who has made a working Dalek, a working Dalek!!! It moves, it speaks, it has a webcam, I think it could probably navigate stairs!! Thank you, and Boss too.Youre_not_the_boss_of_me_now 

The weather is weird, the seasons are muddled : I have bulbs flowering in the middle of our coldest Winter for many a year. Most of the night temperatures are below zero now. I love the cold weather. It is Bulbs_the_dills_are_out_in_winterbracing and brisk!!! I compromise by wearing a sleeveless Summer top under my 12ply Bolshoi. This morning I undid the back part of the neck edging I made, about 1/3 of the rows, grafted it together and attached it again. It is so much better. It has a better fit, with the sleeve caps more in place and the upper fronts cross over more. I am much happier. I will be wearing a Summer top under my Bolshoi again when I go to brunch tomorrow. There is no need to be out of bed as we walked today, so I can lie abed till it's time to go.



Look at all that repetitive lace!!

What dainty hands we all have ;)

Did you see Janelles photo in todays paper? It was taken as she left Pirates of the Caribbean. She loved the movie.


I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your whip lash entry. I just had a quick look through all the entrants and I think your sock tote is a shoe in for the tutorial category. Have a great weekend.


Glad you liked the clipping. Boss is a bit overwhelmed getting onto a different blog.

Love the charity work I must get some of the stuff we send across for the different ones our knitters guild do.

She Who Smells Yarn

oooh i want to go see POTC2 next week..I am betting its excellent!

I am loving the weather at the moment! lol

Hope to see the cardigan Tuesday at Olives!



The lace collar is oh so lovely.

Is Boss a new member of your family? He is a cutie patootie!


love that green colour!! and so lacey!! :)


hi cindy, hope alls well! this is the second time I've tried to leave a comment, and my last one hasn't shown up doh! sometimes my server blocks out your blog! love your knitting. I've been keeping up with you in bloglines, but not all of the photos show up.

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