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Yo Ho Ho and I'll lose my bottle : What fun!!

You say I want another Revolution...

Thank you lines people, thank you ball people!! I love Bolshoi: Game, Set and Match. So much so that soon I will be starting Bolshoi Mark 2!!! In deference to Amy, who insists on calling it 'Bolshie' in her head, perhaps I should call it 'Pinko Revolutionary' or 'Greenie Revolutionary' has a certain ring to it!!! It is nice when you knit a whole garment and voila, there it is, and you like it!!! I think there is so much blood, sweat and tears, time and sheer doggedness, invested in a jumper or cardigan that it should jolly well be eminently wearable and desirable when it is finished. It must be disappointing to a new knitter to have their hopes and dreams, jumperwise, dashed. I think that's why there are so many non-garment patterns now. How can a scarf not fit??? Tonis_mrs_beetons_1

Toni came to lunch with the Knitting Coven yesterday!! It was very exciting. She showed us her felted projects and we all oohed and ahhed, and she paraded her Mrs Beetons from Knitty. She made them in burgundy Zhivago and another Hideously Expensive Brand of Alpaca, the name escapes me....... They are beautifully beaded and modelled by Toni herself. She is a hand model extraordinaire!! On the Knitty patternOpal_acapulco_greener_than_it_looks_1 there are some green ones I am now coveting!! The Knitting Coven was too exciting yesterday, we all talked and shared and by the time I came home I needed a rest.

  My new sock wool arrived. Suzi and Fifi and I ordered it from Melanie. Mine is Acapulco. It is greener than it looks in the photo, but I am not totally averse to other colours...not totally...

Remember Mulberry? The wrap around cardigan in Country Silk?? Well, over thAnd_i_would_knit_500_rowse last 2 days I have finished  the final sleeve and now I am knitting the endless lace for the collar and trim. Yes, it is more than 400 felt like more as I kept making mistakes last night and having to undo it. I realised I was too tired and my ear hurt, so I stopped. I think I might knock this over by the end of the week and be able to wear it. Huzzah!!

Spring is officially here in town and Spring clothes are sprouting up in all the shops. Harkis_nose_ramekins_and_khaki_jeansI deliberately and with consideration bought a new pair of khaki denim jeans/trousers. They are too long, but I will hem them. I also picked up 4 lovely green ramekins at 1/3 off their original price. Why would they be so sadly left behind?? Harki is just checking to make sure the ramekins are empty : Nope, no food!!!

Harki went back to the Vet, but her ears are still boogelly, so she has to have the drops measured (7ml) and syringed into her ears. She is such a good girl. She feels ever so much better today, I can see she feels chirpier and we have had to play endlessly and enthusiastically with her tennis ball: in bed, at morning tea and while I am typing this.....Peri had been stealing it, but she has let Harki have it back very quickly as Harki is being all dominant and bossy.

On the subject of imaginary husbands, the Zap2it Girl has one, just like MrsMacGyver. Careful though,  Zap2it has TV spoilers.......



Busy! Busy! The new ramekins sound lovely, but what will you be making in them?

Those Mrs Beetons of Toni's arer ather nice! I can only imagine how good they would look in the flesh.

Hope Harki is improving! And Peri - does she stillthink she is a cat?


amanda j

Oh, you must have caught the boogelly ear from Harki. Darn cross-species ear problems. Where did the Bolshoi pattern come from? You are making me want one.


The wrap around cardy is coming along nicely.

It is a lovely lime green (yum).

It was nice meeting Toni with her Mrs Beetons and all the other projects she bought along.


Ann Lim

I am still waiting for my Opal Acapulco...should be arriving soon. What socks will you be knitting with the Opal? I love your Bolshoi - it's really nice & done in 16 days! Wow!

She Who Smells Yarn

Hoping Harki is feeling lots better. KittKatts send lots a huggies to her and Peri (so she doesnt feel left out).

SO what shade green is Bolshoi mark 2 gonna be made in?

Take care hun


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