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I Should Be So Looky!! Looky, Looky, Looky!!!

Mr PostmaThats_amoren has brought 3 things that I shall show in opening order!!

#1 is a postcard from my friends who are in Italy. This didn't need opening so I read it first!! They are in San Gimignano, a little village in the hills above Florence. She is sitting at her window looking at Tuscan countryside: cypress, olive groves, vineyards all the Tuscan houses and she is drinking a glass of wine!!! Wow, how fantastic!!

#2 is a lovely card and little organza bag from Jade!! Thank you so much Jade!!! It would haveBorder_security_strikes_again been a little  organza bag containing teabags!! Initially it appears the teabags passed Quarantine, but I expect Grant Bowler and the Border Security TV show wanted to flex their muscles and they confiscated my teabag and they want $42-50 or they will destroy it. So long Teabag!!! Instead, I am having a pot of Orange Pekoe tea with you Jade, sitting on the balcony with Harki and Peri, with a stack of new magazines to flick through!! Across the miles, we are having a cup of tea together: Cheers!!! I think you can even see the steam rising from the cup. I'd also Steaming_treatlike to note that it took my letter aeons longer then other people's to arrive. I am, of course 'overseas'!!! Thanks AP.......

#3 is a wondrous parcel from the inimitable Donni: 4 balls of Karabella Aurora 8 and the Backyard LeavesIm_spoiled  scarf is to be knitted!! I admired her knitting, it was so very green and beautifully patterned, and Donni has sent me the makings!!! Thank you Donni!! How cool is that???

So I am sitting here, drinking my tea, googling San Gimignano and fondling my wool...The Labradors have gone outside in disgust, they are being paid no attention!! Considering they ran down the hill to have a big Olympic style swim all by themselves today, it's a wonder I'm speaking to them at all!!!!!!.. I'm not going to say Life is Good, because that's tempting Fate, but Life is Reasonably Good today and you can't ask for more than that, can you?

It's Not That Easy Being Purple

Jester_bag_1  Indeed, it is not. Were it not for the fact that my Dishcloth Swapper and Shuffler liked such a colour, purple would not darken my doorstep: Project Spectrum being over and all!!! I have crossed the finish line, the bags are sewn, the medieval one all by hand, but the little tote on the sewing machine. I shall name the medieval one 'Jester Bag' (go on, say it out loud!!) and I shall name the tote 'Purple Dreams'. There, now they have names they are real. I will pop the dishcloths inside with a few surprises and wrap them up and post them Purple_dreams_tote tomorrow. That is my goal!!

To assuage my, and your, green need I have a gorgeous beaded dragonfly that Aunty Dutch made just for me. It is stunningly beautiful and could it be any greener??? You can see a soft green tea package and there is a lovely bracelet that is definitely not understated. There is also a Black Labrador. It was supposed to be Golden but we are not Labradorist here. Peri could have been a Black Labrador but for the grace of god!! TPresenting_things_for_meiger and Tara the Black Labradors lived at my Nan and Pop's house when I was little. That's how we identified our grandparents etc: by their pets, so they were called Tiger Nan and Pop, and my other grandparents had a Collie dog, guess their name!!! Yep, Lassie Nan and Pop. One Great-grandmother had chooks : Chickie Nan!! And the other, Old Nanny Oldham, had no pets at all. Am I strange?? This naming by pets seemed quite normal then, as it does now.

Harki and Peri have not been for a walk today: it is our not-going-for-a-walk day. Even though the weather is bizarre, it is still quite warm, and The Labradors feel very hot by the time they are half way through their walk. Their tongues and ears look very pink and they pant a lot. There are lots of puddles and a creek to drink from and a tap with a bowl back at the car park, so they are in no danger of dehydrating. In Summer they come home and splash about in the paddle pool or under theFeelin_hot_hot_hot  hose.

Tomorrow is the first Tai Chi day, where I go along with the 'senior' people and we do slow and gentle Tai Chi for 50 minutes. Most people go to this class because they have arthritis or some other joint issue. I go to this class because it is slow, and you can sit down if you feel poorly and no-one stares.

If you have come here believing there will be knitting to see, you are going to be disappointed. Again. Maybe tomorrow.....

At Last, My Life has come Along

Wiping_the_floor_with_dishcloth_challengAt last all the Dishcloths are complete!! The last 2 are purple: dark and light. Purple doesn't photograph very successfully, it looks blue. I was only supposed to make one, but when will I ever use purple??? It is just wrong!! Happily I can do some green knitting now, not that my knittin' hands are back, but I can't sew and watch TV, so.... needs must. Now I just have to wrap up the Dishcloth Shuffles and Swaps and post them tomorrow. I think I am sewing little bags to pop them into, I borrowed 5 books about sewing bags from the Library and 2 of them are great!! I know they are heavy as I had to carry them.Its_raining_puppies_1

At last we have had rain!! The Labradors are very happy because they went for a walk today. The weather has been stormy and wild so we have to sneak walks between the gales and downpours!!!  The ground is soaked to the very limit though the dam isn't overflowing yet. We have had more rain in a few days than all last month. Harki and Peri love going for a walk, and they especially love the treats I keep in my pocket!! I am sure Harki is smiling widely in the photo, while Peri is just hoping for a treat!!

New_shoes_for_mesoon At last I have found some green shoes!!  They are handmade leather shoes from South Africa. They are on lay-by. They are as light as a feather yet sturdy - not that I walk a lot, but they need to be Labrador-proof. Green shoes are very thin on the ground so far this year. I have to be on extra special look out.

At last, news of Doctor Who and Paul Anka, who are being held hostage by MrsDrWho. The woman iDr_who_wants_mes a menace. She is lucky I am backing and binding her 4 Seasons Quilt. Could it be that I am afraid?? Is my Crowded House quilt finished? No!! Of course it isn't!!! I will sew hers tomorrow and drop it off so she can bask in its glory. Luckily I have found 8 more Doctor Who Files book to buy, this will quench my thirst!!

At last, the end is near: there is more to show and tell, but I will save that for tomorrow!!!

New Toys on the Block

We have had the windiest weather!! Last night I couldn't sleep as there were such loud gusts and the rain was hammering down on the roof and things were being flung about outside: it was unnerving. I don't like the wind at all, a gentle breeze is nice, but 'is gale force: is bad'. Harki and Peri don't like the wind either, Harki doesn't want to play outside and Peri keeps having to growl at the noises. This morning I sat out the front to read the paper and Harki ran up and down the balcony with her squeaky toy, but she didn't want to go out the back to play at all. There is still a gale warning current and the BOM is forecastiNew_techy_stuffng snow. Welcome to Spring!!!

I have a new toy, a Panasonic DVD Recorder with a hard disc drive. I disconnected the old one last night, it had no HDD, and managed to connect the TV, VCR and DVD so it all works, except for the ABC through the DVD. I am quite sad about this as I mostly watch The ABC, but I can still watch and record through the VCR so all is not lost. I have played recording to the HDD, and it works!! It has a 160MG capacity which is about 284 hours of recording time and it also has Fast Speed Copying which I think means I can record to the HDD and then copy to a DVD in a teeny tiny amount of time instead of the acYearly_funtual time!! This might mean copying 4 hours worth in 30 minutes. That sounds great!! MrsDrWho and I are slowly adjusting ourselves to recording to the HDD and swapping DVDs of the things we need to watch instead of using video tapes (and we have just hit the 300 mark in 20 months: OK, we watch way too much TV, allowing for an average of 7 hours per tape, that's 100 hours of TV a month. Oh, but that's about 3 hours a day so I feel better, lots of people would watch 3 hours of TV a day. I am not a total nerd then)

I have a new book and a new CD too, except they are at MrsDrWho's house because she always carries any shopping bags as I am poorly, and she took them home in her car!! I have the 2007 Doctor Who Annual with a holographically changing 9th and 10th Doctor on the front!! and Paul Anka's new Rock Swings CD. I am hoping she won't be holding them to ransom Peri_wants_harki_nowa la Limoncello!!!

There has been no knitting. There has been brunching, shopping and then quite a lot of sleeping in the afternoons!! School starts again on Monday, though the teachers have a boogelly PL day, and I know they would rather be in their classrooms with tGood_girl_harki_1heir children. Consequently, the Powers That Be have decreed that children have an extra day's holiday. I am rather looking forward to the new term as I can stop my punishing social schedule (3 brunches, 1 lunch, 1 afternoon tea and 1 dinner in 16 days!!!) and retreat back into a happy state of resting. I plan to do the last of the Errol CardiFlynn, the 2 fronts, this week and then I want to finish Pretty in Lime. The  Labradors and I can have some quality time together!!!

Tea Pour Two

Falling_for_you The weather has been wild and windy, very wild and windy with gusts up to 150kph or almost 100mph. Yesterday a tree had been blown over Harki_and_peri_on_a_pathwhen we went for a walk, and it was so windy that I couldn't count out $11 at the supermarket 10 minutes later. I had to do it three times. I was all befuddled by the wild weather. Harki and Peri have been protecting me from the bad weather by growling at the wind's noise and Harki has been putting all her hackles up too. This has really helped!!! 

It is the last day, proper, of the school holidays so MrsDrWho and I went to Tant Pour Tant, a fairly new French Patisserie, for brunch. We had cups of tea Tea_pour_deux in teapots just like my new one and we ate little tarts. It was all very civilised and delicious!! Outside the weather was still gusty and rainy, though not terribly cold.

Then we ventured to the BSODL(TM), only to buy some black felt and material, but we Tart_pour_moi accidentally bought Christmas material and crafty things and I bought beads and little cross stitch and embroidery kits too. $130 later we escaped!! My favourite material is the Russian-type St Nicholas Santas, allHere_comes_santa_claus  very iconic.

I have an allergic rash. MrsDrWho postulates it is from a necklace. Maybe, I have no idea, but it has become progressively worse as the week has gone on. I felt really silly going to the Doctor, but he was very reassuring and said I should have come along. He gave me daintily named 'Fatty" steroid ointment and commanded me to return if I didn't improve!! It looks and feels a bazillion per cent better already and the urge to scratch has completely disappeared!!! I think I can put my bell away now.....

I have finished both the Errol CardiFlynn sleeves and I have to think about the fronts. Because I am not doing the wide ribbed band, I am putting in a zip, I will have 5 rows of moss stitch instead, so I will have to add more stitches to the centre front and then mathematically adjust the neck decreases to take this into consideration. I will need a non-windy day to do this. I have run out of wool for the Turing Sock #2 so I will have to attempt to dye some more. This has made me downcast, so I have put the socks in the bottom of my basket again. I think I will make a cross stitch tonight: short and sweet.

Sockgate: S(ee)G(ot) 1!!!

Greengrass_socks_at_lastThe Greengrass Socks are finally together again, like Kate and Nick from Heartbeat (before she died from a horrible disease) or Sheridan and Delenn from Babylon 5 ( before he died a premature death as a result of sacrificing his Life Force for a valiant cause)....on second thoughts, maybe these socks won't be together for very long at all!!! These are the Thuja Socks from but I 'fixed' the pattern. I have made 2 other pairs and it really annoyed me that when you do the gusset pick up, the pattern wasn't symmetrical. It really irked me, so I just used 21 stitches for the heel , and 23 for2_sock_totes_avast_ye_landlubbers the instep, which balanced the pattern, and then I decreased one stitch in the middle of the first row of the toe. It made me extremely happy to think my socks' pattern was symmetrical and correct.... I have too little to worry about.

I did manage to turn the pile of fabric into two more sock totes: The Jolly Blaker with the skull and crossbones and The Catherouflage with its army print. I don't expect you can see the 2 Little Zippy bags that I made for Katt as they are Can_you_see_the_little_zippy_bags camouflage material and would thus be blending in with the background. They are there!!! Yesterday was the Knitting Coven and a jolly good time it was too, with prizes for our birthday drawn, and yummy gingerbread cake, with pirate chocolates or white chocolate for The Labradors and I, baked by Suzi.

Today, after morning tea, where The Labradors each scored a bite-sized Salada with ham and cheese!!, MrsDrWho and I watched the last 2 episodes of Season 4 of Stargate SG1. We are dedicated to watching this through all the seasons, or perhaps addicted is a better word!! MrsDrWho bought Harki and Peri lovely rawhide chews and they have had one each as a treat!! They had a bone when I went out so it will definitely be boring vegetables for them tomorrow.

Having found the tiny ball of wool I dyed for the toe of the Turing Socks, I can now finish the second sock!! I have about 10 rounds to go and I am at the toe. Then it will be the Errol CardiFlynn and Pretty in Lime all the way!!!

The Support of Kings!!

Thank you fellow BSODL(TM) Unsupporters for all your kind support!! I know there are people with huge traumas in their lives, and this doesn't amount to a hill of beans, but the BSODL makes my life unhappy. I don't want to be unhappy!! I don't want to die and go to Heaven all grumpy....How would Vundy and Tori feel then??? See I am assuming I'm going to Dog Heaven!!!! I have reconciled myself again to their terrible service, and I know they are not singling me out!!! I OD-ed on Wizz Fizz (which is sherbet) and Bleak House to Deadly Sin proportions.... and I have my zips now.

This_is_to_be_6_bagsThis pile of material is about to become 2 Little Zippy bags, 3 Sock Totes and an extra lining!! I have to sew them by tomorrow, and  because I work best under pressure I've only just begun. I've already sewn most of the linings and Little Zippy Bags proper and  I just have to pin and sew the last seam and then sew them together. I can do hand sewing in front of the TV. I have made half a Sock Tote. I need to applique a skull and crossbReddydishclothsones on the other before I can sew it up any further.

Last night I made a whole Dishcloth. It is knitted on 4 needles in red cotton, 2 strands of 4ply. My Dishcloth Recipient likes jewel colours and I think ruby qualifies. It was very tricky at first, but once I was past the 5th or 6th row it was easy. I felt a tiny bit like the knitters of the lacy shawls I see everywhere. They have an amorphous blob on the circular needle, that miraculously opens out to be Vernal_peri a thing of wonder!! I am very pleased with this. I need to crochet around one cloth and decide what surprises to pop in and the parcel will be ready to post off!!!

Harki and Peri were meant to go for a walk today but since I slept in till almost Languid_harki 10am, they missed out. It was not for want of trying on their part. They 'woke' me up about 5 times, but I went back to sleep. In the end they were both positioned Sphinx-like, either side of me - staring me into a state of awakeness!! Peri has been enjoying the Spring weather outside, napping in the Sun. Harki has been napping on the couch. She likes to have her belly rubbed of a night and so she wriggles about on the couch until I can reach her!!!

Look at that!! A whole post without any clicky links!! Good TV tonight...Oh no, that made me think of a clicky link!! The ABC of all networks, ( can you really call the ABC a network though??) is showing Jack and Bobby. I had really given up any hope of seeing this, but I will be definitely setting a tape for this.

UnPleasure Island

You know the Black Spot from Treasure Island? The Black Spot of Doom. Or the Spot from Macbeth that everyone wanted out? That's a Bad Spot. The worst Black Spot, however, is The Black Spot of DoWizz_fizz_festom Light(TM) I foolishly went there by myself today. I was going to sew totes and bags for people and I just needed 5 zips. Of course, today was the day they decided to summarily ignore their numbering system after I had taken one and waited for 10 minutes. 'Oh no!', they chortled to the pushing in customer. 'You don't need to take a number!!!' Then the front check out women decided they would rather be writing down a bazillion things on a list than serve anyone, let alone me. I had to leave. MrsDrWho tells me never to go when I am feeling pale, but they lull you into a false sense of security. They seem to be nice and want to sell you thHarki_a_speeding_locomotiveings, but they don't. I will have to go back tomorrow to buy the zips, well try to buy the zips. Again. I will be writing a Letter of Wrath. Again. They never reply or even acknowledge my letters. I am polite, but firm, never horrid. I am drowning my sorrows with Wizz Fizz, Bleak House on TV and a new book. I am wallowing.

What I really need is for Harki to be accredited as an Assistance Dog. She could ward off danger and fend off bad service for me. She is very obedient aPeri_smells_a_mysterynd loving. See how quickly she comes when I call her? Peri is sniffing. She is sniffing to find the most boogelly smell so that she can roll in it. Again. Harki sniffs too, but has no inclination to roll in 'you don't want to know what'.

I have finished my second Thuja sock. It is pining as it's mate is lost. Somewhere. I foolishly put it somewhere 'safe'. I haven't named these socks yet. I think they shall be dubbed The Heartbeat socks, named for Greengrass, as they have all the grassy greens in them. TheBare_naked_leggy Bare Naked lady is modelling the one sock. It is the sock that is. We have lost the sock that was. Now it has become the sock that will be. How very Babylon 5 of my socks.

In other Science Fiction news, MrsDrWho has almost finished her 4 Seasons Quilt: here, and here!!! ( I call mine The Crowded House for obvious reasons!!) When I say she has almost finished, what I really mean is that now she is waiting for me to back and bind it for her!!! Yesterday I watched Doctor Who at MrsDrWho's and she made delicious steak and roast vegetables with parsnip and swede and pumpkin and potato and sweet potato and carrot and everything!!! She cooks a most delicious sThanks_donni_lovely_green_woolteak!!!

Thanks to the   skills of the Most Excellent Donni, I have new wool. It is green Cocoon. It feels so soft and it is a lovely green too!!! That's one of my favourite George Dubya stories: His assertion that the whole trouble with trading with the French is that they have no word for entrepreneur!!! Heaven help us all really!!

I made ANZAC* Muffins. They have been given the seal of approval by MrsDrWho so you will need this very easy and tasty recipe!!! *That's the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps.

ANZAC Muffins

  • 180ml warm milk
  • 1 tspn bicarbonate of soda
  • 50g melted butter
  • 2 tbspn Golden SyrupAnzac_muffin
  • 150g brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tspn baking powder
  • 300g plain flour
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup coconut

Preheat the oven to 190*C(170 FF). Line a 12 hole muffin tin with paper cases. Mix the bicarb soda into the milk and then add the rest of the wet ingredients and the sugar. Fold in the dry ingredients. Do Not fold them in well. The secret of muffins is to have the mixture look terribly uncombined!!Fill the paper cases about 2/3 full and bake for 15-20 minutes. They taste and smell just like ANZAC biscuits!!

There is Nothing like a Name, Nothing in the World...

4_yarning I am worried that there is a new source for, shall we say, 'interesting' names. It is the Word Verification. Today I had to type the word 'Peiona'. It suddenly struck me that this could conceivably be a girl's name. I can see a plethora of new names arising from the Word Verification. It does not bode well......

I have new magazines: YARN, the Autumn Interweave Knits, Simply Knitting UK and the new Doctor Who Magazine as well!!! Not much I want to knit in the IK, but the YARN is all about colour and has a few good patterns and Doctor Who is great!!! Autumn_interweave_knits

I have only just really rediscovered this magazine and I have 3 thus far. I had a happy little time today arranging my Doctor Who books and naff things. The bookcase is, alas, too small and I may need to reconsider the collection's housing. Of course, this meant that I had to have a little bit of a read and then a little bit of a search on the TARDIS site to see what books will be available soon. There are about 20 that I absolutely, desperately need!!!

Harki and Peri have been at home today. They have been very helpful and had quite a lot of naps with me. I went out to tea with MrsDrWho and MissRenovation. We went to a Spanish restaurant and I was pleasantlyMa_belles_daughter_made_this surprised at the standard of the food, the service and the low level of noise!! I was to be there at 6-30pm and The Labradors and I were having a little nap and I didn't wake up until 6-13pm. I am becoming an expert at quick get-readies!!!

I saw Joanie's Mum and MrsMaBelle earlier this week, and MrsMabelle's daughter made me this lovely needle thingy!!! She especially made it green and embroidered 2 dog paws. It is so lovely and I really needed another one to keep my sewing needles in as I went a bit overboard at The Black Spot of Doom Light(TM) sale!!! I had been idly googling for inspiration, but now I can stop!! MrsMaBelle made me a knitting needle keeper. It is very good, but the night is dark and it doesn't photograph well!!

I have just read Anne and Todd McCaffrey's newest book: Dragon's Fire. It was very good indeed and MrsDrWho sent me an email to announce that Terry Pratchett's new book : Wintersmith will be here soon too. It is another Wee Free Men and Tiffany Aching younger person's book. I don't think it is YA, but it isn't for children per se. I can't wait to read it, no matter which age group it is written for!!

On the knitting front, there is a sleeve to the underarm of the Errol CardiFlynn. You don't want to see it. Really. It is just a sleeve so far: a thing of beauty, but not wondrous!!!

How Lost is that Doggy in the Window???

Peris_pining Look at Peri's sad and lonely face. Harki went off on a little excursion by herself, without Peri noticing. Peri hopped into the car ready to go home and then it dawned on her that Harki was not there. She waited a little while and then came and sat at the gate to the track, watching for Harki to appear. I called out to Harkis_long_and_winding_road Harki and she appeared in the distance. She had been for a swim and she was all wet. Peri was so happy to see Harki that she had to wrestle with her. Don't ask me why, but whenever Peri can't find Harki, and then spots her, she runs like a greyhound and there is a big happy growly wrestling match!!! Oh I didn't want to go for a walk this Romper_labbies morning. I still don't, but since I have been there and back it's a moot point now!!

I have finished the back of Errol CardiFlynn, though I am not happy with the shoulders: I would have had to do a cable on one side and not the other. I think I will undo the shaping, undo 2 more rows, and then the cables will be 2 rows earlier and I can stop obsessing!!! Harki and Peri are shedding their Winter undercoat and there are dog hairs everywhere. More than usual. So Errol is fairly hairy but the colour is more accurate. Errol_cardiflynns_back

Yesterday I accidentally knitted a sock for me!! A Thuja sock from lovely green variegated wool from the inimitable Lynne. I will have 2 tiny balls left over, about 16 grams in all. I think I will knit this into part of a camera case. I have some nice cushiony cotton wadding and lots of green material!! I think that could be a goer!! O.K. The Typepad refuses to let me post a picture of the Thuja sock. What I will do is try to trick it by posting this, then going back and editing and putting the photo in then!! Ha!! It worked!!

YesterdaSock_it_to_mey MrsDrWho and I watched one of my all time favourite Stargate SG1 episodes: 2010. It is great. Stargate is full of time travel and parallel universe anomalies!! I especially like the end of season 8 where there are so many SG1 teams in so many time streams it makes my head hurt!!

I am going to Afternoon Tea with the sewing group this afternoon. Cups of real tea and something tasty to eat: maybe raisin toast with berry compote!!!