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Wiping_the_floor_with_dishcloth_challengAt last all the Dishcloths are complete!! The last 2 are purple: dark and light. Purple doesn't photograph very successfully, it looks blue. I was only supposed to make one, but when will I ever use purple??? It is just wrong!! Happily I can do some green knitting now, not that my knittin' hands are back, but I can't sew and watch TV, so.... needs must. Now I just have to wrap up the Dishcloth Shuffles and Swaps and post them tomorrow. I think I am sewing little bags to pop them into, I borrowed 5 books about sewing bags from the Library and 2 of them are great!! I know they are heavy as I had to carry them.Its_raining_puppies_1

At last we have had rain!! The Labradors are very happy because they went for a walk today. The weather has been stormy and wild so we have to sneak walks between the gales and downpours!!!  The ground is soaked to the very limit though the dam isn't overflowing yet. We have had more rain in a few days than all last month. Harki and Peri love going for a walk, and they especially love the treats I keep in my pocket!! I am sure Harki is smiling widely in the photo, while Peri is just hoping for a treat!!

New_shoes_for_mesoon At last I have found some green shoes!!  They are handmade leather shoes from South Africa. They are on lay-by. They are as light as a feather yet sturdy - not that I walk a lot, but they need to be Labrador-proof. Green shoes are very thin on the ground so far this year. I have to be on extra special look out.

At last, news of Doctor Who and Paul Anka, who are being held hostage by MrsDrWho. The woman iDr_who_wants_mes a menace. She is lucky I am backing and binding her 4 Seasons Quilt. Could it be that I am afraid?? Is my Crowded House quilt finished? No!! Of course it isn't!!! I will sew hers tomorrow and drop it off so she can bask in its glory. Luckily I have found 8 more Doctor Who Files book to buy, this will quench my thirst!!

At last, the end is near: there is more to show and tell, but I will save that for tomorrow!!!



Fab dishcloths! I keep meaning to try knitting some of those myself.

I lurve the green shoes you found, they look nice and comfy not to mention summery! I need to go shoe hunting myself and find a pair of non-blister sandals!

After seeing the Doctor Who annual on your weblog and now this new book on the Doctor, I am going to whizz up to the bookstore tomorrow and get my own Doctory goodness! His pose on that book cover = Woof! ;)


Mrs Dr Who strikes again hey.

sandles nice I wish I could find ones that are not having barbie or some childrens thing written on them. Its hard having little feet for an adult in the childrens section.

I hope you knitting hands return to full swing soon and that the girls are looking after you as well.


Purple? You're slipping, woman! And you might be interested in the Dr Who sticker album and stickers packets I'm currently stroking ...


The purple threw me. I thought for a minute I had made a wrong turn and ended up at someone else's blog.


Wow you are knitting PURPLE ! It's a nice change & it looks good! Maybe another color ?


it's been ages since i saw another colour apart from GREEN!!!! :)


Looooovvvvvvvve the purple:)
Dishcloths is something I haven't tried yet, somehow I think they would end up in the bathroom instead of the kitchen.

She Who Smells Yarn

oooh purple!! my fave colour!!

They look great.


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