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How Lost is that Doggy in the Window???

Peris_pining Look at Peri's sad and lonely face. Harki went off on a little excursion by herself, without Peri noticing. Peri hopped into the car ready to go home and then it dawned on her that Harki was not there. She waited a little while and then came and sat at the gate to the track, watching for Harki to appear. I called out to Harkis_long_and_winding_road Harki and she appeared in the distance. She had been for a swim and she was all wet. Peri was so happy to see Harki that she had to wrestle with her. Don't ask me why, but whenever Peri can't find Harki, and then spots her, she runs like a greyhound and there is a big happy growly wrestling match!!! Oh I didn't want to go for a walk this Romper_labbies morning. I still don't, but since I have been there and back it's a moot point now!!

I have finished the back of Errol CardiFlynn, though I am not happy with the shoulders: I would have had to do a cable on one side and not the other. I think I will undo the shaping, undo 2 more rows, and then the cables will be 2 rows earlier and I can stop obsessing!!! Harki and Peri are shedding their Winter undercoat and there are dog hairs everywhere. More than usual. So Errol is fairly hairy but the colour is more accurate. Errol_cardiflynns_back

Yesterday I accidentally knitted a sock for me!! A Thuja sock from lovely green variegated wool from the inimitable Lynne. I will have 2 tiny balls left over, about 16 grams in all. I think I will knit this into part of a camera case. I have some nice cushiony cotton wadding and lots of green material!! I think that could be a goer!! O.K. The Typepad refuses to let me post a picture of the Thuja sock. What I will do is try to trick it by posting this, then going back and editing and putting the photo in then!! Ha!! It worked!!

YesterdaSock_it_to_mey MrsDrWho and I watched one of my all time favourite Stargate SG1 episodes: 2010. It is great. Stargate is full of time travel and parallel universe anomalies!! I especially like the end of season 8 where there are so many SG1 teams in so many time streams it makes my head hurt!!

I am going to Afternoon Tea with the sewing group this afternoon. Cups of real tea and something tasty to eat: maybe raisin toast with berry compote!!!



Oh how cute is Peri, even melts this cat lovers heart :)

I am impressed with Errol Cardiflynn, yes I would have to undo as cables have to match.

Lovely green thuja, Lynnes yarns look very nice, I especially like the pale sea green/blue in the 8ply.

lynne s of Oz

The sock came out well! Some pooling but not (to my eyes) yucky pooling :-)
Your dogs have a fun life :-) Even if one has her own little adventure once in a while.


I love the sound of your very civilised afternoon tea!


Your dogs look like they have so much fun. Errol Hoodie is looking great.


Sounds as though the Girls had a good day out.

Love the Errol cardy, both teh name and the progress!

Next winter I will take on some of gigantic proportions for myself.
Watching soem Hamish MacBeth last night, saw them all gettign about int heir huge cabled jumpers. Made me very wistful!



love the sock it looks awesome. Boss reacts the same when either me or dad come home.


Isn't it nice when you finally make something for yourself? I'm glad you did, it looks great.


I have posted a comment on your hoodie at the CPH site - hope that helps. Love your socks & how neatly you have knitted the heel!


Accidently knit for your self - lol!! It looks great.

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