It's Not That Easy Being Purple
What's Up There Cazaly???

I Should Be So Looky!! Looky, Looky, Looky!!!

Mr PostmaThats_amoren has brought 3 things that I shall show in opening order!!

#1 is a postcard from my friends who are in Italy. This didn't need opening so I read it first!! They are in San Gimignano, a little village in the hills above Florence. She is sitting at her window looking at Tuscan countryside: cypress, olive groves, vineyards all the Tuscan houses and she is drinking a glass of wine!!! Wow, how fantastic!!

#2 is a lovely card and little organza bag from Jade!! Thank you so much Jade!!! It would haveBorder_security_strikes_again been a little  organza bag containing teabags!! Initially it appears the teabags passed Quarantine, but I expect Grant Bowler and the Border Security TV show wanted to flex their muscles and they confiscated my teabag and they want $42-50 or they will destroy it. So long Teabag!!! Instead, I am having a pot of Orange Pekoe tea with you Jade, sitting on the balcony with Harki and Peri, with a stack of new magazines to flick through!! Across the miles, we are having a cup of tea together: Cheers!!! I think you can even see the steam rising from the cup. I'd also Steaming_treatlike to note that it took my letter aeons longer then other people's to arrive. I am, of course 'overseas'!!! Thanks AP.......

#3 is a wondrous parcel from the inimitable Donni: 4 balls of Karabella Aurora 8 and the Backyard LeavesIm_spoiled  scarf is to be knitted!! I admired her knitting, it was so very green and beautifully patterned, and Donni has sent me the makings!!! Thank you Donni!! How cool is that???

So I am sitting here, drinking my tea, googling San Gimignano and fondling my wool...The Labradors have gone outside in disgust, they are being paid no attention!! Considering they ran down the hill to have a big Olympic style swim all by themselves today, it's a wonder I'm speaking to them at all!!!!!!.. I'm not going to say Life is Good, because that's tempting Fate, but Life is Reasonably Good today and you can't ask for more than that, can you?



(you can't see it but I am smiling)(lots)


Well what a nice mail day you had. I still dont know how mine slipped through the post.

So the girls have been naughty today thats not good Boss gets the threat if hes naughtly hell loose his treats and Ill send them to the girls.


I've got a second Backyard Leaves Scarf on the needles now, in green Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran. I knit the first one in a different yarn that I hated working with. You'll love the Aurora 8 -- it's wonderfully soft on your hands.


I LOVE mail deliveries, especially when they contain superb surprises like your's!


Lucky you! Enjoy them!


Grant Bowler is a bit of a spunk so I will forgive him this time even if he didn't let your tea through. Crafty Bernie is sending me a ball of Noro Kureyon from the Isle of Man and they said to her that she couldn't send a ball of wool to Australia!! Common sense prevailed, it is on its way to me ;)


Good mail days are always perfect! As is sitting down with a pot of tea and a lovely stack of new magazines.

rosie dean

Holding a teabag for ransom?

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