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It's Not That Easy Being Purple

Jester_bag_1  Indeed, it is not. Were it not for the fact that my Dishcloth Swapper and Shuffler liked such a colour, purple would not darken my doorstep: Project Spectrum being over and all!!! I have crossed the finish line, the bags are sewn, the medieval one all by hand, but the little tote on the sewing machine. I shall name the medieval one 'Jester Bag' (go on, say it out loud!!) and I shall name the tote 'Purple Dreams'. There, now they have names they are real. I will pop the dishcloths inside with a few surprises and wrap them up and post them Purple_dreams_tote tomorrow. That is my goal!!

To assuage my, and your, green need I have a gorgeous beaded dragonfly that Aunty Dutch made just for me. It is stunningly beautiful and could it be any greener??? You can see a soft green tea package and there is a lovely bracelet that is definitely not understated. There is also a Black Labrador. It was supposed to be Golden but we are not Labradorist here. Peri could have been a Black Labrador but for the grace of god!! TPresenting_things_for_meiger and Tara the Black Labradors lived at my Nan and Pop's house when I was little. That's how we identified our grandparents etc: by their pets, so they were called Tiger Nan and Pop, and my other grandparents had a Collie dog, guess their name!!! Yep, Lassie Nan and Pop. One Great-grandmother had chooks : Chickie Nan!! And the other, Old Nanny Oldham, had no pets at all. Am I strange?? This naming by pets seemed quite normal then, as it does now.

Harki and Peri have not been for a walk today: it is our not-going-for-a-walk day. Even though the weather is bizarre, it is still quite warm, and The Labradors feel very hot by the time they are half way through their walk. Their tongues and ears look very pink and they pant a lot. There are lots of puddles and a creek to drink from and a tap with a bowl back at the car park, so they are in no danger of dehydrating. In Summer they come home and splash about in the paddle pool or under theFeelin_hot_hot_hot  hose.

Tomorrow is the first Tai Chi day, where I go along with the 'senior' people and we do slow and gentle Tai Chi for 50 minutes. Most people go to this class because they have arthritis or some other joint issue. I go to this class because it is slow, and you can sit down if you feel poorly and no-one stares.

If you have come here believing there will be knitting to see, you are going to be disappointed. Again. Maybe tomorrow.....



I have heard about these easy at your pace Tai Chi classes one of the girls who worked with us for a while her husband is the leader for them. It is supposed to be reall beneficial to increase your energy through the gentle movements. Glad the girls had a good walk boss send happy barks to them both


The little black labradorable is so cute! And I thought only people off Neighbours said "Chook"!

She Who Smells Yarn

I did Tai Chi about 10 years ago. Its fun. And a martial art (beware I got picked on my male friends telling me I would only be able to bash up turtles).

Though when we got to the higher levels we found that some of the moves became more demanding on your body and balance.

Have fun though! I am thinking about taking it back up (where abouts are you doing them?)



What absolutely gorgeous purple presents. Isn't it strange how we all love different colours?! You did well to suffer through all that purple when you really wanted it all to be green.
Have fun at Tai Chi.


Purple eeeeek!! I am definately not who you are spoiling :)

You will chuckle when you see what colours is in one of my Noro squares for Lizard Ridge.

Whoever you are spoiling is very lucky, nice bag. Oh and nice jester (just a) bag. I am reading Philippa Gregory's novel The Other Boleyn Girl at the moment, very appropriate.


I forgive you for your anti-purple stance - I personally have no fondness for pastels of any shade, and suffer through baby clothes until we reach the lovely loud stuff at about 12mths!
And that Jester Bag is gorgeous - such fun on a string! (?strap?cord?)
Enjoy your Tai Chi - it makes my hands all glowy in the middle :)


Tai chi is great - my husband does it everyday & it helps his back pain but I am too impatient for Tai Chi! Enjoy your class!


I got the shock of my life seeing that on your blog. Now that I've recovered, I can tell you my Doctor recommends Tai Chi to balance energies within the body. I just find it relaxing.

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