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We have had the windiest weather!! Last night I couldn't sleep as there were such loud gusts and the rain was hammering down on the roof and things were being flung about outside: it was unnerving. I don't like the wind at all, a gentle breeze is nice, but 'is gale force: is bad'. Harki and Peri don't like the wind either, Harki doesn't want to play outside and Peri keeps having to growl at the noises. This morning I sat out the front to read the paper and Harki ran up and down the balcony with her squeaky toy, but she didn't want to go out the back to play at all. There is still a gale warning current and the BOM is forecastiNew_techy_stuffng snow. Welcome to Spring!!!

I have a new toy, a Panasonic DVD Recorder with a hard disc drive. I disconnected the old one last night, it had no HDD, and managed to connect the TV, VCR and DVD so it all works, except for the ABC through the DVD. I am quite sad about this as I mostly watch The ABC, but I can still watch and record through the VCR so all is not lost. I have played recording to the HDD, and it works!! It has a 160MG capacity which is about 284 hours of recording time and it also has Fast Speed Copying which I think means I can record to the HDD and then copy to a DVD in a teeny tiny amount of time instead of the acYearly_funtual time!! This might mean copying 4 hours worth in 30 minutes. That sounds great!! MrsDrWho and I are slowly adjusting ourselves to recording to the HDD and swapping DVDs of the things we need to watch instead of using video tapes (and we have just hit the 300 mark in 20 months: OK, we watch way too much TV, allowing for an average of 7 hours per tape, that's 100 hours of TV a month. Oh, but that's about 3 hours a day so I feel better, lots of people would watch 3 hours of TV a day. I am not a total nerd then)

I have a new book and a new CD too, except they are at MrsDrWho's house because she always carries any shopping bags as I am poorly, and she took them home in her car!! I have the 2007 Doctor Who Annual with a holographically changing 9th and 10th Doctor on the front!! and Paul Anka's new Rock Swings CD. I am hoping she won't be holding them to ransom Peri_wants_harki_nowa la Limoncello!!!

There has been no knitting. There has been brunching, shopping and then quite a lot of sleeping in the afternoons!! School starts again on Monday, though the teachers have a boogelly PL day, and I know they would rather be in their classrooms with tGood_girl_harki_1heir children. Consequently, the Powers That Be have decreed that children have an extra day's holiday. I am rather looking forward to the new term as I can stop my punishing social schedule (3 brunches, 1 lunch, 1 afternoon tea and 1 dinner in 16 days!!!) and retreat back into a happy state of resting. I plan to do the last of the Errol CardiFlynn, the 2 fronts, this week and then I want to finish Pretty in Lime. The  Labradors and I can have some quality time together!!!


She Who Smells Yarn

oooh a hard drive!! I like our dvd recorder but it doesnt have a hard drive.

The weather has been wild! We never had this much wind and rain all winter I am sure!



snow mmm would be good for the knitting. I would be terrible with a dvd recorder with all of the shows I watch on pay tv. I spend most of my night watching what I miss during my work hours. I guess I could teach boss to record for me.


dvd recorder ... on the Christmas list, lol.


Oh, how lucky - a dvd recorder with hdd - you are in for lots of watching which is good for knitting - sometimes, I wish I can have more time for watching programs so that I can knit!


That annual sounds beyond cool!


how cool is that dvd recorder!!! that will definitely go on my wish list!! haha

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