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I could Eskimo_kisseshave dazzled you with more pictures of Errol Cardiflynn, but I'm too lazy and it's too dull now for a photo. I could explain how the Central Park Hoodie has been given a proper 2paw name now, and how it reminds me of Robin and the Seven Hoods, and that reminds me of The Adventures of Robin Hood, and that makes me think of Errol Flynn and how he lived just down the road from my great grandmother who lived to be 104. But I won't. Climbing_ivy

Instead, you can see a cute Labrador picture, even though I wish I hadn't titled it Eskimo Kisses because that just makes me think of Nikki Webster and Strawberry Kisses. Yuck!!

You can also see the three things from the new Autumn Knitty. This is a good edition, there are lots of things I would like to make, but my three favourite tops are : Ivy, Lucie and Serrano!! There are some excellent sock patterns too. I have the 'Party' Lucie_locket_lost_her_pocket_1 Knitty button in my right sidebar.  Don't worry, there are tablets for that!!

OK, I forgot to eat today. I had 2 pieces of toast at 9am and then I didn't remember to eat till 5pm. I am a bit few kangaroos loose in the top paddock now!! High on food: chicken Serrano_de_bergerac sandwiches!!!

Park to the Future

Ebay? Schmeebay! In spite of the fact that they will tell me nothing, I have not stopped filling in satisfaction surveys and forms and emailing to ask what happened!! They ask if I am unhappy with their Bag_of_fun rules. I say I am not, I just have some policy changes to suggest and I would like to be acknowledged. I have nothing else to do until they accede to my request with Autumn_knit_simplewhat I consider to be an appropriate response!!!

I have a new bag. It is pseudo Oriental. It is green. Say no more.

I have a For_when_youre_dog_tirednew knitting magazine. I wasn't necessarily going to buy it until I saw what was  inside. Then it was unmissable. Of course the blanket will need to be green.....

The Central Park Hoodie has begun at long last, though it may have a chequered future. The wool is greener than it looks, trust me!!! I am almost at the armhole decrease on the back. I am knitting with 5.5mm needles. Technically to get the correct tension I should be using 6mm, but they are just way Back_of_the_cphtoo big for me. I am fudging the sizing to see what happens. I don't think this has as much 'bounce back' as 8ply wool, so a little bigger here will just mean a little smaller zip insertion band. I hope...

Pretty in Lime is coming along nicely. The Bendigo Harmony is a delight to knit. I wish Almost_pretty_to_the_decreasesthey made more greens...

Harki and Peri are well and happy and had a nice dip in the creek this morning. Harki is playing with her football every now and then. It is in team colours, but I don't kow Wheres_the_ball_2 which team. She drops  it down the stairs and waits for me to go and get it and throw it back. It is a good game. Peri has a piece of wrapping paper. It is a good game too.

It's a (technical) Knockout!!

Yes, It's a Knockout was a TV show from the Eighties, and I think it was an action gameshow with garishly dressed teams and balloons, greasy poles, water and shaving cream??? Anyway, I have just spent the last 2 1/2 hours in a tizz. I went to add a Buffy Diary to my Ebay 'Watch' list and I couldn't log in. Minor panic. Check Caps Lock is off, and try again. No luck. I went to the Live Help where I was immediately 'Live Helped' and apparently someone had tried to do something boogelly to my account. I don't know what. It is all very hush hush. Apparently the TKO notice I received and forwarded to the Spoof department was real. Who knew?? I always forward those off as spoofs, but unfortunately the spoof people forgot to email me to tell me it was real!!!! So I have spent the last 150 minutes changing all my passwords, reconfiguring my modem with help from the tech people on the phone and trying to remember where else I have a password. Of course, the boogelly person may not have had my password at all. I never click on links on emails and I always forward them to the spoof department. I have spyware and anti-virus and anti-spam. I run scans every day. Could I be any more careful? Well, only if I never turned the computer on again!!!

I have checked my categories and I don't have one called Panic and/or Tizz. Maybe I should make one!! I am off now to have a cup of tea and then I might go to the Library. I was going there 2 hours ago...... Thank goodness The Labradors are sensible and calm!!!!

By the Cinema Seat of my Pants

Licenced_to_thrill Hot off the press a review of Stormbreaker, (M) the new Alex Rider film adapted from the book by Anthony Horowitz. Fantastic!!! Even better if you have actually read the book!! A caution: there is some pseudo fight violence and also implied wasteful deaths (a shooting eg) but there is no blood and they don't show any death actually happening: there is tasteful cutting away.However, if your offspring have read the book, they can see the film, and if you are a grown up and you have to sit through a 93 minute film these holidays, this is the one to see. There is enough humour, and there are enough stars to keep you amused and busy, and there are a few nods to James Bond as well. Of course, the story has been adapted to fit the requirements of a film, but Anthony Horowitz was responsible for the screenplay and the changes, though alarming to a total Alex Rider fan, are clever enough to fit seamlessly into the story. I was not bored for one second but I spent quite a lot of time on the edge of my seat- or airborne!!! I wanted to see the film again, right away, immediately, and MrsDrWho and I have the need to own the DVD right now!! Along with Alex Pettyfer in the eponymous role, the film also stars Ewan McGregor, Bill Nighy, Sophie Okonedo, Alicia Silverstone and my favourite (yes, even more favourite than Ewan) Damian Lewis!!! along with Stephen Fry and Andy Gollum Serkis. I am of the firm opinion that at the end of the series when Alex is about to turn 15, for the books will only cover his fifteenth year, Uncle Ian will be found to be alive and kicking - he will!!!

Getting Vetter All the Time!!

Peri_at_the_vet Home from the Knitting Coven where we had a lovely time. We are saving our 'prize' draw for next time as we weren't all prepared, or there. By 'there', I mean in attendance!!!

Today Peri went to the Vet for her annual check up. Could she hSwimming_dogsave been any more excited?? She had a great time, had 2 lots of treats and an injection. She is exactly the same mass as she was last year, so that is jolly good. Of course, she could stand to lose a kilo or two, but who amongst us couldn't??? (Please, refrain from telling me if you couldn't!!!) Harki stayed at home and I think there may have been baying, even though it was 10-15am. This morning they went for their walk and went down the track by themselves again. This time I have photographic evidence!! A little swim, and then when I called them, they looked up, and ran back up the track as quick as a flash.

We_hear_you I want to thank Vivian from Ecoyarns for her excellent service. Sharon and I ordered two Organic Cotton Kits and they came sans the cute paper bags. I contacted them and the bags arrived two days later. The bags are lovely thick brown paper with twine handles. We really wanted them, so thanks Ecoyarns!!

Thanks also to the lovely Jannette from whom I bought 2 lots of wool. One, for my Central Park Hoodie, failed to arrive. I tentatively emailed Jannette, and before I could say Jack Robinson, she had sent me a new parcel which arrived today. What a wonderful person, and she has such bargains to boot!!!

Even more thanks to Jae, who sent me cotton supplies from Over There. As green as green can be, two Friends_from_overseas kinds of green, and a lovely surprise this morning. Thanks so much!!! You can't buy it here!! I am chuffed!!!

Yes, the Limoncello rescue has been documented, finally!!!

Colin Thiele, the author, has died. He lived to a ripe old age and wrote the most wonderful books : Storm Boy, Shatterbelt, Aftershock, Blue Fin, Brahminy, Danny's Egg, Sun on the Stubble and lots more... I read Brahminy to our double unit at school and I finished it with tears running down my cheeks - and the children were crying too. MrsDrWho refused to read the ending!!

Pretty_in_lime_opening_scene_1Steve Irwin has died in a marine accident. His family were bushwalking at Cradle Mountain. It was a sad picture : his wife and children boarding the jet at the airport. The saddest picture...

And to finish, while I marked time, I started Pretty in Lime (otherwise known as the Molly Ringwald from Knitscene) using Lime Harmony from Bendigo. It knits up beautifully!! I am making it 5cm longer than the pattern as I usually do. I will have to swatch for the Central Park Hoodie tonight!!!

Happy Birthday to We!!!

Yes, it'sCaroline the Knitting Coven's (S'n'B) second birthday!!! Huzzah!! In honour of this I have made everyone a present. There was a rule though: the present could cost no more than $2-50, though I could use bits and bobs from home..... So here are the presents!!

Caroline has a Basket Purse. Cathy had a knitted headband from Interweave Sweet Somethings and also a tissue holder - I forgot to take a photo , I'll do one later!Cathy_1!!

For Fifi, to remind her of Ash, though he won't fit in it, a zippy pouch!!!Fifi

Katt_1Next, for Katt, a bag she can take out with her so she doesn't have to take the Commando sock tote!!!

For Sandra D(ee) a little bag crocheted from the One Skein book. This was very nice to do. I would like to crochet or knit another bag soon...Sandra_d

For Sharon, a scarf from her Happy Hooker crochet book. I did this while I was minding it for her!!! I called it the Kosciuszko scarf because it reminded me of Sharon Strzelecki from Kath'n'Kim. Kosciuszko climbed Australia's highest mountain and named it after his native Poland's hero: Strzelecki.Koscuisko_scarf_1

Suzi_1 For Suzi I crocheted a skull pot holder. I put some cotton wadding inside so it should have some insulatory properties!!!

Finally, I made a covered tape measure for Toni. I love making these, and I did use black for Project Spectrum August too!!


I hope everyone likes their present, I had a lot of fun making them. I hope I have not missed anyone out..........

Happy Birthday Knitting Coven!!!!

Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Drink-eeee

Lemony_snavelled At last, my Limoncello has come along!! Angel and Aragorn (in alphabetical order so as not to offend either of them) staged a rescue mission, swords drawn, legs akimbo, and saved the day. They wrapped the Limoncello in a space blanket and it is home. Photos of the brave sortie and eventual freeing of the hostage alcohol will appear soon here!!!But don't hold your breath. I'll update the link when, and if, it happens!!! Sadly, I haven't a yellow ribbon as such.....

Today is Fathers' Day. My dad had been dead for aeons, so the day kind of passes me by. I do think of my dad often, but I'm not sad!! Wherever he is, or isn't, doesn't really mTwo_puppy_dogs_gruff_1atter....

Harki and Peri are asleep. it is only 6-45pm but their day is over!! There is just more sleeping and possible food to come before bed. Yesterday they were very busy. Peri has taken to acting out scenes from The Three Billy Goats Gruff. She jumps into the creek, and runs under the little bridge and then jumps out again and wants to play in a rowdy manner with Harki. Harki is not amused. There is wrestling and some growling: the friendly kind, and then Harki sends Peri away to think about what she has done!! Soon they Here_we_go_here_we_go_here_we_go are running along happily together, Harki in the lead, and all's right with the world.....

There has been a sad 'incident' with the second Hippo sock. I picked up the ball of wool from inside the bag and started to wind the loose wool. Winding...winding...winding and then I thought: 'There is an awful lot of winding...' Indeed there was. The sock was off the needles and I was unravelling the sock Right. Back. To. The. Cuff. OMGCB! I have knitted 4 rows now. Sigh.

Why not one, but two two-part episodes this week??? : Doctor Who and Stargate SG1. It only dawns on me as we draw towards the end of the episode and I can see no sign of a resolution. Bah Humbug.....

The new Knitty will be here soon. It was here on September 7th or 8th last year. I looked!! I am waiting for my little button to change!!! I am so sad!!!!!

(Glenn) Ford every Stream....

Glenn Ford has died. He was a staple of childhood movies - and no, I'm not that old, but we had little choice about what to watch on TV when I was small : only 2 stations and once of them was the ABC. And I'm trying to buy Paul Anka's new album where he sings 80s hits in a swing style. That should tell you where I fit in the scheme of things!!!

Today our State Government, and I use the term 'government' loosely, decided to fund an AFL football team to the tune of $15 million over 5 years. Yes, that's right, while we have over 5000 people on our hospital and dental waiting lists, many more waiting for affordable housing, not enough teachers, police, nurses, doctoPot_calling_thers, ambulance drivers, fire officers etc, it's all OK as we have a 1/4 share in a footy team. That will comfort those with bad teeth, waiting for a house. Thanks Mr Lennon. Up there Cazaly isn't exactly what I have in mind for you....

Happier things now. I have a new kettle. Yes, sad but true, this has made my day. My aunt sent me a gift card and there was a sale and Lo! I am the proud owner of a specky new kettle. I have made tea. The water is especially boily and hoCollaget!!

Project Spectrum is, alas, no more. Yesterday, the last day of Winter, was the last day of Project Spectrum as well. I have made more things that are B&W and Neutral, but some are secret so I will make another of those collage pictures to be going on with. Despite the fact that we have had our warmest and driest Winter on record, the first day of Spring has been dull, endlessly rainy and humid. Thus photos are dull. And there is not much light either!!!

Harki_is_far_away Harki and Peri had a little expedition yesterday. We had our usual walk and when we arrived back at the carpark I gave them the nod to go through the gate to smell the grass on the other side. Well, they went further than that!! They went all the way down the hill, and had a little swim : unsupervised!!!!!! I was standing waaaay over the other side of the gully and I could see the path they were on. They are good girls though and when I called them they ran back for a big cuddle!!! Harki is just behind the power pole in the distance, the one with the cross bar at the top. Wattle_they_think_of_next

The 1st of September is Wattle Day. Wattle Day was first celebrated in Tasmania, and has spread to the rest of Australia, like Daylight Saving is doing!!! There were no big celebrations here today, but we have wattle trees all around, flowering golden and bright!!!