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Sockgate: S(ee)G(ot) 1!!!

Greengrass_socks_at_lastThe Greengrass Socks are finally together again, like Kate and Nick from Heartbeat (before she died from a horrible disease) or Sheridan and Delenn from Babylon 5 ( before he died a premature death as a result of sacrificing his Life Force for a valiant cause)....on second thoughts, maybe these socks won't be together for very long at all!!! These are the Thuja Socks from but I 'fixed' the pattern. I have made 2 other pairs and it really annoyed me that when you do the gusset pick up, the pattern wasn't symmetrical. It really irked me, so I just used 21 stitches for the heel , and 23 for2_sock_totes_avast_ye_landlubbers the instep, which balanced the pattern, and then I decreased one stitch in the middle of the first row of the toe. It made me extremely happy to think my socks' pattern was symmetrical and correct.... I have too little to worry about.

I did manage to turn the pile of fabric into two more sock totes: The Jolly Blaker with the skull and crossbones and The Catherouflage with its army print. I don't expect you can see the 2 Little Zippy bags that I made for Katt as they are Can_you_see_the_little_zippy_bags camouflage material and would thus be blending in with the background. They are there!!! Yesterday was the Knitting Coven and a jolly good time it was too, with prizes for our birthday drawn, and yummy gingerbread cake, with pirate chocolates or white chocolate for The Labradors and I, baked by Suzi.

Today, after morning tea, where The Labradors each scored a bite-sized Salada with ham and cheese!!, MrsDrWho and I watched the last 2 episodes of Season 4 of Stargate SG1. We are dedicated to watching this through all the seasons, or perhaps addicted is a better word!! MrsDrWho bought Harki and Peri lovely rawhide chews and they have had one each as a treat!! They had a bone when I went out so it will definitely be boring vegetables for them tomorrow.

Having found the tiny ball of wool I dyed for the toe of the Turing Socks, I can now finish the second sock!! I have about 10 rounds to go and I am at the toe. Then it will be the Errol CardiFlynn and Pretty in Lime all the way!!!



Lovely socks, very green of course which is exactly what I am for missing out on the knitting coven :(


Lovely socks, lovely totes & lovely zippy bags - I am so envious of your sewing skills - I will love to learn to sew simple bags like that but don't dare venture as you know my "love affair" with sewing!

amanda j

Those sock are gorgeous. I do hope one of them does not die an untimely and tragic death. Your bags look terrific too. Clever clogs.

She Who Smells Yarn

Those Thujas look excellent in that verigated green! I so have to try to make a pair verigated one day!

I so love my little bags!! They are so cute!



The Thuja socks look great. Lovely and bright! Naturally one of them is doomed already!


The Thujas are excellent, I have staleld on the Skull Sock as I unearthed my half finsihed hot water bottle cover and thought I had better get closer to finishign the second half before the weather officailly reaches warm.

Mrs Dr Who had a brilliant brain wave across from the RAC I went to for my Drysdale uniform. Not a lot of choice, but I will try under the car park.


Hmmmmmmm those socks, I didn't know if I liked them or not when the pattern came out, but seeing yours all knit up has made me decide I want some. The "I want " list just keeps growing.


Those socks are gorgeous! I must try that pattern now I've seen how fab the socks are.


cindy, just wondering, where did u get your copy of knitscene from?

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