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Tea Pour Two

Falling_for_you The weather has been wild and windy, very wild and windy with gusts up to 150kph or almost 100mph. Yesterday a tree had been blown over Harki_and_peri_on_a_pathwhen we went for a walk, and it was so windy that I couldn't count out $11 at the supermarket 10 minutes later. I had to do it three times. I was all befuddled by the wild weather. Harki and Peri have been protecting me from the bad weather by growling at the wind's noise and Harki has been putting all her hackles up too. This has really helped!!! 

It is the last day, proper, of the school holidays so MrsDrWho and I went to Tant Pour Tant, a fairly new French Patisserie, for brunch. We had cups of tea Tea_pour_deux in teapots just like my new one and we ate little tarts. It was all very civilised and delicious!! Outside the weather was still gusty and rainy, though not terribly cold.

Then we ventured to the BSODL(TM), only to buy some black felt and material, but we Tart_pour_moi accidentally bought Christmas material and crafty things and I bought beads and little cross stitch and embroidery kits too. $130 later we escaped!! My favourite material is the Russian-type St Nicholas Santas, allHere_comes_santa_claus  very iconic.

I have an allergic rash. MrsDrWho postulates it is from a necklace. Maybe, I have no idea, but it has become progressively worse as the week has gone on. I felt really silly going to the Doctor, but he was very reassuring and said I should have come along. He gave me daintily named 'Fatty" steroid ointment and commanded me to return if I didn't improve!! It looks and feels a bazillion per cent better already and the urge to scratch has completely disappeared!!! I think I can put my bell away now.....

I have finished both the Errol CardiFlynn sleeves and I have to think about the fronts. Because I am not doing the wide ribbed band, I am putting in a zip, I will have 5 rows of moss stitch instead, so I will have to add more stitches to the centre front and then mathematically adjust the neck decreases to take this into consideration. I will need a non-windy day to do this. I have run out of wool for the Turing Sock #2 so I will have to attempt to dye some more. This has made me downcast, so I have put the socks in the bottom of my basket again. I think I will make a cross stitch tonight: short and sweet.



Civilised? With Mrs Dr Who? Are you taking liberties with the truth?

I'm sure she was excellent company, I have often been past this new patissarie but havent been in myself. I only finally got into that Deli in Balfouer st the final week of advanced bar wenching, very exciting.

It has been awful weather, maybe it is why the DWC is disgruntled and trying to sit on my head?



Nice fabric - any idea what it will be? And steroid cream? Gooooood stuff!


send me your nasty weather please we had to work minus air conditioning it was far too hot for that.
Isnt it terrible when you run out of the yarn your using.

Boss saysa the girls are being good for looking after you .


Lucky you to be enjoying such civilized tea drinking. I love how the girls protect you from the bad weather.

amanda j

In contrast, my kitty cat had the best time EVER chasing blossoms and leaves around outside! Sure she looked slightly crazed, but she loved it.


Brunch out with a friend sounds like just the thing to cheer up these horrible, windy days. I didn't venture out of the door!
Christmas material. How exciting!

She Who Smells Yarn

It was shocking the wind yesterday wasnt it? Though a perfect stay at home day (which is what I did).

Hoping you rash fully leaves and never comes back (make sure you let it know its not welcome).

Lovely fabric!



I hope the winds have lessened now. Silas will sometimes howl along with the wind. The tea and treats sound really lovely and I'm hungry reading about them! Those Christmas fabrics are very cheerful and I'll check back to see what you make with them. Give Harki and Peri a pat from me!


It had been quite windly here in Perth too - a good day to stay at home & knit. Sorry to hear about your rash - the fatty ointment is really good as my daughter has the same problem. Take care!


Maybe the rash came from visiting a certain place where fabric was obtained?????

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