UnPleasure Island
Sockgate: S(ee)G(ot) 1!!!

The Support of Kings!!

Thank you fellow BSODL(TM) Unsupporters for all your kind support!! I know there are people with huge traumas in their lives, and this doesn't amount to a hill of beans, but the BSODL makes my life unhappy. I don't want to be unhappy!! I don't want to die and go to Heaven all grumpy....How would Vundy and Tori feel then??? See I am assuming I'm going to Dog Heaven!!!! I have reconciled myself again to their terrible service, and I know they are not singling me out!!! I OD-ed on Wizz Fizz (which is sherbet) and Bleak House to Deadly Sin proportions.... and I have my zips now.

This_is_to_be_6_bagsThis pile of material is about to become 2 Little Zippy bags, 3 Sock Totes and an extra lining!! I have to sew them by tomorrow, and  because I work best under pressure I've only just begun. I've already sewn most of the linings and Little Zippy Bags proper and  I just have to pin and sew the last seam and then sew them together. I can do hand sewing in front of the TV. I have made half a Sock Tote. I need to applique a skull and crossbReddydishclothsones on the other before I can sew it up any further.

Last night I made a whole Dishcloth. It is knitted on 4 needles in red cotton, 2 strands of 4ply. My Dishcloth Recipient likes jewel colours and I think ruby qualifies. It was very tricky at first, but once I was past the 5th or 6th row it was easy. I felt a tiny bit like the knitters of the lacy shawls I see everywhere. They have an amorphous blob on the circular needle, that miraculously opens out to be Vernal_peri a thing of wonder!! I am very pleased with this. I need to crochet around one cloth and decide what surprises to pop in and the parcel will be ready to post off!!!

Harki and Peri were meant to go for a walk today but since I slept in till almost Languid_harki 10am, they missed out. It was not for want of trying on their part. They 'woke' me up about 5 times, but I went back to sleep. In the end they were both positioned Sphinx-like, either side of me - staring me into a state of awakeness!! Peri has been enjoying the Spring weather outside, napping in the Sun. Harki has been napping on the couch. She likes to have her belly rubbed of a night and so she wriggles about on the couch until I can reach her!!!

Look at that!! A whole post without any clicky links!! Good TV tonight...Oh no, that made me think of a clicky link!! The ABC of all networks, ( can you really call the ABC a network though??) is showing Jack and Bobby. I had really given up any hope of seeing this, but I will be definitely setting a tape for this.



I have to say, the one good thing about my old lab getting old is that he likes to sleep in more often and he rarely wakes me at the crack of dawn (or sometimes the middle of the night) unless it's an emergency. My other lab (and indeed the lab before him) liked to sleep in with us and never woke us up, yet was ready to leap off the bed in an instant if there was human activity. I much prefer that, though I do love both of the dogs dearly.


Snazzy dishcloth - looks almost too nice to use!


That is a very pretty dish cloth :)


That dishcloth is GORGEOUS! It is so annoying that a visit to buy zips (and maybe other bits if the service was better) that should be a pleasurable experience is so horrible. It is unfortunate that there is not much choice here. The BSODL needs competition to shake it up a bit.


Great that you got your zips! Love that dish cloth & the rich color. I knitted my 1st dish cloth too in a similar color - will post a pic later!


love that dishcloth!!! i tried to finish my dishcloth yesterday but after a while, my hands were tired and i just hopped on to bed and read a book instead!! haha.


Nice work on the dishcloth. My guy missed out on his walk today too, called on account of rain. Not that he's not getting his exercise, with it being fall in this half of the globe, the squirrels are going a little well...squirrely. Needless to say, Chief is getting a workout stalking and chasing them.


I suggest a bottle of Palmolive washing-up liquid to go with the dish cloth.
I'm off to iron tea towels.


I shop at hobby sew or one of our smaller haby shops instead now. Hobby sew means I can pull up outside the door and walk on a flat level in if my legs are not good

rose-maree dean

I like the dishcloth, it is very pretty. I hate to think that it will be used to wash dishes or wipe the benches ... waaaay toooo pretty to be used in such a way.

I never get out of BSOD in less than an hour. Another thing that I don't like is the rubbish that sits in the carpark or at the doors .... cigarette buts, takeaway food containers and sometimes, dare I say ... disposable baby nappies (soiled, of course).

She Who Smells Yarn

I love the dishcloth! Its so pretty. I am considering making my last one round. Dont know though.

Is there such a thing as overdosing on wizz fizz?!


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