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There is Nothing like a Name, Nothing in the World...

4_yarning I am worried that there is a new source for, shall we say, 'interesting' names. It is the Word Verification. Today I had to type the word 'Peiona'. It suddenly struck me that this could conceivably be a girl's name. I can see a plethora of new names arising from the Word Verification. It does not bode well......

I have new magazines: YARN, the Autumn Interweave Knits, Simply Knitting UK and the new Doctor Who Magazine as well!!! Not much I want to knit in the IK, but the YARN is all about colour and has a few good patterns and Doctor Who is great!!! Autumn_interweave_knits

I have only just really rediscovered this magazine and I have 3 thus far. I had a happy little time today arranging my Doctor Who books and naff things. The bookcase is, alas, too small and I may need to reconsider the collection's housing. Of course, this meant that I had to have a little bit of a read and then a little bit of a search on the TARDIS site to see what books will be available soon. There are about 20 that I absolutely, desperately need!!!

Harki and Peri have been at home today. They have been very helpful and had quite a lot of naps with me. I went out to tea with MrsDrWho and MissRenovation. We went to a Spanish restaurant and I was pleasantlyMa_belles_daughter_made_this surprised at the standard of the food, the service and the low level of noise!! I was to be there at 6-30pm and The Labradors and I were having a little nap and I didn't wake up until 6-13pm. I am becoming an expert at quick get-readies!!!

I saw Joanie's Mum and MrsMaBelle earlier this week, and MrsMabelle's daughter made me this lovely needle thingy!!! She especially made it green and embroidered 2 dog paws. It is so lovely and I really needed another one to keep my sewing needles in as I went a bit overboard at The Black Spot of Doom Light(TM) sale!!! I had been idly googling for inspiration, but now I can stop!! MrsMaBelle made me a knitting needle keeper. It is very good, but the night is dark and it doesn't photograph well!!

I have just read Anne and Todd McCaffrey's newest book: Dragon's Fire. It was very good indeed and MrsDrWho sent me an email to announce that Terry Pratchett's new book : Wintersmith will be here soon too. It is another Wee Free Men and Tiffany Aching younger person's book. I don't think it is YA, but it isn't for children per se. I can't wait to read it, no matter which age group it is written for!!

On the knitting front, there is a sleeve to the underarm of the Errol CardiFlynn. You don't want to see it. Really. It is just a sleeve so far: a thing of beauty, but not wondrous!!!



Oooh, I haven't read a new McCaffrey in ages, I shall have to keep an eye out for it!


Oooh I must go to my newsagent and get my copy of IK, oh please let there be nothing to inspire me as I have way too many 'to dos' already!!

She Who Smells Yarn

I will have to go hunt down the latest Yarn!! Will it be making a visit to the next knitting group so I can have a gander if I dont have it by then?

Cant wait to see Errol CardiFlynn.



The 3-needle bind-off is really simple & you will be able to match the cables perfectly stitch for stitch. I have always been using this for all my knitted garments. I am thinking of turning my hoodie into a vest & not having to knit the sleeves - what do you think??


OOh!! A new Tiffany Aching book!!! Thank you for the heads-up - putting it on my bday wishlist right now!
And I've been checking the newsagent's daily for the new YARN - I think I'd better try a different shop :P
Have fun with Errol


yay books.
Am off to find out the when and wheres of might trigger another Pratchett marathon...but it might interrupt my Hornblower watching marathon.
Oh the quandry.


3 needle bind off is sooo easy


I saw the old Yarn at my corner store the other day I was owndering if the new one was out.

I saw the new Imply Knitting (with eh crochet magazine) but I am still to get the one that came with the case to match the knitting bag!

I love Terry Pratchett! One of myfirends son was going to his book signing and took all his Terry Pratchett books, his father told him not to be ridiculous he'll never sign all of them. He did.
Apparetnly his first book signing ever, nobody came so now (or he did) sign all books people brought with them.
Very cool man. The lady in Angus and Robertson asked me one day while buying one of his novels if I'd met him, apparently his quite a character.
Why am I not surprised???



yay for knitting magazines!! i still havent come across yarn in my newsagent yet. hmm.

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