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Pyramid Socking

Claude_green_zebra_and_monet_1 The Knitting Coven participants assured me today that Pretty in Lime looks good in real life as well as internetally!!! I am so very pleased with it, and thank you for the lovely compliments!!! Though there will be no white T-shirts worn underneath, Sharon!!! I have bought a sewing pattern for a top to go with it, one like the picture in the Knitscene. The Knitting Coven was far too exhausting today. I showed how I insert a zip into a cardigan: Errol CardiFlynn was my assistant.  I also made a Sock Knitting Tote for Katt. She and Caroline had a SKT tutorial!!! Too many things to write about, too much happened: Suzi 'did' Halloween, Sharon received a massage, Sandra D had a hat, Toni was knitting cuffs onto her felted mittens, Katt sold me green sock wool, Caroline Opal and Cathy knitted her fine 2ply at the end of the table. Too_much_sock_wool_is_never_enough

I have sock wool coming out of my ears. In pyramidal order from the top and L to R: Katt's Green Gable, Opal Uni Green and Carnival, and The Knittery's Merino Cashmere in Chocolate, SeaLife and Mint Choc.       Peri_peri_and_harki_know_presents                                                                                                         

The Labradors and I received a gorgeous box of presents from Tianne and Boss. Of course The Labradors can suss out a present at 1000 paces!!! Harki especially liked both the Squeaky toys and Peri loved the box everything was posted in. It was her favourite thing except for the treats!!! I had a fragrant cup of tea in my Labrador mug with some shortbread. Yum Yum!!My_squeaky_toys_both_of_them

Yesterday I ventured out into the wilderness I like to call 'the garden' and I spent 10 minutes weeding out the blackberries that have grown since the last blitz. Harki played her favourite game: Empty the Toy Box, and Peri waded in the paddle pool.Mine_all_minesays_peri

I have also been playing with the DVD recorder. I can speed copy 6 hours of 'things' onto a DVD-RW in just 16 minutes!! How excellent it that??  I have been dividing titles and partial deleting to my little heart's content.

I declare tomorrow to be the start of Recipe Week. There has been a dearth of recipes of late, so I'll do one a day. I promise!!!

Soon I will reach 1500 comments. To celebrate, I have decided that there will be 2 prizes:A Sock Knitting Tote and a Little Zippy Bag in the colour you desire!!! All you have to do is leave a comment on any posts from this one onwards till November 7th (actually the cut off point will be when I wake up on the morning of the 8th). One entry per person. Harki and Peri will draw the prizes in a manner yet to be determined!!! Enter away!!!

How much is that Swimming Final in the Window??

Well, if you're NBC, $4.6 billion. That's right, If NBC ruled the world, oh wait, they do!! The IOC has decided that to please NBC, and to make the swimming finals more USA-watcher friendly, they will sweep aside more than 100 years of tradition and hold the finals in the morning. Way to go IOC.

Harki_thinks_peri_might_take_off_1 On a similarly weird note, the US Government has decided that Vegemite is spreadona non grata. I can't send you Vegemite, I can't go through US Customs with Vegemite lest it be confiscated. What is going on?? The US send us Britney and Maccas and we can't even retaliate with Vegemite?? You know you must spread it at least an inch thick, don't you Mr Bush??? That's the only way to eat it!!

Isn't Government, and Bureaucracy and Big Business, a wonderful thing?

We have had rain, not a lot, but enough to tide us over. We walked in the rain again this morning.  The weather is taking a turn for the worse again: I love cooler climes. Harki and Peri like cooler temperatures too, they run and play and have a general good time. Am I obsessed with thPretty_in_lime_molly_ringwalde weather?? I think, perhaps, I am!!

Pretty in Lime AKA Molly Ringwald from IK is complete. I have worn PIL three times already. She is  beautiful. She is a teeny tiny bit too big, but not unravelling bigness. I do need a new top or two too wear underneath though. With all my green tops I have nothing that goes: hard to believe I know. I am making do. The Harmony is just lovely to wear and I wish they had more greens so I could knit something else too. I pronounce this a success. And the Bare Naked Lady was getting cross as she hasn't been getting much air time lately. She'll be happy now. Perhaps I should put a pumpkin on her neck for Halloween.......

I have made a mitten with the pattern Katt sent me. It is a very nice mitten and ! am very pleased with it. I have three more mittens and two beanies to go. They are A_mitten_miss_kitten acrylic from the BSODL.

During the week I have sorted out my Christmas magazines and books. Every year the collection grows by 4 or 10!! I am only missing one magazine. I have been collecting the Handmade Christmas magazines since 1994 and as the years have passed they have published more and more. Now there are 5: Christmas in July, Christmas, Country Christmas, Quick Christmas and Gift-Giving. I have a spreadsheet and I fill it in and tick them off every now and then. Of course soon I must tackle the actual Christmas Gift making. That will be the challenge!!!

So much for all the sewing. I did sew one thing, I can't show you, but it is very cute and I really had Twiggy_the_stick_insect_1 to think of how to make it as I didn't have a pattern. I will have to do some sewing tomorrow or Sunday, not today, as I am off to Tai Chi ( the Snow Rabbit digs the earth and the Warrior guards the gate etc) There was a stick insect doing some Tai Chi on the verandah this morning. It was very slow and twiggy looking, so slow that The Labradors didn't even know it was alive.

I have the new Jo Sharp Knit 2 and she does have some good patterns I want to knit, though her teapot mat is the same pattern I used to make one of my dishcloths so I don't think it is very original!!! Bendigo Woollen Mills is having the sale I have been waiting for. Their prices are 20% more expensive than last year: $9.50 instead of $8, but they are nevertheless cheaper thanKnit_2_purl_2 normal.

I have new books. I am very happy. When the book shop rang I was roused from a deep sleep to answer the phone and I thought Jo from the shop said, "I have a book for you here with a skunk on the front." It was Doctor Who. You do the maths!!!!

A Foot in Each Sock Camp

Simultaneous_hippo_sock_wearing As Founding Members of the MSCS (Mutual Sock Completion Society) Donni and I took the opportunity to engage in a little Simultaneous Sock wearing and tea drinking for half an hour or so last night: 8 pm EST and 9 pm AEDST (I'm on Daylight Saving) We managed to wriggle our toes, drink tea and catch the start of Grey's Anatomy wearing our Pomatomus socks!! I enjoy looking at the wondrous scale-like patterns that flow in waves across the socks. It is hypnotic. I wScaling_the_heightsant to look at it all the time.... Blasted Hippo Socks, but I don't think either of us would have risen to such completion heights were it not for the MSCS.

My Nan always knitted and crocheted, she made Hobbytex pictures on black velvet and embroideries and tatting and just about every other craft!!! She made me a green table cloth for a little table when I was young, it is green (of course) with little variegated green cotton crocheted lavender ladies in each corner. It has become a little stained after various moves, but I am loath to Lavender_lady_table_cloth try and clean it in case I ruin it. She also made lovely beaded jug covers. These are everyday things to use in Summer, not treasured items to be tucked away for posterity. A few beads are missing but otherwise it is still as good as new. You can see my recently inherited crochet hooks. My mum posted them to me along with the jug cover last week. I am going to crochet a jug cover for a friend, I think I will be keeping this one for myself.My_nans_jug_cover_and_hooks

Yesterday there was a sale at  the BSODL(TM) with 20% off everything. For one mad moment I entertained the thought of attending said sale. I even drove around the car park (and that took 10 minutes to go 50 metres) before reality kicked in. There was no way I could stand in line for hours to buy something. I may have wanted to spend $100 to save $20, but I decided my health and happiness is worth far more than a mere $20. Pshaw to the BSODL's sale!!! I pshaw in their general direction!!!

Upside_down_peri_and_normal_harki Instead I picked up Pretty in Lime, finished the straps and I am 2/3 of the way through one 'sleeve'. I am 98-99% sure I will be wearing this to the Knitting Coven next week!!!

Harki and Peri has another swim yesterday and then a big run around in the bush. It was quite hot and they came home to have a dip in the paddle pool and then a giant Rip Van Winkle sized nap. (Insert gratuitous Labradors photo as per usual!!!)

Happy Happy Happy Hippo Talk

At last, after 8 months and 19 days I can sleep soundly.  The Blasted Hippo Socks, aka Pomatomus,Finally_i_can_sleep  are complete. They are done.They are finished. They are over: O V A H. The Labradors gave up hours ago, but since I have been sleeping afternoons, most of the early evenings as well as nights lately, I am in some strange zombie limbo state.

Unfortunately, now these are finished I must prevaricate no longer: I must finish the other projects lurking in the bottom of the knitting basket:  boldly go where no knitting has gone before....

For Goodness' Sake, Do the Hippo Hippo Shake

Misty_sock_wool What a lovely time I had at the Knitting Coven. Cathy so kindly purchased some sock wool for me when she was on the mainland.  Toni had the Twisted Sister Sock Workbook for us to drool over. Sharon has an Etsy shop!!!! Suzi finished a scarf in really thick wool, I think she had about 10 stitches per row!!! Katt is having conniptions about her UFOs!! Caroline made a few sock wool sales too, from people who shouldn't really have bought any: Yes, that would be me!!! Sandra D quietly knits along on her squares, More_sock_totes regardless of our hijinks.

I made 4 more sock totes, and here are 3 of them. Two Twirly Purples for Suzi, a 'Prurple' Buttons for Toni and Flutterbys for Margaret.

Harki and Peri have been having a supervised swim between the metaphorical flags. Actually, I have never swum on a beach with flags or Lifesavers. There may be some beaches with Lifesavers now, but I don't know where they are. it is a mainland thing, Harki_sharky though as we are an island you would think we would be better 'saved'. The Government do run a compulsory Learn to Swim programmes through schools for Grades 3,4 and 5, but it is fairly cursory: 45 minutes a day for 9 days each year, but it is better than nothing. It has been going forever, because I had LTS with Mrs Cramp when I was in Grade 4!! I went to private lessons too and passed certificatesSwim_little_fishies. I quite like to swim, but the thought of what might be in the pool, and the boogelly seaweed and marine life, scares the willies out of me. Not so Harki and Peri. They love to swim, the colder the water the better. They even wrestle over a stick and play while they are swimming.

The hot windy weather has disappeared and today it is cold and raining: my kind of weather. There has been much sleeping and lying about on the couch with cups of herbal tea this week. There have also been 'elbows' about the DVD recorder and the fact that I can make a disc and it plays on Pil_and_hippo_2 MrsDrWho's DVD recorder as well. I feel technologised!!!

I have been knitting the Blasted Hippo Socks as I was putting off the sleeve of PIL. I have done a little though. I have the perfect excuse not to finish Errol CardiFlynn though: at the next Knitting Coven I am going to demonstrate the insertion of Errol's zip!!! I can quite happily justify leaving Errol pinned to a board for 10 more days. Jussi Donni and I are having a Blasted Pomatomus/Hippo Sock race: Donni, Donni, Donni, and I will write it out 100 times at recess in the Time Out room!!! I'm thinking she'll win. This is a KAL with a difference!!! Yep, definitely a KAL with a difference, I was apparently having a race with someone who wasn't even knitting in The Blasted Sock Wars!! Sorry Donni, poorliness overwhelmed my ability to think. I really do think you're onto a winner though, I can't even get my opponent straight, let alone the Blasted pattern!!! I have no strategy, I should submit already!!!!

MrsDrWho is suffering for her un-art. She cast aspersions on our Dishcloths, so Sharon haI_won_this_ands started a  cold war!! Are you my mother?????

I won a prize. It is a prize I have been desperate to win. I have tried really hard and finally I have achieved my goal, which is ironic, as I won with a football game competition question!!! 40 years ago there was some kind of footy game and they are having a game tomorrow to commemorate it. Do I care about football? Not a jot, but the ABC were giving Coming_asunderaway special radios as prizes, and asking questions related to the game. I didn't know any answers. Then, one day, the producer was busy and Roisin asked 'Who won the game of something-or-other played in Queensland?" I knew!!! I heard her interviewing the man from Tasmania!!! I was dialling as she spoke and I won!!!!!! The radio has a little stand but it comes apart and I can take it with me when I walk The Labradors!! I have a little radio but it isn't digital and it's hard to tune in. This is fantastic, and see the Tassie Devil sticker?? Very cool!! Thank you ABC!!!

Ghost Writers in the Sky

I am so behind in replying to some comments left by lovely commenters, I am going to do a little responding here, I hope that is OK, blog-ettiquettically speaking!!

  • Susan: I always buy two toys for The Labradors, but Peri only wants hers for 2 seconds and A_prickle_weed then Harki gets two!!
  • Slim Suzi:  The Labradors, especially Harki, really do look after me when we go for a walk. They have learned to walk at my pace on their leads, and when they are allowed to run free, they don't like me to be out of their sight for too long. They are always running back just to see me!! Aaawww!!
  • Yin: You'll be waiting a while to see the Lotus Blossom Tank, though it will be renamed either Sherman, or Leopard!!!
  • Belinda: Daphne is great, and the Chocolate Mint sock wool colourway was back again last week too.
  • Helen: Yes, our bushfire season started very early. We are at the mercy of the vagaries of Re_enactment_of_the_prickle_paw_incident_1 the weather. Last week it was 33*C and last night it was -7*C.  I do get cross when people on the TV or radio refer to them as wildfires.  We have bushfires. I think the Americans have wildfires: we don't!!
  • AmyP: the Bare Naked Lady is swathed in the Lacy Zhivago Cardigan. I am not sure I want Errol all over her. She is red hot already!!!
  • LarjMarj: A prickle is a pointy sharp fine spine on a weed or plant that sticks into you and really hurts. Like a fine cactus spine. I have included a picture of a prickly weed, and a re-enactment of the moment just before Harki stood on one with her right front paw!! You have no idea how hard this re-creation was!! Peri spent the entire 5 minutes trying to get her  head in the photo. We all ended up in a prickly photo shoot!!!
  • FitKnit: The Bare Naked Lady is camping out on the front verandah at the moment. You can just catch a glimpse of her as you drive down the street. Goodness knows what people think is going on, with a headless red BNL regally standing there, surveying her domain!!
  • Amanda: Last night on SBS they had a programme about dogs being trained to smell cancer in humans. They could smell 2 parts per trillion when tested!! if you want Harki to come over lick your foot, you're welcome, but she does eat you-don't want-to-know-what!!! Ahh, green with envy regarding my sock wool. It is divine. The DVD Recorder?? So cool. So very, very cool!! I love having it. How did I exist without it???  And so very inexpensive, 3 years ago they were about $3000 just for a recorder, now it is 1/5 of the price and there is a hard drive with a 284 hour capacity. I have no life!!!
  • Suzi: Bring the crocheted scarf to the Knitting Coven tomorrow and I will fix/show you how to fix the ends!!!
  • Michelle: The Tai Chi was hot. Got as in humid and I needed a sit down after 40 minutes and a big drink too. There are clouds over mountains, and birds flying, and wise men stroking their beards and warriors guarding gates and maidens feeding birds and weaving their hair!!!
  • AmySue: With your Spleen and my Liver, we'll go far!! We make one real person between us!!!

While I have been typing this more people have left comments... I feel just like Sisyphus, without Hell, the boulder, the hill or the nakedness though!! I have to try and stay more on top of things!!!

Pretty_in_lime_and_peris_noseNow, back to the Future!!! After a weekend of mostly sleeping I have finished the front of Pretty in Lime. I love the ruching effect. I have to knit shoulder straps to fit that are 4 stitches wide and then pick up stitches and knit the same ruching across them. I will be sad to finish this top as it has been fun to knit. The Errol CardiFlynn is put away: out of sight, out of mind.

I have had some sewing to do for the Knitting Coven, more sock totes, and that's why I have put my knitting aside. I have another bag to sew tomorrow as well. It is all go here, well, as go as it gets!!

Frost destroyed 50% of our fruit crops in the south of the island last night, and they estimate $60 million worth of fruit was destroyed. What an irony, there were bumper crops this year. It will meanTrick_orthanks_jade  far greater prices for all fruit over the next year....

We don't really 'celebrate' Halloween here in Australia, but you never know, I might just take it up as there are such cute accessories!! Thanks to Jade who sent me a little Halloween experience, you can see we all sampled the Candy Corn!! It was, according to Harki, Peri and me, very delicious!! I can be a Ghost Special_delivery_a_boom Writer now!! And write with my Ghost Pen!! No doubt I will just make a spectre-cal of myself!!

I have had my 'new' computer for 3 years and one month. Now ask yourself, have I had it set at the correct resolution?  Have !?? Have I what!! For 37 months I have had the resolution set far too low. Now I can see all of web pages. I am such a Luddite!! On the other hand we had fireworks to celebrate the end of the Show, and I took a photo, well I actually took about 20, and one worked out!!! Sort of. We all like fireworks. We sit on the verandah and we have a perfect view of them every year!! I must away to the couch now and sew the linings into the sock tote.......Then I must think about eating something!!!

Come On Baby, Don't Light My Fire

The Bushfire Season has started very early this year, with reports and scenes reminiscent of 40 yearsFires_at_the_back_fence_2  ago. On February 7th 1967, my dad's birthday!!, Tasmania suffered devestating bushfires: 250,000 hectares were burned by 110 fires. 1,400 houses were destroyed and 62 people died. We live with the memory every Summer, and this year the conditions mirror those on '67 almost perfectly. Yesterday we had fires throughout the State and several in Hobart raced through the suburbs, threatening homes and lives. Sadly, and awfully, most of the fires are started by arsonists. It's going to be a long and worrying Summer.Here_we_go_wide_blue_yonder_etc.....

Say 'Hello' to your Spleen!! Here's some information on your spleen. I know it's Wikipedia, but most of the other information was too complicated. I need my spleen, despite its current state, because of my boogelly bone marrow and lack of red blood cells!!!

What a lovely walk we had today: the Sun was shining, the creek still had water flowing and there was cool shade under the trees. Harki and Peri didn't eat, or roll in, the recently dead wallaby, nor did they bark at the giant naughty dog who lunges at the car as wPush_me_pull_you_labradorse drive past because his small female owner can't control him, even on the lead. On Wednesday Harki trod on a prickle when we were at the very half way mark, I was very worried about how she would get back to the car. I couldn't carry her. I thought we might have to limp to the gate and then they would have to be tied up whileErrol_working_on_his_tan I walked to get the car. Luckily she was able to get the prickle out with her teeth and after a medicinal dip in the creek her little paw was fine again.

Errol CardiFlynn is blocking on the verandah. There wasn't quite room for the other sleeve but by tonight I should be sewing up sleeve seams and inserting zips!!! I am going to have enough wool left over to make a vest for next Autumn. I am very pleased about that!!!  I am continuing to knit Pretty in Lime, I'm 40 rows into the front, with only 100 to go!!

Two parcels have arrived. The first from the lovely Daphne at The Knittery, and here's my specially dyed Thanks_daphne Forest Moss sock wool. How green is my sock wool??? The second from the wondrous Katie and Penny the Pup at Live2Knit, with my beautiful green Merino/Silk 2ply, as well as some very scrumptious Jelly Babies for me, and some Pigs' Ears for The Labradors. Thank you Ladies!!!!

Thanks_katie_and_penny I am off to Tai Chi at 1pm. I have blocked out the rest of the afternoon for sleeping and recovering!!! Then I will play with the Hard Drive on the DVD Recorder some more!! I've learned to record on the VCR and the DVD at the same time, do partial erase to take out ads and extra before and after pieces. Now I'm going to learn to add chapters and high speed copying to DVD: 60 minutes in 12!!!! Oh what fun........

Kiss Kiss Damn Damn*

First the Kisses.Errols_front_zip_band_1

I love The Errol CardiFlynn. I have finished all the pieces and even made the front zip bands. I only had one misstep, when I picked up 101 stitches. I decided I needed just a tad fewer, and it is only five rows, so I unravelled and picked up 95. Perfick!!! Errol, aka The Central Park Hoodie, is ready to be blocked and then sewn up. I'd kiss Errol as soon as look at him!!!Pil_the_back_1

I am also in love with Pretty in Lime aka Molly Ringwald from Knitscene. I have finished the back,  worked out the shaping and ruffle placement and started on the front. I did knit about 4 or 5 cm loKeeping_up_appearancesnger than the pattern as I am longer than the pattern. A smackeroo if every I knitted one.

Excuse me while I kiss these shoes. In the Year of Very Few Green Shoes I managed to buy 2 pairs on sale. Not as on sale as you-know-MrsDrWho's, but nevertheless, on sale. I wore my new sandals today. I think SWALK is appropriate here.Take_that_teddy_bunny_says_harki

Like Liver?? Well mine is fine, very fine. It is also the correct size and shape though it is up further than it should be. Puckering up as I type.

Harki and Peri have a new TeddyBunny. He is pretty armless now. Harki has him under her foot and has him where she wants him. Peri must make do with an arm: you have to hand it to her. The Labradors had a special walk on a new track yesterday. Unfortunately I didn't realise how far down the track meandered. They spent a lot of Peris_not_armlesstime running back down the hill as I slowly ground my way up, just to check I was actually coming. They were so exhausted and happy they slept the sleep of the very cute Labradors. Kisses for them on the tops of their heads.

I have ordered some of the delicious Spring in 2ply from Katie's Live2Knit shop. I could not resist. Resistance was Useless. Lip-smacking yarn!!! Long ago, in days of yore, the  people at Mason-Dixon designed The Perfect Jumper. I voted. I participated. Now here Spring_into_knitting_1 is the free pattern. There is no cardigan, but I'll soon fix that!!! Huge Kissability Factor.......

Now the Damns.Ta_ta_to_you

My spleen is giant. It is 50% longer than it should be!! I can feel it sometimes when I lie down. Luckily Dr B  and I are quite attached to this spleen and a splenectomy wouldn't guarantee a positive outcome. The technician(??) doing the Ultrasound was very good and I feel much less poked into with the machiney thing than last time. So, not bad but not spleendid either.

Remember the Lacy Edged Cardigan??? Well it's about to be damned. Look at how much too big it is. I over-estimated my size by a grabbed handful or two. I never wear it. It swims on me. I have bitten the bullet at last. It will be the Lotus Blossom Tank soon!!! Lotus_blossom_tank Damn and Blast.

*Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Teach-Your-Children Hell.

I_am_sure_this_is_for_meThe Federal Minister for Education today said that our school curricula are straight from Chairman Mao. She later retracted this statement. She said she was listening to parents and reacting to their requests. May I politely suggest that she listen to teachers, the professionals who teach the children. Teachers who are not, despite her comments, followers of Mao. What a stupid comment, there is no other word for it. Apparently she wants to decree what is taught, and she would like everyone in Australia to be teaching the same thing at the same time every day. Who's Chairman Mao now???Labrador_it_is_it_is

My Dishcloth Swap arrived yesterday. It was from Tori in California, so The Labradors and I hummed the song as we looked at the shiny box tied with ribbon!!! Inside were three absolutely gorgeous dishcloths. Could they be any better??? No, they are perfect: a Labrador, a paw print and a bone and green colours too. I don't think I can ever really uPaw_printse them as they are too nice, too beautiful!! There was also a little box of biscuit cutters and recipes too: treats for The Labradors. And there was a card with cups of tea and, maybe wisteria on it. I am not very good with identifying flowers. It could be lilac.... Thank you, I love my swap Tori!!!

How very exciting. I am ready to post off my parcel tomorrow. This is unusual as mostly I am crashing into the deadline, but not this time. Bones_and_biscuits

All the pieces of The Errol CardiFlynn are complete. It is finished. Next I have to pick up the stitches on the front edges and knit moss stitch for the zipper band, and then there will be mattress stitch to sew it up, a collar to knit and finally the zip. Come heatwave, hotness, warmth or humidity I will be wearing it to the next Knitting Coven.

I went to Tai Chi today. I had to come home and sleep for 3 hours. It is just waving about your arms, a bit of twisting and breathing, but it wore me out. OK, it's more than waving your arms about, but that's all I'm up to!!! Harki and Peri go BeserkersBonkers when I try to practise at home. They think it is a new game and leap about excitedly. I will admit it all quickly deteriorates into a Karate Kid-style Kung Fu Fest!!!

My_sock_wool_it_is_mine_all_mine_all_min_1Daphne at The Knittery especially dyed green sock wool for me. Here it is: Forest Moss. It in mine, all mine (maniacal laughter ....)

Knit a Trilobite.

Keep Right on till the End of the Row.

Oh_errol_i_would_do_anything_just_to_fin Here's a thought: if you are going to someone's house, and you are planning on knitting, it's a good idea to take 2 needles with you. Yes,  somwhere between the two houses, a car and 20 kms, I misplaced a needle. Now I have to finish the last front of The Errol CardiFlynn by knitting a row with the 5.5mm, slipping the stitches onto a 5mm needle then knitting a row with the 5.5mm, slipping the stitches onto a 5mm needle etc..... it's going to be a long afternoon!!!

There was, technically, no breakfast or lunch today and I sat down to what I like to call 'Afternoon Tea' Afternoon_tea_1  at about1-30pm. I has a Raspberry Confection and a Vanilla Raspberry brioche from Tant pour Tant and a nice cup of Irish Breakfast tea. Yummy!!! Harki had the end of the cup of tea and then Peri had the box the food came in. Very posh, but not after she had her head in it!!!

Harkis_cup_of_tea_1 We have had rain all day and it is divine. It started spitting on our walk and then it rained quite hard and has continued to do so all day. I like the rain and so do The Labradors. We need rain desperately, and we need the rain to continue so that the bush isn't bone dry for Summer. We are told every year now that we are due for fires, just like the '67 bushfires.

I have links today: First is the Lovely Katie's new site Live2Knit. It is all up and running and I plan onPeris_a_doginabox  buying some green laceweight Merino/Silk!!!

Jo Sharp's new magazine Knit2 is out and about, on the mainland at least. No sign of it here at all. I have asked my friendly newsagent to pop one away in my file. Yes, I have a whole file in the shop's cupboard: Dr Who Magazine, Interweave Knits, Vogue, SFX, Knit1/2 and so on it goes.....

Wet_peri_and_happy_harki_1How about all the new Google Widgets?? Now I have no idea how to add them to my blog, or what some of them do, but they are available free, and someone might like two or twenty!!!

Tonight I plan to finish the last front of the CPH. And, frankly, I didn't even plan to say  'Errol is all over me' when I wore the CPH. Most remiss of me!! I shall start preparing now!!!