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Tap Dancing!!!

Water_lot_of_fun Someone vandalised the tap at the dam. I don't think this is actual dammed water that has been pouring out all night, I'm pretty sure it's bore water, but it is a waste of water nevertheless. Harki and Peri had a lovely romp in the water and the small stream that formed at the bottom of the slope.  When I got home I did the citizenly thing and rang up to try to report the damage. Five. It took me Five phone calls until I Water_mess found someone who might do something about it. I checked yesterday and the tap was fixed: they had wedged it on sideways, better than nothing I suppose. I feel like I am some old codger complaining about it, but aren't we short of water, you know, just a bit????

YesterdMy_new_recorday was the Knitting Coven and I was late as I was poorly, but I had a lovely time and we touched other peoples' wool and knitting and exchanged books too!! I picked up my Doctor Who books and the Tamora Pierce in town as well. I also picked up what I still refer to as a record!! It is a CD of course, I still think of them as a records, in the same way as I still 'tape' on the DVD Recorder!!! I heard a song on the radio and it brought back memories and I had to have a copy.  It only took a weChristmas_jiggerypokeryek to come all the way from the USA and it only cost $20!! A real bargain though I expect I have such geeky music taste that no-one else wants it!!!

I have been making some little Christmas decorations. I plan to attach them to ribbons and make a mini-haCake_of_dough_accessoriesnging.  I have lost a star: this is nothing unusual!! My Gingerbread House Cutters are about to be put to good use and my new Gingerbread Person Cutter too. It is very cool, because when you press down on the dough, the underside of the cutter makes impressions on the top for the face and the buttons down the front!!!

Poor little Harki has been plagued by allergies again. Her poor little eyes and ears Poor_harki_has_an_allergy were red and sore. Doctor Tim put ointment in her eyes and drops in her ears and now she is as bright as a button. She has her eye ointment 3 times a day and is ever so brave!! She does get a treat and I think that helps.

We're All Coin' on a Summer Holiday

My stabbed upper calf is feeling quite itchy, but not in a bad way. It is doing healing itching. This makes me want to discuss my lower calf, as if I have calves organised at my house in some hierarchical manner. I don't. Do you know that in Tasmania, you can ask 'Where do you live?' and someone can reply: Upper Penguin. My word!! It's as good as living Innaloo!!! But back to ME!!! I have had an inordinate amount of fun with the high-tech aqua proof dressings ( nothing medical is just water proof you know!!): peeling them off and applying fresh ones. How ever did I fill my time before I stabbed myself? I just don't know.

Thank you to every one for their most kind (and not laughing) comments re the aforementioned stabbing!! There are no red lines going up my leg, and apart from a severe feeling of foolishness, everything is continuing as normal. I am going to try not to stab, lance, slash or in any other way injure myself over the next few weeks!!!

Cuteness_labradorified Peri is a picture of health, though she almost ate 50 cents today - the coin not the 'singer'. Harki has FlippyFloppy Ear again and she is off to the Hospital to see the Doctor tomorrow, even though it is more expensive!! Who amongst us waits another day to take our child to the doctor because it is cheaper?? For myself, maybe, but not for The Labradors... anyhow, I was putting special 'stuff' in Harki's ear to clean it and I was feeding her little treats as she is so good to endure all the pokiness and wateriness. Peri was not having a treat as she was in no way medically involved, she was just leaping about hopefully. I finished all the ear cleaning and picked up the 50 cent piece I had found in my bag and before I could say Jack Robinson Peri had snapped it from my hand and it was in her mouth. Here, dear reader (and I don't know why I have suddenly gone all Austen or Heyer???) is where I pictured a very expensive trip to Hospital for Peri, but fortunately for me money tastes horrible and she spat it Secret_squirrel_sort_ofout. Of course, her plan worked and she was immediately given a little treat for spitting out the coin she snatched!!!

I have made 3 Sock Knitting Totes, or Sknitts as I like to write now because it is shorter, though not now I have explained it of course.  They are incognito, insepia-o actually. I am posting them off when I am up to it, probably Monday. I have also finished all the stitching on my Angels and they are about to be sewn up into bags. I hate doing the little buttonhole applique stitch on the stars, I don't have a technique, I Angels_almost_in_the_bag just muddle about a lot on the point. I have not knitted, though I have managed to snavel a copy of Interweave Holiday Gifts and I am looking forward to the the new Knitscene which is about to be published as well.

It has been hot, so hot that in my non-airconditioned car I want to cry it is so hot. I never really long for Summer, I long for a kind of warmish Autumn. I am not T. E. 2paw, I think I am more 2paw of Holiday_gifts_1 the Antarctic!!!

Everyone on the North American continent has been thankful these last few days. MrsDrWho and I, while we applaud their gratitude, wonder how they ever fit in being thankful with all that the day entails, and then just a month later Christmas???? It is beyond us really. Maybe they are in a different timestream???

I have some new books as well, Trudi Canavan's latest: Voice of the Gods and more Doctor Who and Tamora Pierce. I can pick them up tomorrow!!!

Knife Wasn't Meant To Be Easy

A_wet_walk The Labradors are well and happy and have been in and out of the paddle pool and under the hose as it has been quite warm: it was still 26*C last night at bedtime.

My health has been up and down, nothing terrible- just a bit of a decline- anNeeded_this_like_a_hole_in_the_legd I have also managed to stab myself in the leg with a knife. As it was quite a decent stab, with the end of the blade perpendicular to my actual leg, I have made blurry photos so you won't have to stick  your fingers in your ears, close your eyes, and say 'La la la la la ' very loudly to avoid the horror!! I could see the actual inner workings of my leg inside the whole outer layer of skin and fat!! The chemist said I could have a stitch or three if I could go and wait for hours at the General or I could pay a bazillion dollars at the after hours clinic, as of course all good injuries are after hours, or, I could play hospital at home. I chose the last option.  So with SteriStrips, Hospital_at_home antiseptic and waterproof dressings in hand I crafted cure. This far I have no red lines running up my leg and it seems to be healing nicely. I don't really care if I have a scar, I already have scars, including a large one from my port insertion!!!

Greenery_snickert_sock_1 My ability to craft has been up and down too. I have knitted none of the Blake's 7 sock #2. Instead I started new socks inspired by Baudelaire. I have decided to knit the socks top down, so I just turned the chart  for the pattern upside down, added a few purl stitches to surround the cable I doubled, and away I went!!! In light of the very tenuous link, I have named my socks Greenery Snickert: noAngel_funt that they are an Unfortunate Event, but they have more in common with Lemony Snickert's Baudelaire children than with the French poet!!! The absolutely lovely wool was a present. I have been saving it!!

I have also Wee_jocks_mums_bagmade a start on the dreaded Christmas  List. Here are two angels that are decorating Christmas bags-to-be.

On the topic of bags, here is a bag , modelled by The BareNakedLady, for Wee Jock's Mum's birthday. Wee Jock looks just like this, except he only has one eye!!

Beanie There, Done that!!!

Camo_mittens_and_beanie Huzzah!! The Greenie and the Camo mittens and beanies were all finished and handed over to Katt today at the Knitting Coven.  I think they are flying off to Oklahoma, USA. We were all at the Knitting Coven. Things happened: knitting, wool, lunch, tea and coffee, lots of conversation etc. Too tired to give a detailed report though. We are having a little tiny decline I think......

Tomorrow is Tolerance Day, so I am glad I was extremely tolerant a few days ago in preparation!! We are not all tarred with the same Country brush.  It is sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees!!! Heaven forbid that others shouldGreenie_beanie_and_mittens  perceive me as being a John Howard-ophile. I should die of shame!!!

I never, ever, say G'day. Never. Not in my whole life. How Aussie are you?? Microsoft has allowed users to choose 20 words that the new 2007 Office will recognise as 'real' words.  To find out how Aussie you are, count how many words you actually use from the list, and multiply by 5 to give a percentage. For example, I would use 10 of the words in everyday conversation, so 10x5=50. I am 50% Microsoft Office 2007 Aussie. I must say that I think some of the words should be known aroPeri_and_her_big_boneund the world, I mean, Uluru??? Is that not a landmark word so to speak?? I know Yosemite, and Stonehenge.....

Harki and Peri had a big marrow bone each, it was almost as big as Peri!! Unbelievably, they can actually eat the bone itself. The bone gets smaller and smaller till it is but a shadow of its former self. Wow dogs have strong jaws and teeth. We walked in the rain again today. I am so happy it is raining, we really need rain and we have had real proper rain for 5 days in a row now. My_squeaky_toys_both_of_them_1Harki likes her squeaky toys from Tianne and Boss!!! Both of them!!!

I have new books to add to the sidebar but I can't bring myself to do it, as it means Doctor Who will disappear. I like looking at him every day. I'll need to buy another book with The Doctor on the cover to assuage my visual need.  I have What If? , Pike's Pyramid and Knitting Rules.

From Sea to Shining: See!!!

Today I am thinking more kindly of America, The Entity. I know the American people are very nice and friendly, but of late my feelings towards the Country have been at an all time low.  But not today. Today I listened to a talk by Chris Patten, erstwhile Governor of Hong Kong and an all round good guy, ethically and morally speaking. He made me think about my attitude to the USA and I realised that I am perturbed and repelled, not by America, but by one president and his cronies. This has been a little revelation and I feel quite cheery now. Of course I am no American-ophile, but there are things about America I like and I suspect that the president, his cronies and their actions have queered the pitch for me. There should be a link to hear the speech later on today and it is repeateHarki_and_peri_gazingd on RN here on Tuesday 14th at 7pm.

Yesterday was Remembrance Day. I had a minute's silence all by myself. I shan't forget. I think Australians commemorate war in a particularly idiosyncratic way. We remember with sadness and joy, and a vow that it will never happen again.....

Today it rained, it rained and we walked in the rain and we met Winnie the Black Dog and her dad walking in the rain too!! I enjoy walking in the rain, as long as it isn't windy. We all got rather damp, but happily so. Because I was listening to Lord Patten, we ambled along for 31 minutes, so I am definitely going to need a nap soon!!! Winnie is the only black dog that The Labradors choose not to bark at. They like her a lot. Winnie is not so sure and I don't blame her. Peri lunges enthusiastically on her lead and whines and makes 'I want to play' noises.Beanie_number_2

I am making the second beanie for Katt's cause. I have 3 more wedges to knit and then two mittens by Tuesday. That is my only goal at the moment.

MrsDrWho and I are both pathetically tired and lethargic at the moment: me because of the usual,  and MrsDrWho because after a full week of teaching, and with a Padawan Learner to impart knowledge to as well, there was a fair straight after school that lasted Stargate_look_at_those_armstill way after dark, and packing up way into the night. Between the two of us we made one small brain I think!! I managed to remember to take the penultimate and ultimate episodes of season 9 Stargate SG1. Wow, what a finale!!! Fantastic, and now there is a wait of at least 22 weeks till we see Season 10, unless it's for sale sooner!! The consolation prize is Stargate Atlantis which starts this Thursday. I have been catching up on some TV. I have particularly enjoyed Family Footsteps. There is still one episode to go!!!

I am girding my loins as I intend to go to the BSODL to use my $5 voucher. I have eaten, I will have a cup of tea, and I will take my knitting with me, as a talisman against the evil BSODL!!

Man, Try Feelin' Like a Woman

It is a man's world. It is. Professor Ian Frazer and his associates developed a vaccine for cervical cancer. It is a world first. It will save 240 lives a year here in Australia, and just today, 40 women are being operated on because of the cancer. Will it be a free vaccine for women? Yesterday morning the answer was 'No' from the PM,  but by lunch time it had become a 'Yes' because of public outcry. Nevertheless, the PM and his obsequious Health Minister have decreed that there is no way it can be available till 2008. Let's see now, over 240 women dead, 40 Blake_avon_cally_jenna_tarrant_orac_zena day undergoing surgery- and V*agra is available to men free of charge on the PBS, because it is, of course, a life saving drug. The Howard Government has spent $1.27 billion on advertising their own policies since they came to power. Apparently women don't count. Just 1% of that money would do the job.

A big thank you to all the women in Federal Parliament who swept aside Peris_been_swimmingparty boundaries to protest to the PM and Abbott as one. Thank you.

I have knitted one of MrsDrWho's birthday socks!! It is complete with a Blake's 7 logo and everything!!! These socks don't have a name yet: The Servalan Socks?? Avon a Good Time Socks?? Liberator: Socks to Set You Free?? What do you think MrsDrWho?? The wool is from The Knittery and I made the pattern grid myself here.

Yesterday was meant to be a walking day but I am still recovering from the Harkis_been_swimming_too excursion to the Fair. We went today, amidst great excitement, and watery dam wetness. Harki and Peri are going beserkersbonkers because they want their breakfast. They keep bopping me on the typing arm with their heads and dribbling in anticipation!! Harki has learned that when the microwave goes 'Bing' the vegetables are cooked. The fact that they are burning hot means nothing to her!!! Peri is a follower and she just likes to emulate her big sister.

The Playing Fields of Eaten!!!

The_runners I officially 'woke up' at 11am, after Morning Tea, on Competition Drawing Day ( Orange Pekoe tea, Apricot Danish and fresh tomatoes on bite-size Salada!!) and then made a list of everyone who had commented since 31st October.  I typed everyone into Excel, AtoZ-ed them and then assigned everyone a number, alphabetically. I write the numbers 1 to 23 on a Schmacko and then cut them up: One for Harki and one for Peri. Harki would pick the Sock Knitting Tote prize, and Peri the Little Zippy Bag.On_your_marks_get_set

We went out onto the verandah and I took a Salada as a diversion for when they approached the last tiny piece of treat.  Off Harki went and I managed to save the last piece: #2 and that's AmyP. Congratulations, Harki chose not to eat AmyP!!! It is after this that it went all pear shaped. Peri was all ready, set, and go!! But she ate too Go_harki quickly, she devoured everyone with no time for a photo, let alone a diversionary Salada!!! I had to write a whole new Schmacko and concentrate only on sweeping up the last tiny entry...... Success!! #18 and that's Michelle. Congratulations, Peri chose not to eat Michelle!!

Thank you to everyone who commented!! I loved reading your comments, though I have no idea who actually was #1500!!! I will email AmyP and Michelle to see if And_the_winners_are_2_and_then_18 there is any colour or theme they night prefer!!!

Harki and Peri especially enjoyed the draw, and hope there might be more soon!!! Meanwhile, we are all about to nap......

Are You Going To Deloraine Craft Fair?

I am totally exhausted, so exhausted that I don't know what to do with myself: too tired to sleep, Woolnbalm too tired to be awake.  I have been saving myself for The Deloraine Craft Fair after Mrs Madcage bade me go with her last Thursday. I rested, I slept, I napped and I managed to 'do' the craft fair, but I am paying for it now, big time!!! I am all in a tizz, and I hope that a little calming tea and quiet resting will help...

The Craft Fair is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, and I was particularly looking forward to raspberries, and a roast lamb or pork roll for lunch: only managed to have the raspberry ice-cream but it was delicious. There was a plethora of jewellery, too many stalls, in fact every second stall seemed to be beaded jewellery and some of it was far too expensive. There were three knitting-ish stalls and I snapped up some handspun, hand-dyed Tasmanian mohair $16 for 1694m. Now I think that's a bargain, it's about 10 50g balls @ $1-60 each, yes, thatFrenchearlgrey_1's a bargain and it is a beautiful green too and wound into a centre pull ball as well. The knitted items included: felted hats, felted garter stitch slippers ($30 for adult size) felted and hand knitted scarves, King Island Fleece machine knitted jumpers and the handspinnners had beautiful  handknitted cables and patterned jumpers, all in natural colours. Oh, guess who I saw at the Fair??? How exciting!!!

I also bough some all natural Herbal Lip Balm from Pindari and some absolutely stunning French Ear Grey tea from The Art of Tea. It has rose petals, hibiscus and sunfloWildly_wasabi_cheesewers. It has a fragrant scent and flowery taste. The last thing I bought for me was some Wild Wasabi  cheese from Ashgrove. I did buy some presents too, but there can be no pictures, their being presents you see. We wandered about for 4 hours, well Mrs Madcage wandered and I sought out chairs and we rode the buses too, no walking for me!! The weather was cool and not too sunny, but I sunscreened up anyway.

Fish_bag I made Cece(FiberFish) a bag and since she has received it I can post a picture now. I know dolphin aren't fish, but the bag is in the shape of a fish, so that counts, doesn't it??? The eyes are whales, which are not fish either. I couldn't find a pattern so I designed my own. I like it a lot!!

Harki and Peri have been swimming. Harki prefers not to actually swim, she would rather supervise But_she_prefers_supervising_peri Peri swimming, fetching sticks and whatnot, but she does sometimes venture in and has a great time. Peri is a fish and runs at the water like a Surf IronDog. She would win Coolangatta Gold no worries at all!!

On the knitting front: socks for MrsDrWho, birthday socks, so they're only almost 5 months late!! I am knitting them inside out so I can make a logo on the side and then I plan to turn them inside out to do the heel and foot. Wish me luck!!! I'm off to sleep, or rest on the bed with Labradors, and my eyes closed anyway.....

Clothed Circuit TV

No, that's not a typo, or a lisp. Actually none of my punny headers are typos, they just amuse me. I need Clothed Circuit TV. Yesterday I was sorting out my craft 'stuff', in 15 minute blocks of time, into new tubs: habby, stationery things, Christmas material, Christmas craft, knitting, wool, sock wool, green/dog material etc. There was a lot of sorting. I opened the almost last big tub and there, to my amRound_and_round_the_mulberry_bush_1azement, was a carefully folded pile of clean Winter clothes!! Obviously, at this time last year I washed Winter clothes and put them away for next (this) year. I thought I was missing several pairs of green jeans and tops, but since my memory is poor now, I thought I was imagining it. Damn, I've missed a whole season of green jeans wearing time, and green tops too. I am wearing one now, even though it's far too warm!! Labels don't help either if you don't actually orient the tub to the labelled side, or then read the label!!! So I am definitely thinking of placIf_we_look_cute_theres_a_treat_you_saying my apparel under Clothed Circuit Television surveillance so I don't lose any again. There is an interesting clothes folding related video to watch here. It amused me no end!! I think I need to make one......

Yesterday it rained, it rained while we walked, we all got wet: we were all happy. Harki and Peri were so happy they ran around in circles and played for half an hour in the rain at the dam. It rained while we drove, I had to turn the windscreen wipers on: we were happy. It rained till after lunch and the air smelled fresh and clean: we were all happy.

Short_row_garter_stitch_beanie_not_4_me I have made a short row garter stitch beanie for Katt's charity bash, it matches the mittens. I have another beanies and 2 mittens to make as well. There has been no other knitting because I have needed time to recover from realising exactly how much sock wool I own. Too much. I would have to be The Luggage to be able to wear all the socks it would make. Two Luggages in fact.

New shoes. Lovely new shoes. Shoes with 3 different sizes: UK 4, USA 6 and European 37. I have noNew_green_south_african_shoes  idea what this is in real Australian sizing!!! The shoes are light and very comfortable as well as looking snazzy too!!

There is only one episode of this season of Stargate SG1 left to air. I am very sad. MrsDrWho is unavailable for TV viewing this weekend, so we will have the penultimate and the ultimate episodes to watch next weekend. I am hoping it will be replaced by Stargate: Atlantis. My favourite L&O returns next week: L&O Tilty Headed Man (Criminal Intent to the sane and stable). I am hoping to see Boytown before it closes. I am a fan of the D-Generation and their subsequent incarnations: The Late Show, The Panel, Thank God You're Here, Big Girl's Blouse, Frontline, Funky Squad, the travel books, Bad Eggs, Crackerjack etc, though not of Mick Molloy's Live Show.

Today I am off to Tai Chi (the warrior guards the gate and the maiden feeds the birds) and then to the Holman Clinic for a little infuser port action!!!

Turkish Delightful Cup Cakes

  • 100g good white chocolate
  • rosewater : 1-2 tbspn depending on your love of rosewater
  • 125ml water
  • 50g pistachio nuts, finely chopped
  • 2 Turkish Delight bars, or 100g plain Turkish Delight, chopped
  • 90g butter
  • 220g brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 110g plain flour
  • 3 tspn baking powder
  • Extra chocolate, nuts and Turkish Delight to decorate cakes if so desired

Preheat the oven to 180*C (160 FF) and line a 12 hole muffin tray with paper cases. Gently melt the chocolate and water, in the microwave or in a saucepan, and then stir in the rosewater.  Beat the butter, sugar and eggs till combined then fold in the nuts, Turkish Delight, flour, baking powder and chocolate mixture. Spoon into cases and bake for 20-25 minutes.  Cool on a rack. To serve, drizzle with a little extra melted white chocolate and top with some finely chopped pistachio nuts and Turkish Delight.

You're(Not) Movin' Out Today

Carole Bayer Sager has nothing on me. This morning I was still in my pyjamas sleepily making a cup of tea when there was a knock on the front door. It was The Removalists. They were all prepared to move me and my possessions somewhere else. When I demurred they cheerfully went away, to look for some other poor unsuspecting householder to move I expect. Obviously the super efficient woman who tried to move me last month didn't correct the details when she went back to work. I rang the comHarki_sleepypany and they have assured me they won't be trying to move me again, well, at least not in the near future. I reckon there are celebrations amongst The Removalists as my house has zero access and lots of tight corners in the halls and stairs everywhere outside!!!

Today I am the proud owner of my new shoes. There is no photo as I just remembered to blog now, at 8-45pm and I am too lazy to play with the camera and lights. I will distract you with Labrador pictures!!! Or you can be distracted with MrsDrWho's Dishcloth adventures: Day 5!!!

The PTB at the ABC, with their new Anti-Bias Board, have cancelled The Glass House.Peri_baby Now I like TGH, I find it amusing, cutting, witty, stupid, sweary etc, but all in all it's a good show. But no longer. It has never had higher ratings, the 'cast' want to keep going. I think the PM protesteth too much. It's a case of they came for the comedians........ You can protest here if you like.

There has been some pondering of how Harki and Peri will choose prize winners' names. Should I assign numbers to people and write them in tiny script on treats and then let them loose to eat till there are only 2 left??  We could do Doglotto (a la Cowlotto) or I could put double sided sticky tape on paper with names written on it and The Labradors could run through the names and whichever ones stick to their paws win???? Oh, now I'm all distracted with the absolute cuteness of a sleeping Harki and an adorable Peri!!!

Black Forest Cup Cakes

  • 425g tin cherries in syrup
  • 160g butter, chopped
  • 125g good dark eating chocolate, chopped
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 150g plain flour
  • 2 tbspn self raising flour
  • 2 tbspn cocoa
  • 1 egg

Preheat the oven to 170*C (150* FF) You will need to line a 12 hole muffin tray with paper cases. Drain the cherries: you will need 185ml syrup** and half of the fruit. Blend or mash till it's all combined.  Save the remaining whole cherries to be added later on. Place the cherry puree, butter, chocolate and sugar in a bowl and microwave till almost melted. Stir till smooth. Cool for 10-15  minutes. Fold in the flours and cocoa and then the egg and finally the whole cherries.Then cook for 40-45 minutes. Take care as chocolate burns easily. Cool on a rack and then ice with ganache, or drizzle with warm chocolate sauce, some extra cherries or just dust with icing sugar.

** You can replace 50ml or so of the cherry syrup with some Cherry Brandy or other alcohol of your choice.