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Are You Going To Deloraine Craft Fair?

I am totally exhausted, so exhausted that I don't know what to do with myself: too tired to sleep, Woolnbalm too tired to be awake.  I have been saving myself for The Deloraine Craft Fair after Mrs Madcage bade me go with her last Thursday. I rested, I slept, I napped and I managed to 'do' the craft fair, but I am paying for it now, big time!!! I am all in a tizz, and I hope that a little calming tea and quiet resting will help...

The Craft Fair is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, and I was particularly looking forward to raspberries, and a roast lamb or pork roll for lunch: only managed to have the raspberry ice-cream but it was delicious. There was a plethora of jewellery, too many stalls, in fact every second stall seemed to be beaded jewellery and some of it was far too expensive. There were three knitting-ish stalls and I snapped up some handspun, hand-dyed Tasmanian mohair $16 for 1694m. Now I think that's a bargain, it's about 10 50g balls @ $1-60 each, yes, thatFrenchearlgrey_1's a bargain and it is a beautiful green too and wound into a centre pull ball as well. The knitted items included: felted hats, felted garter stitch slippers ($30 for adult size) felted and hand knitted scarves, King Island Fleece machine knitted jumpers and the handspinnners had beautiful  handknitted cables and patterned jumpers, all in natural colours. Oh, guess who I saw at the Fair??? How exciting!!!

I also bough some all natural Herbal Lip Balm from Pindari and some absolutely stunning French Ear Grey tea from The Art of Tea. It has rose petals, hibiscus and sunfloWildly_wasabi_cheesewers. It has a fragrant scent and flowery taste. The last thing I bought for me was some Wild Wasabi  cheese from Ashgrove. I did buy some presents too, but there can be no pictures, their being presents you see. We wandered about for 4 hours, well Mrs Madcage wandered and I sought out chairs and we rode the buses too, no walking for me!! The weather was cool and not too sunny, but I sunscreened up anyway.

Fish_bag I made Cece(FiberFish) a bag and since she has received it I can post a picture now. I know dolphin aren't fish, but the bag is in the shape of a fish, so that counts, doesn't it??? The eyes are whales, which are not fish either. I couldn't find a pattern so I designed my own. I like it a lot!!

Harki and Peri have been swimming. Harki prefers not to actually swim, she would rather supervise But_she_prefers_supervising_peri Peri swimming, fetching sticks and whatnot, but she does sometimes venture in and has a great time. Peri is a fish and runs at the water like a Surf IronDog. She would win Coolangatta Gold no worries at all!!

On the knitting front: socks for MrsDrWho, birthday socks, so they're only almost 5 months late!! I am knitting them inside out so I can make a logo on the side and then I plan to turn them inside out to do the heel and foot. Wish me luck!!! I'm off to sleep, or rest on the bed with Labradors, and my eyes closed anyway.....



I totally agree with you. Too many expensive jewellery stalls. I went on Saturday and it was SO busy it was hard to see everything.


ooh...i like that tasmanian mohair...and the price!! totally a bargain!!!


I hope you are back on deck again soon.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.



Deloraine didn't see me this year, went to Hobart instead. The mohair sounds lovely and a bargain too!


I am exhausted just reading about all you have done. The markets sound wonderful. Can't wait to see a picture of the yarn you bought, what a bargain.

metal and knit

I tend to avoid the fairs now too much for me and far too much walking to get to what I want.

She Who Smells Yarn

I wanted to go to that this year but finances and Adam working hindered that..Maybe next year. I wish they have more knitting stalls though. They had none really when I went 2 years ago.



Aww - the dolphin/fish bag is cute! And well done on making it around the fair in one piece!


4 hours in a fair! Wow, that's a lot of walking. Unfortunately, in Perth the biggest fair is the Quilters' & Craft Fair with a few knitting stalls, so I stopped going. It would be nice to have a Knitting Craft Fair!


Cute fish bag-it looks a lot like the one I made. :)

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