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Beanie There, Done that!!!

Camo_mittens_and_beanie Huzzah!! The Greenie and the Camo mittens and beanies were all finished and handed over to Katt today at the Knitting Coven.  I think they are flying off to Oklahoma, USA. We were all at the Knitting Coven. Things happened: knitting, wool, lunch, tea and coffee, lots of conversation etc. Too tired to give a detailed report though. We are having a little tiny decline I think......

Tomorrow is Tolerance Day, so I am glad I was extremely tolerant a few days ago in preparation!! We are not all tarred with the same Country brush.  It is sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees!!! Heaven forbid that others shouldGreenie_beanie_and_mittens  perceive me as being a John Howard-ophile. I should die of shame!!!

I never, ever, say G'day. Never. Not in my whole life. How Aussie are you?? Microsoft has allowed users to choose 20 words that the new 2007 Office will recognise as 'real' words.  To find out how Aussie you are, count how many words you actually use from the list, and multiply by 5 to give a percentage. For example, I would use 10 of the words in everyday conversation, so 10x5=50. I am 50% Microsoft Office 2007 Aussie. I must say that I think some of the words should be known aroPeri_and_her_big_boneund the world, I mean, Uluru??? Is that not a landmark word so to speak?? I know Yosemite, and Stonehenge.....

Harki and Peri had a big marrow bone each, it was almost as big as Peri!! Unbelievably, they can actually eat the bone itself. The bone gets smaller and smaller till it is but a shadow of its former self. Wow dogs have strong jaws and teeth. We walked in the rain again today. I am so happy it is raining, we really need rain and we have had real proper rain for 5 days in a row now. My_squeaky_toys_both_of_them_1Harki likes her squeaky toys from Tianne and Boss!!! Both of them!!!

I have new books to add to the sidebar but I can't bring myself to do it, as it means Doctor Who will disappear. I like looking at him every day. I'll need to buy another book with The Doctor on the cover to assuage my visual need.  I have What If? , Pike's Pyramid and Knitting Rules.



Perhaps add your books and just leave Dr Who on top still??? No one says you can't re-read it, or be taking a really long time reading it because you wasnt to make it last or, or, blah, you don't need an excuse. Just leave it there cause you like it :)

metal and knit

Glad Harki is enjoyin gthe toys. Boss has both of them the same and tonight he tried to claim my rubber devil duckie as his as well. I want to make one more beanie before posting them on Monday.


Is the camo beanie knit sideways, with short rows for shaping? And is it posing on a tea towel?


I say it is your list - keep the Doctor Who if that is what you need. Now I'm off to find the list so I can see how Aussie I am.


Ok - Except for g'day and sheila I didn't know what the other 18 words meant. Now I have to go find my hubby to explain. ;)


Nice beanies. Very nice!

I'm not feeling very tolerant today. is that a crime?


You have done very well - beanies & mittens - they looked great. I didn't know that today is Tolerance Day - we could do with more of this! Have a good day.


Look at them so pleased to have a delicious bone! So you don't say G'day. Well that blows my stereotype. I am sure there are plenty about Americans and maybe even some specific to Detroit which unfortunately are probably somewhat true. I would like to make some mittens, the winters here get bitter come January and February.

She Who Smells Yarn

I really only use G'Day when chatting to Americans/Canadians! As a joke..


amanda j

I too am 50% Aussie. Interesting really, when I am 6th generation Australian!!


I am so behind on my blog reading! I have missed seeing photos of the girls trotting about in the rain and hearing about their adventures.

Where did you find Camo yarn?? WHERE??! I must have some! I mean, uh, please could you tell me?

I don't know anyone who says G'day either. I think I would look at them a bit funny if they did.


Hi Cindy, Bundy Grandma cause she lives in Bundaberg Queensland. Oh and there is all of 14 grams of yarn left from making those socks.

rosie-maree dean

I hope you're feeling well Cin, you haven't blogged since last Tuesday.


Ruby loves those bones too! She doesn't quite demolish them though but I do find very old sad looking ones all the time around the yard not quite buried properly!

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