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Today I am thinking more kindly of America, The Entity. I know the American people are very nice and friendly, but of late my feelings towards the Country have been at an all time low.  But not today. Today I listened to a talk by Chris Patten, erstwhile Governor of Hong Kong and an all round good guy, ethically and morally speaking. He made me think about my attitude to the USA and I realised that I am perturbed and repelled, not by America, but by one president and his cronies. This has been a little revelation and I feel quite cheery now. Of course I am no American-ophile, but there are things about America I like and I suspect that the president, his cronies and their actions have queered the pitch for me. There should be a link to hear the speech later on today and it is repeateHarki_and_peri_gazingd on RN here on Tuesday 14th at 7pm.

Yesterday was Remembrance Day. I had a minute's silence all by myself. I shan't forget. I think Australians commemorate war in a particularly idiosyncratic way. We remember with sadness and joy, and a vow that it will never happen again.....

Today it rained, it rained and we walked in the rain and we met Winnie the Black Dog and her dad walking in the rain too!! I enjoy walking in the rain, as long as it isn't windy. We all got rather damp, but happily so. Because I was listening to Lord Patten, we ambled along for 31 minutes, so I am definitely going to need a nap soon!!! Winnie is the only black dog that The Labradors choose not to bark at. They like her a lot. Winnie is not so sure and I don't blame her. Peri lunges enthusiastically on her lead and whines and makes 'I want to play' noises.Beanie_number_2

I am making the second beanie for Katt's cause. I have 3 more wedges to knit and then two mittens by Tuesday. That is my only goal at the moment.

MrsDrWho and I are both pathetically tired and lethargic at the moment: me because of the usual,  and MrsDrWho because after a full week of teaching, and with a Padawan Learner to impart knowledge to as well, there was a fair straight after school that lasted Stargate_look_at_those_armstill way after dark, and packing up way into the night. Between the two of us we made one small brain I think!! I managed to remember to take the penultimate and ultimate episodes of season 9 Stargate SG1. Wow, what a finale!!! Fantastic, and now there is a wait of at least 22 weeks till we see Season 10, unless it's for sale sooner!! The consolation prize is Stargate Atlantis which starts this Thursday. I have been catching up on some TV. I have particularly enjoyed Family Footsteps. There is still one episode to go!!!

I am girding my loins as I intend to go to the BSODL to use my $5 voucher. I have eaten, I will have a cup of tea, and I will take my knitting with me, as a talisman against the evil BSODL!!


She Who Smells Yarn

Cant wait to see the beanie and mittens on Tuesday!! You have done well!

I know Adam is all excited about the next season of Atlantis!

Isnt the weather today lovely? And it put a good kink into the V8s too!


metal and knit

I would ahve more rain as well but we got a few warm days. I want to try and knit one more beanie before next weekend so I can post next monday along with what comes in from knitters guild


Glad to hear that you don't dislike all of us yanks. As for the current administration and the policies thereof? It makes me sick and angry that these A-holes have hijacked the entire country for the last six years without any checks and balances to stop them. That fortunately has changed, the American people finally stopped responding to the fear mongering and "stay the course" rhetoric and have voted in a new Democratic Congress. It will be an uphill battle as untold damage has been done to the U.S. both at home and abroad. I only hope that the momentum keeps rolling and we can have a more balanced if not liberal government in the future.

More green knitting? yeah!!!

Kiss those soggy pups for me.


You are so lucky that you like the rain. Dull, rainy days really get to me. I know we need it but....
Hope you survived the BSODL. I have just started scrapbooking. Unfortunately I went there twice last week.


hehe...what did you plan to get from Spotlight? ^_^


I have absolutely no respect for governments, even more so of late many of our countrys politicians seem to be a bunch of drunken, dishonest pedophiles!! harsh but true.


I enjoy walking in the rain, too. I love how plants and trees look so much greener then. And I must admit, I love jumping in puddles! :)

I hope we don't have to wait too long to see the next season of SG1! Like you, I'm also looking forward to Atlantis. I just wish they weren't screened so late at night - after midnight all those icky adult adverts come on!!


You are lucky to have rain as we could do with more rain here in WA! It's great that you are knitting for a good cause, wish I have some time to do that.

lynne s of Oz

Sounds like you guys got lots of rain! We missed out on lots of rain by about 3km. Dang! Anyways, i agree with you on the US thing. It has been totally annoying me that there are so many fine people (and yarns) in the USA but noway would I go there with that administration....


Peter DeLuise directed Stargate! Well abut 2 years ago he did, I don't know if he still does, I htink I can put a face now to ????? Stephen? Steven? Arrghhh, he was the Captain on Jump Street went on to be General somebody on Stargate.

I htink it is A certain President that makes most of us annoyed with America or possibly Americans? After all somebody had to vote him in! But hen again somebody here voted John Howard in....


The world wide anti American sentiment is probably the only thing I dont like about blogging. I find it difficult not to get my feathers ruffled when I get lumped in with a group that I do not necessarily support. I remind myself that the media is as much to blame as the government. We are not always represented in the fairest light and opinions are often based on what is shown in the news. We really aren't all bad, its just that the bad ones are more likely to be on tv - heh.

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