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Knife Wasn't Meant To Be Easy

A_wet_walk The Labradors are well and happy and have been in and out of the paddle pool and under the hose as it has been quite warm: it was still 26*C last night at bedtime.

My health has been up and down, nothing terrible- just a bit of a decline- anNeeded_this_like_a_hole_in_the_legd I have also managed to stab myself in the leg with a knife. As it was quite a decent stab, with the end of the blade perpendicular to my actual leg, I have made blurry photos so you won't have to stick  your fingers in your ears, close your eyes, and say 'La la la la la ' very loudly to avoid the horror!! I could see the actual inner workings of my leg inside the whole outer layer of skin and fat!! The chemist said I could have a stitch or three if I could go and wait for hours at the General or I could pay a bazillion dollars at the after hours clinic, as of course all good injuries are after hours, or, I could play hospital at home. I chose the last option.  So with SteriStrips, Hospital_at_home antiseptic and waterproof dressings in hand I crafted cure. This far I have no red lines running up my leg and it seems to be healing nicely. I don't really care if I have a scar, I already have scars, including a large one from my port insertion!!!

Greenery_snickert_sock_1 My ability to craft has been up and down too. I have knitted none of the Blake's 7 sock #2. Instead I started new socks inspired by Baudelaire. I have decided to knit the socks top down, so I just turned the chart  for the pattern upside down, added a few purl stitches to surround the cable I doubled, and away I went!!! In light of the very tenuous link, I have named my socks Greenery Snickert: noAngel_funt that they are an Unfortunate Event, but they have more in common with Lemony Snickert's Baudelaire children than with the French poet!!! The absolutely lovely wool was a present. I have been saving it!!

I have also Wee_jocks_mums_bagmade a start on the dreaded Christmas  List. Here are two angels that are decorating Christmas bags-to-be.

On the topic of bags, here is a bag , modelled by The BareNakedLady, for Wee Jock's Mum's birthday. Wee Jock looks just like this, except he only has one eye!!



Oh no, you could have done some serious damage with the knife!!

I haven't been blogging or even reading blogs lately, way tooooo busy!! I do hope your health improves, especially with the silly season coming up.


Hope your leg heals soon & your health too! Know how you feel about X'mas & all the gifts - as I am leaving for S'pore in 2 weeks, I will do all my X'mas shopping there & everyone will then have a belated pressie. Do take care!

She Who Smells Yarn

Socks look gorgeous!

I hope you feel a lot better soon. I though of you yesterday as I swelted in the hot sun in town (BLAH it was warm).

Bag looks great!

Hope your poor leg heals up well.



Oh, those socks are giving me itchy fingers... if I had some solid sock yarn in stash there would be a yarn flurry tonight, but no, so I'll have to wait.. *sigh*
Good to see you are ok in spite of adventurous kitchen utensilling.
Xmas shopping - erk - I'm thinking there will be Fetchings for Mum/M-I-L , but the rest will probably be bought - no time to knit for gifts, esp in light of recent developments :)


I was starting to get worried about I know why! So sorry to read of your accident. I hope you continue to heal well.

the pics on the bag are so cute :)

metal and knit

Oh dear you have been in the wars Boss sends big kissy licks to make you feel better. It has been very hot here too so we have been lazing about and slowly knitting as we cant use the hose here with the water restrictions. Christmas list done and well its just the lights disply I have to get a wriggle on with.


Yikes! Or in your lingo "Crikey mate"! Stabbing yourself is a little extreme just to garner sympathy you know - all you had to do was post pictures of the dogs! And *don't* mention the C-word. Hugs and stuff.


oh nice green socks! I want green socks! ARen't you clever turning the pattern upside down. how inspired!

Sorry about the health and your leg. Will the new socks cover the scar???


Watch the leg and if there is any streaking go straight to a hospital and get IV antibiotics!
Feel better!

That said, I lvoe the finished and not so finished projects you've been posting. My health has been a little weird lately and it's slowed down my knitting and other work. I'm hoping to get a lot done during the Thanksgiving break.


Very nice green socks! So sorry to hear you have hurt yourself. Do be careful and get well soon.


Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!!!!
I can feel that from over here.
Now go and hide all the knives, wait!!! get a neighbour to hide all the knives and then knit some more. That sock looks so pretty.

lynne s of Oz

It just wasn't good enough for you that I sliced open my finger (so I could see inside it and feel really yucky), no, you have to go and open up your leg with a knife. I bet you'll have fun trying to keep that dry in the shower! You can't wear a finger off a rubber glove on your leg... You win ;-)
Hope it heals up well!
Greenery snickett looks great :-)


Yikes! I know all about deep puncture wounds. Been there and done that. Make sure the wound drains and keep some antibiotic ointment on it.
More green! Yeah!


Ouch! Do keep an eye on that and go to the doctor straight away if it starts to look infected!!

I'm loving your beaudelaires. I'm almost to the cuff on my first one and don't think I will have any worries of the second one lagging. It is a very fun knit!!

amanda j

Oh Cindy! Goodness me. What will we do with you? Take it easy my girl. Feet up, needles raised.

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