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Man, Try Feelin' Like a Woman

It is a man's world. It is. Professor Ian Frazer and his associates developed a vaccine for cervical cancer. It is a world first. It will save 240 lives a year here in Australia, and just today, 40 women are being operated on because of the cancer. Will it be a free vaccine for women? Yesterday morning the answer was 'No' from the PM,  but by lunch time it had become a 'Yes' because of public outcry. Nevertheless, the PM and his obsequious Health Minister have decreed that there is no way it can be available till 2008. Let's see now, over 240 women dead, 40 Blake_avon_cally_jenna_tarrant_orac_zena day undergoing surgery- and V*agra is available to men free of charge on the PBS, because it is, of course, a life saving drug. The Howard Government has spent $1.27 billion on advertising their own policies since they came to power. Apparently women don't count. Just 1% of that money would do the job.

A big thank you to all the women in Federal Parliament who swept aside Peris_been_swimmingparty boundaries to protest to the PM and Abbott as one. Thank you.

I have knitted one of MrsDrWho's birthday socks!! It is complete with a Blake's 7 logo and everything!!! These socks don't have a name yet: The Servalan Socks?? Avon a Good Time Socks?? Liberator: Socks to Set You Free?? What do you think MrsDrWho?? The wool is from The Knittery and I made the pattern grid myself here.

Yesterday was meant to be a walking day but I am still recovering from the Harkis_been_swimming_too excursion to the Fair. We went today, amidst great excitement, and watery dam wetness. Harki and Peri are going beserkersbonkers because they want their breakfast. They keep bopping me on the typing arm with their heads and dribbling in anticipation!! Harki has learned that when the microwave goes 'Bing' the vegetables are cooked. The fact that they are burning hot means nothing to her!!! Peri is a follower and she just likes to emulate her big sister.



Mr Howard and co have forgotten that we vote too!! If it was for prostate cancer what would the outcome be??

I am looking forward to seeing the blakes 7 socks.

She Who Smells Yarn

I know I heard that they had said no on the radio yesterday and was outraged!! I am glad they have changed it to a YES!!! Mind you 2008? My girls wont be able to have it for a few years anyway...

Socks look great too!


Howard is a moron, it is plain and simple!


John Howard BLAH!!!!
I'd like to see him wait for 2008 for something to keep him alive!!!

I'm glad Harki and Peri managed to drag you out for a walk, sounds like they enjoyed it. :)

Oh and the green socks are for Miss B's great grandma. She lives in Queensland and has green tree frogs that live in pots outside her windows. So the socks are green froggy socks. :)

amanda j

Budget surplus - when do we get to choose what that is spent on? Glad you were up to a walk today!


Unfortunately, that's politics - they forgot what they promised! Can't wait to see MrsDrWho's socks - I am sure it will be great. How does the pattern grid works?

metal and knit

Boss has been known to type when he wants something and lucky it has been in a message to my mate who also has a typing pet his cat.


Don't. Get. Me. Started. Grrr... mumble, mumble .. bloody men ...

Nice sock though.

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