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Tap Dancing!!!

Water_lot_of_fun Someone vandalised the tap at the dam. I don't think this is actual dammed water that has been pouring out all night, I'm pretty sure it's bore water, but it is a waste of water nevertheless. Harki and Peri had a lovely romp in the water and the small stream that formed at the bottom of the slope.  When I got home I did the citizenly thing and rang up to try to report the damage. Five. It took me Five phone calls until I Water_mess found someone who might do something about it. I checked yesterday and the tap was fixed: they had wedged it on sideways, better than nothing I suppose. I feel like I am some old codger complaining about it, but aren't we short of water, you know, just a bit????

YesterdMy_new_recorday was the Knitting Coven and I was late as I was poorly, but I had a lovely time and we touched other peoples' wool and knitting and exchanged books too!! I picked up my Doctor Who books and the Tamora Pierce in town as well. I also picked up what I still refer to as a record!! It is a CD of course, I still think of them as a records, in the same way as I still 'tape' on the DVD Recorder!!! I heard a song on the radio and it brought back memories and I had to have a copy.  It only took a weChristmas_jiggerypokeryek to come all the way from the USA and it only cost $20!! A real bargain though I expect I have such geeky music taste that no-one else wants it!!!

I have been making some little Christmas decorations. I plan to attach them to ribbons and make a mini-haCake_of_dough_accessoriesnging.  I have lost a star: this is nothing unusual!! My Gingerbread House Cutters are about to be put to good use and my new Gingerbread Person Cutter too. It is very cool, because when you press down on the dough, the underside of the cutter makes impressions on the top for the face and the buttons down the front!!!

Poor little Harki has been plagued by allergies again. Her poor little eyes and ears Poor_harki_has_an_allergy were red and sore. Doctor Tim put ointment in her eyes and drops in her ears and now she is as bright as a button. She has her eye ointment 3 times a day and is ever so brave!! She does get a treat and I think that helps.



Sorry to read you and Harki have been under the weather. Hope things improve for you both.

You did the right thing with the tap. How annoying that it took 5 calls, though.


So nice to have you blogging again!
It is a pity that there seem to be so many people who do not care for anything outside their habitual litte environments - they don't seem to see (or think) any further than what is in front of their own noses, and their lives are the poorer for it [IMHO].
I think 'geek' doesn't apply to where the Chariots of Fire music came from - I have a cd somewhere (in a box, like the rest of my luxuries)
Which Tamora Pierce are you reading now (can't check from this page)? I have a hankering to reread the Protector of the Small set - again, which box???? Her website is interesting, discussing the need for female hero figuresm - she certainly provides us with a lot of them!
I fear there will be little/no Xmas baking this year - dashing back to the far reaches of NSW for Xmas, so no point transporting anything, it wouldn't arrive in a fab condition - I'll just have to wait and celebrate the new house with food (what better way???)
:) :) :)

Metal and knit

I know it is bad when the authorities allow water to be wasted when it is so precious. I love your cutters how nice it will be to make your own gingerbread house and figures to live there so hansel and gretel.

There is a little parcel on its way to you this week hope you might have it real soon.


5 phonecalls? Sounds about right for a local council! Your Christmas jiggery-pokery look very nice - all hand-stitched? And poor little Harki indeed - give her a hug from a fellow allergy sufferer!


You are victor Meldrew.
Annoying though he could be....by jove he was often quite right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Such nice X'mas decorations - I am sure you sewed all of them! Well, no X'mas decorations for us as we are leaving next week for Singapore so didn't bother to do anything. Hope you & Harki will be better soon. Take care.


Your kids are too cute - glad they are feeling better and wishing you good health too. Take care.

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