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The Playing Fields of Eaten!!!

The_runners I officially 'woke up' at 11am, after Morning Tea, on Competition Drawing Day ( Orange Pekoe tea, Apricot Danish and fresh tomatoes on bite-size Salada!!) and then made a list of everyone who had commented since 31st October.  I typed everyone into Excel, AtoZ-ed them and then assigned everyone a number, alphabetically. I write the numbers 1 to 23 on a Schmacko and then cut them up: One for Harki and one for Peri. Harki would pick the Sock Knitting Tote prize, and Peri the Little Zippy Bag.On_your_marks_get_set

We went out onto the verandah and I took a Salada as a diversion for when they approached the last tiny piece of treat.  Off Harki went and I managed to save the last piece: #2 and that's AmyP. Congratulations, Harki chose not to eat AmyP!!! It is after this that it went all pear shaped. Peri was all ready, set, and go!! But she ate too Go_harki quickly, she devoured everyone with no time for a photo, let alone a diversionary Salada!!! I had to write a whole new Schmacko and concentrate only on sweeping up the last tiny entry...... Success!! #18 and that's Michelle. Congratulations, Peri chose not to eat Michelle!!

Thank you to everyone who commented!! I loved reading your comments, though I have no idea who actually was #1500!!! I will email AmyP and Michelle to see if And_the_winners_are_2_and_then_18 there is any colour or theme they night prefer!!!

Harki and Peri especially enjoyed the draw, and hope there might be more soon!!! Meanwhile, we are all about to nap......



High 5 to Peri!!!!!!!!!! ^_^


Hi Cindy...thanks for reading my blog... your Molly Ringwald looks fantastic! I will try it with variegated yarn next time...i know it sounds silly... but i can't bear to use the sugar and cream yarns i receive from my secret pal yet... or if i use them to make into dishcloths... i dun think i can bear to use them...hahahaha

She Who Smells Yarn

Congrats to the winners!!!

Sounds like you worked out a perfect way to pick!


metal and knit

congratulations to the winners. Good girls Harki and Peri for selecting so well.


WOOHOO!!!! [Commence happy-dance. Then realise that I'm actually quite tired. Sit down. Resume happy-hand-waving] Cheers Harki! Have a biscuit.


LOL! I could see the thought bubbles over their heads as I read this. "let's see should I eat person X or person Y next? hmmm, wonder how fast I could eat all the people, so she has to feed us again?" I'm going to be giggling about this all day.


What a creative way of selecting the winners! I am sure Harki & Peri had a great time.


Nice work. What a novel way of choosing winners! Very cute.


What a great way to decide on a winner, much better than the old stick the names in a hat approach!
Congratulations to AmyP & Michelle!


LOL, what a great idea!


this is such a funny post, thanks for making me laugh!

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