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Tap Dancing!!!

We're All Coin' on a Summer Holiday

My stabbed upper calf is feeling quite itchy, but not in a bad way. It is doing healing itching. This makes me want to discuss my lower calf, as if I have calves organised at my house in some hierarchical manner. I don't. Do you know that in Tasmania, you can ask 'Where do you live?' and someone can reply: Upper Penguin. My word!! It's as good as living Innaloo!!! But back to ME!!! I have had an inordinate amount of fun with the high-tech aqua proof dressings ( nothing medical is just water proof you know!!): peeling them off and applying fresh ones. How ever did I fill my time before I stabbed myself? I just don't know.

Thank you to every one for their most kind (and not laughing) comments re the aforementioned stabbing!! There are no red lines going up my leg, and apart from a severe feeling of foolishness, everything is continuing as normal. I am going to try not to stab, lance, slash or in any other way injure myself over the next few weeks!!!

Cuteness_labradorified Peri is a picture of health, though she almost ate 50 cents today - the coin not the 'singer'. Harki has FlippyFloppy Ear again and she is off to the Hospital to see the Doctor tomorrow, even though it is more expensive!! Who amongst us waits another day to take our child to the doctor because it is cheaper?? For myself, maybe, but not for The Labradors... anyhow, I was putting special 'stuff' in Harki's ear to clean it and I was feeding her little treats as she is so good to endure all the pokiness and wateriness. Peri was not having a treat as she was in no way medically involved, she was just leaping about hopefully. I finished all the ear cleaning and picked up the 50 cent piece I had found in my bag and before I could say Jack Robinson Peri had snapped it from my hand and it was in her mouth. Here, dear reader (and I don't know why I have suddenly gone all Austen or Heyer???) is where I pictured a very expensive trip to Hospital for Peri, but fortunately for me money tastes horrible and she spat it Secret_squirrel_sort_ofout. Of course, her plan worked and she was immediately given a little treat for spitting out the coin she snatched!!!

I have made 3 Sock Knitting Totes, or Sknitts as I like to write now because it is shorter, though not now I have explained it of course.  They are incognito, insepia-o actually. I am posting them off when I am up to it, probably Monday. I have also finished all the stitching on my Angels and they are about to be sewn up into bags. I hate doing the little buttonhole applique stitch on the stars, I don't have a technique, I Angels_almost_in_the_bag just muddle about a lot on the point. I have not knitted, though I have managed to snavel a copy of Interweave Holiday Gifts and I am looking forward to the the new Knitscene which is about to be published as well.

It has been hot, so hot that in my non-airconditioned car I want to cry it is so hot. I never really long for Summer, I long for a kind of warmish Autumn. I am not T. E. 2paw, I think I am more 2paw of Holiday_gifts_1 the Antarctic!!!

Everyone on the North American continent has been thankful these last few days. MrsDrWho and I, while we applaud their gratitude, wonder how they ever fit in being thankful with all that the day entails, and then just a month later Christmas???? It is beyond us really. Maybe they are in a different timestream???

I have some new books as well, Trudi Canavan's latest: Voice of the Gods and more Doctor Who and Tamora Pierce. I can pick them up tomorrow!!!



Oooh, is one of those bags mine? Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please? And what a clever dog Parki is - eat coin, spit it out, get rewarded for not swallowing said coin! The angels are cute - but it looks like they have furry faces! :)


It helps being thankful if the cooking is going on at someone else's house. ;)

I'm glad that you appear to be no worse for the stabbing and won't be needing any serious medical attention soon. I hope Harki makes out ok.


So, Peri has you well trained, me thinks!

I bought the Knitscene with Molly Ringwald after seeing your's, and am very impressed. Can't wait for the next one. I also have IK's Holiday Gifts and have already made something!


Coin' on a summer holiday. Nice. I realised pretty quickly it wasn't a typo. he he

god I think everyone subscribes to interweave knits except me. Time to ask for a subscription as a christmas present I think!


Ah Peri is clever than we all thought, rather like the DWC who is getting less daft and more cunning, kind of like Blackadder....
Thanksgiving intrigues me, and only a month before Christmas! All that cooking! I must marry an American I want an opportunity to cook a giant feast a month before Christmas!!!



i came by your website while searching for frou frou cupcakes. i love love labs and spent 1 one evening going through all your pictures. your babies are simply gorgeous! are you photographer?



those Angles are very cute!! also, did you change the colour on the of the sknitts??

Ann Lim

Glad to hear that you are healing well & back to your crafts. As usual, gorgeous sewing.I know how you feel about summer & the heat as I always prefer the cold - that's why I plan to move to Tasmania for my retirement!

Mrs Dr Who

I would just like to say to Pansy that 2paw is to photography what bricks are to swimming.
She is a snap happy photo fool with a digial camera.


For stinky flippy floppy ear I take a cotton pad and soak it with some witch hazel and a few drops of tea tree oil and give the offending ear a good cleaning. Works well on my dal. I also use the same remedy on hot spots.


Your pooches are the cutest!

Do hope Harki's ears return to normal soon - such a worry these wordless babies.

Also pleased to read your leg is healing and there has not been any further stabbings in your household!

Your sock knitting totes are lovely. Printed off your pattern a while back, intending to sew a few as xmas gifts. Alas, this has not as yet eventuated and I am fast running out of time.

Perhaps I should not spend so much time reading other people's blogs and concentrate on the jobs at hand. With that in mind, I'm off.

Wishing you a knife safe day!


Nice photo of the fur babies - hope the leg is healing - remind me to be very cautious when visiting you (some time in the far distant future - but - you know - best laid plans)- I shall not sit too close to you during the Roast Dinner for fear of encountering waterproof band-aids....


Hi! You should come over to the states for Thanksgiving, you'll realize why we do it if you participate in the actual day. Yum yum yum. But expect to gain 5 pounds, at least, from the last week in Dec to the begining of the new year!

She Who Smells Yarn

Aaaah once again I am late to the party!! lol

I wonder what colour those totes are in real life?

Hope you leggy heals up well..And that pooochinies (thats what my sister calls doggies..I think its cute) are all good...(and no more eating rappers!! who knows what they have).

Hasnt the weather been awful!?!? I hate summer...


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