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New, new, new: Night and Day, New are the One.....

I'm not Dolls_clothes_i_madesuch a fan of the whole 'New Year' thing. Once maybe I was, but now I'm just happy to see every 'New Day'. I'm doing the whole Pollyanna thing!!!!

I know that there has been some consternation and twirling of colour 'knobs' (Hi Sharon!!) but there has been a plethora of Pink and Blueness. Today I presSoft_santasent the dolls' sleeping bag thingy (bunting the American's call it) and a pillow and quilt for the Demon Spaw's new twins. (MrsDrWho's niece).

Now, there will be Red: "Soft' Santa's that I saw a picture of somewhere and I used the Soft Tree pattern.

Lovely_chunky_14ply_wool At last, Green: lots of lovely woolly 14ply that was only $2 a ball!!! I don't know what I shall make but how could I pass it up???

Harki and Peri are both well and happy and enjoying our run of cooler weather, as am I. They have been paddling in the pool, playing with their new toys and having lovely walks in the bush.Peri_and_harki_are_happy

If you want to be a joiner next year, there are quite a few Alongs already.

MrsDrWho will be getting some Block of Chocolate Socks from me. The wool is from The Knittery. I plan on making the actual sock look like a block of chocolate, with squares of stocking stitch surrounded by purls!!! I have no pattern so I will be making it up as I go along. I will also be knitting my Greenery Snickert Mrsdrwhos_chocolate_sockssocks (Baudelaire top down) and MrsDrWho's Blake's 7 socks.

MrsDrWho has something new at her house!!!!

The new James Bond is most excellent. Casino Royale was over 144 minutes long yet I was not for one minute bored. It is a sophisticated film, and that bears no refelction on me I hasten to add!! My Favourite Bonds are now Sean, Daniel and then Pierce in that order!!!Hooley_dooley

And so the obligatory Happy New Year and I'm off to watch Mr Monk and maybe eat something for tea and have a little Limoncello. The Labradors might have a treat as well!!!!

Weird Al Januar-ovic

This time of the year is weird: it is neither one year nor the other. I'm never sure if I mean this year when I say 'this year' or next year. I'm in a kind of twilight zone.

Speaking of weird, neat segue there, Miss Darkside has tagged me, so, here are THE RULES:
Each player of this game starts with the weird things about them. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you have tagged them in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. There are some movies which, once I start watching them, I can't stop. I have to watch them to the very finish in case something goes wrong (????) These movies include The Wedding Singer, The Long Kiss Goodnight, You've Got Mail (You Have Mail, you don't need the 'got') etc

2. In bed, I have to cover my ears in case an earwig gets in. I am haunted by a childhood memory from a Coles' Funny Picture Book where a young child smells a rose, and aphids go up his nose and then they eat his brain!!!!!

3. When The Labradors and I go for a walk, the outwards leg has to last for an even number of minutes, not odd, but even. I have to go on a little bit further till we have walked an even number of minutes and then we can turn around to go home. Similarly I like to have the volume on the TV on an even number.

4. In spite of my attachment to all things technological I am, at heart, a Luddite.

5. I like to name things. The Labradors' toys have names: Billy Ball, Mr Ropey, Mr Watty Hose etc. I like to name my knitting projects, especially if I can have a lovely layered and obscurely referenced meaning: The Green Stormet wool and The Turing Socks eg. I especially like naming The Labradors!!

6. Ummmm what else?? Some things that I think are perfectly normal, others may perceive as weird. I think this is an issue they have, not me!!!! It is all about perception!!!In_a_piggles_ear

I shall tag MrsDrWho. (Ohhh I am all elbows about her exciting news!!!) That is all. I am such a shirker!!!

I have knitted a Piggle. It is complete. I have made a pink butterfly camouflage Barenaked_lady_wearing_the_backpack backpack and a matching notebook and pencil holder. I also made some soft trees. They were all the internet rage this year........

Do you know the Australian knitting magazine Creative Knitting??? The new issue is out, and Soft_trees_im_on_the_bandwagon basically it is the UK Simply Knitting word for word, knitted item for knitted item, instruction for instruction, UK information for UK information, with a CK cover. It is an exact copy. What a sellout. Thank goodness for our own YARN Magazine, truly Notebook_and_pencil_case Australian.

Harki and Peri have had too many tennis balls to play with. No matter how hard she tries, Harki can only fit two in her mouth at once and she is confronted with the other ten: what a dilemma!!! The weather has still been warm, and The Labradors are very hot halfway through their walk, their tongues are really pink!!!Pink_is_the_new_black

Santa Claus has been to Town!!!!

Santa_has_been_1 Harki and Peri were a little worried, well mainly Peri, as she has been a bit Naughty this year!! But there was no need, they have been such Nice Labradors that Santa left them a whole passel of presents!! Thank you for all their presents!! They had a Pig's Ear for breakfast, as you do, and they look The_labradors_have_been_niceso happy and excited in the photo!!!

You can sing along with their Christmas Card song, to the tune of 'Santa Claus is The_labradors_card_this_year Coming to Town'. I have finished all my Christmas cooking and sewing and knitting. I can't really put pictures until they have all been given though. I am three socks behind for MrsDrWho so I think I officially have Second Sock Syndrome, Third Sock Syndrome and Fourth Sock Syndrome as well!!!

We had some rain last night, not much, but a little and it is lovely and cool today. In Hobart there is snow on the mountain, so you can drive up andMerry_christmas_card play in the snow in the middle of Summer!!!

The Labradors and I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and happy Christmas!!!!

At the Copha, Copha Cabana!!!

Yes, soHarki_has_the_wrappermeone, I'm not sure if it was one or the other, or both, but someone stole the Copha Snap_crackle_perifrom the shopping bag before it was put the crime is being re-enacted for your viewing pleasure. Who do you think, Harki, Peri, or both???  I'm singing along with Barry: 'They fell in laaard!!!'

I received some lovely surprises in the post: a Dishcloth Shuffle from Rox, who was being my 'Angel" Thank you Rox, we all thank you, and it had a kind of Oriental theme I think, and The Labradors had a present too, they knew they did!! They expect every parcel will contain a treat now.  And Jae sent me a lovely card with a beaut needle holder case which is very green and will be used immediately, and also a Luke_i_have_smelt_your_presentslovely Polar Bear Christmas card from Donna!!! Ahh, the spirit of Christmas Present(s)!!! Thanking you very kindly!!!

Blogger Beta, is not so much Better, as a Blugger!!(The other great Australian Adjective) It won't let me comment, and if it deigns to ever allow me, it makes me type all the info, there is no little poppy-uppy box under the typing area. See how I am totally au fait with the whole blogging terminology. I must admit that I have given up on commenting more often than not, rather than jump through Blugger's hoops. HAL, I tell Christmas_comes_but_twice_a_yearyou, HAL has truly arrived..........

KnittingChristmas_starring_bags: I have finished the secret thing and I was very happy with it and I have passed it over to it's gifter. I have finished a Piggle, all bar the edging of the holes. It is pink and girly and as it fits on my head, so I know it will fit someone who is 7. I have sewn Christmas Starry Bags for friends, and they, in turn, have gifted me with All-My-Dogs'-Photo coasters, an I've-Been-To-Africa-And-Here-Are-The-Photos calendar, a Christmas Angel & Labrador (same thing surely!!!), an art set, cute little evening bag, computer/book quiz and beautiful decorations handmade by some lovely children!!!

Katt gave me the most excellent Not So Secret Santa present, but I haven't taken a photo and it's too lateFiery_day and too dark to do it justice now.

There was a total Fire Ban today, but that didn't stop the fire burning over the river. I could see the flames flaring and now it has been put out there is a big black blot on the landscape. The wildlife has been around and about, we saw lots of native animals on our way to the dam. We are having typical ChristmaTie_me_wallaby_down_sports weather: 30*C tomorrow and then only 14*C in Hobart on Christmas Day, and maybe snow!!! MrsDrWho has some snowy Gingerbread House photos. And, would you believe it, Gingerbread houses, when assembled, look just like houses??? Who knew?????

I have a few things to finish before Christmas Day, and despite the fact that I had ALL YEAR to organise myself, I still crave the Christmas Rush!!! School is over, and there are four more sleeps till the Big Day as I type!!!

HAL: It can only be attributable to 2paw error.

At last I am back to semi-almost-pseudo-normal life. Issues have been dealt with for the moment and I don't have to think about them till the middle of next month. I have done the whole 'putting them in a box with the lid on till then' thing!!! Sometimes bureaucracy is just out to make life difficult.

I have spent the last two days with the phone glued to my ear,trying to get the Symantec technicians to fix problems that started when I downloaded the Norton Internet Security 2007. First my address bar and all my Explorer buttons disappeared: that took 4 hours. Then last night I couldn't download photos from my camera. At all. Ever. In any way, shape or form. I was ready to cry, but I am a coper, so this afternoon I read a book on and off for 4 hours while on the phone again and finally it is fixed. I hope. I think. Well, if there are photos, it has worked...... I know real computer people out there will be saying I brought it all on myself using Norton, but I am a Luddite, and old. We didn't even have computers when I was at school. When I started teaching it was 3 years before the school had ONE computer for 300 children to share, a BBC, never mind one for each class. I can still hardly believe I have one of my own!! I am having a 'celebratory' Limoncello now!! The poor Labradors have been sadly neglected.

Swam_and_they_swam_all_over_the_dam This is, however, a happy time. Harki and Peri are well: Harki has her ear and eye drops and has found and adopted an old toy that belonged to Vundy the German Shepherd, Peri had an early morning dip in the paddle pool today and smothered me with lovely wet paddypaws at 6-31am!!! They have both had excellent swims in the dam. The weather has been wild and another tree fell across the roaIf_a_tree_fallsd. On the really really hot day they were so meltingly hot that they let me spray them with the squirty bottle of water!! Mind you, I sprayed myself too, I put ice in the bottle, and ice in a bucket of water for my feet too. They helped me plant and water 3 tomato and zucchini plants. There won't be pictures until I know that I haven't killed the poor plants. I have the ungreenest fingers in the whole  world. What a paradox!!!

CurrSmoky_hazeently the whole eastern side of Tasmania is being burned from the top down by ferocious bushfires. They are truly terrible and many houses have been lost and there is no stopping it. You can see the fires on a map here, you have to follow some instructions though. The firefighters, volunteers and paid, are very brave. Our city has been covered with smoke from the mainland and East Coast fires. It looks very scary.

Everyone must be so over the new Knitty by now, it's old news. I like the Monkey socks and the Piggle!!! I have been sewing and embroidering. Nothing I can show yet, but there has been stitching and sewing and zipping and beading!!! I have also been felting something. I am very excited as it is the first thing I have ever felted and it has worked quite well. Tomorrow I have lots of sewing and cooking to do. I am making Miss Darkside's Apricot and Almond White Christmas.

Exciting news of the Knitting Coven Christmas Meeting and some unexpected parcels tomorrow or the next day. I have telephone arm. Holding the phone to your ear for 7 or 8 hours must exercise some 'ceps' or other because I feel the burn!!!!!

Warne-ing!! Danger Will Flintoffson!!!

This morning it rained, just enough to wet the ground, but not enough to do any good.  It was kind of like the English Cricket team, they made a fantastic score, but then it wasn't enough to do any good. I thought we were heading for a draw, but then yesterday it all became exceedingly exciting again. Then, we won!!!!

I have been sleeping, all Monday afternoon, all Tuesday afternoon (noon till 4-30pm) I only woke up because of the afternoon heat. It's 1pm now and I'm thinking that's waaaay past my bedtime these days.  I need a big nap to get through the day at the moment. This doesn't mean I don't sleep at night, when it's cool!! Oh no, there is enough sleep here to fill the oceans.

Twistin_b_y_the_pool Harki and Peri have been playing in the paddle pool. The Kiwi Fruit vine grew in a spiral shape and so I stuck the hose in the spiral and turned it on and sat down for 5 minutes while the paddle pool filled. There was much leaping about and paddling and biting of the water and then two very wet Labradors!!! They love to stand in the paddle pool when it is hot. Peri will do little duck dives too. Harki has been to see Dr Tim at the Vet this morning. She has ore eye ointment and more ear drops and I have to use a syringe to get the drops right to the bottom of her ear. She is such a good girl, even Dr Tim said so. She had some banana as a treat on the way home.

I have been knitting the Orange-Knitting-Which-Has-No-Name. I have finished it and I am doing the Orange_you_glad_youre_not_knitting_this auxiliary pieces. I like this as I get to find the mass of my wool all the time, trying to find the half way mark!!! Yesterday I finished all my little embroideries. They are inordinately cute!! Now I have to attach them to some ribbon and add a bell to the bottom and they are complete!!!

I think the Year of Australian Baking is a goer. I shall avoid Pie Floaters like the plague though. I have not actually ever had one. I might make Fairy Bread instead, though it has to be white bread, butter and spherical 100s and 10000s and the bread has to be cut into 4 little triangles.

Tianne_and_boss_sent_treats_1 We have received a lovely present from Tianne and Boss. The Labradors are so lucky, speacial treats and Boss's scent on the package!!! I have eaten the LifeSavers!! Musk: Yum!! Thank you Tianne, I shall hang the Stocking up right here and now!!!

To Dream, The ImPossumible Dream

The first day of Summer!!! We've just had quite a violent rainy, windy storm. It's quite cool, so we're having the kind of Summer I like so far. There have been things 'going on' at the Casa 2paw, so we're all a bit hit and miss at the moment.......bear with us. That's bear, not bare!!!!  Somehow sticking my fingers in my ears, closing my eyes tightly and going Lalalalalala is just not working!!!

Makin_a_fruit There has been knitting. Now I can't show you the actual knitting, but look!!! The wool!!!! I think you can tell straight away that this is for someone else!! Perhaps I'm knitting a giant Jaffa - and that's a Jaffa, not a Jaffa!!! These would be entirely the wrong colours for Teal'c!!!

I have a new top, it's green and I would take a photo of it except I am wearing it. I love it especially as it was a super bargain bought with the change in the bottom of my purse!!! MrsDrWho and I had surprise afternoon tea. MrsDrWho had a new mobile. It does texting with real spaces instead of + signs!! It has enough thinking power to have organised the first Moon Landings!!! It is a boon. She rang after school and we afternoon tea-d and then shopped for a little while. The LabradorsBook_book_book_book are happy recipients of a dozen tennis balls and treats for their hips: glucosamine soaked rawhide chews!!! I would just like to point out that MrsDrWho has pretty much wrecked her chances of ever being MrsSantaClaus now......

I have opened my new Doctor Who books and perused the newest Doctor Who magazine. Sigh! How can I wait all the way till the ABC deigns to show it: June 2007 I expect. I have the Vogue Holiday Holiday_a_la_vogue edition and I am looking forward to the KnitSimple too.

Martha has her Year Of Cakes, which should be said in a booming kind of voice, but MrsDrWho and I have been musing upon this. I think next year I should have a Year Of Australian Baking: a kind of Bake-a-long. I could make something iconically Australian each month, and people could Bake-along with me!!Why should Martha have all the fun. So far I've thought of Lamingtons, ANZACS, Damper, Pumpkin Scones, Pavlova,... what else??? Not that MrsDrWho isn't eagerly anticipating a year of Martha's cakes, because that's what she'll be getting (one hopes) This Harki_sharki weekend I am making some Rhubarb and Raspberry Muffins.

Harki and Peri are both very well, Harki is demonstrating that Australia has nothing to fear now the Thorpedo is gone: Harki the Sharki is ready to step up to Peri_of_the_jungle the edge of the pool!! And Peri is spending quite a lot of her spare time (which is in fact all of her time) pretending to be a lion in Africa. Much lazing in the Sun, but little roaring or prowling!!!

I've been tagged by a fellow Tasmanian, the Lovely Linda of Two Pink Possums!!! She's been having trouble commenting since she's 'Beta-ed' up her Blogger Blog, so has Katie. Similarly I've had trouble  in the opposite direction. See how upgrades are here to help us??


4 Jobs I've had:

Teacher, that's all.

4 Movies that I could Watch Over and Over:

Pride and Prejudice the BBC version mini series, 'Mr Collins!!!'

Ruthless People, 'I've been kidnapped by K Mart"

The Christmas Invasion, 'This is my fightin' hand!!!'

Serenity, Hoban 'Wash' Washburn: This landing is gonna get pretty interesting.
Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: Define "interesting".
Hoban 'Wash' Washburn: [deadpan] Oh God, oh God, we're all going to die?

4 Places I have Lived:




Up the road and around the corner!!!

4 TV Show I Love: OK this is just not fair, could it possibly be 400 TV Shows I Love???

Doctor Who

Blake's 7


Babylon 5

4 Places I have been On Holiday:




Launceston, where I first saw Star Trek when I was 9

4 Websites I Visit Daily:



My mail(s)

4 Favourite Foods:

Cups of real loose leaf tea


Lemony things

Cajun/Creole food

4 Places I would Rather Be:

Such a cop out but I like being here with The Labradors, I'm not sure they're allowed everywhere!!!

Now I'm tagging MrsDrWho!!!