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New, new, new: Night and Day, New are the One.....

I'm not Dolls_clothes_i_madesuch a fan of the whole 'New Year' thing. Once maybe I was, but now I'm just happy to see every 'New Day'. I'm doing the whole Pollyanna thing!!!!

I know that there has been some consternation and twirling of colour 'knobs' (Hi Sharon!!) but there has been a plethora of Pink and Blueness. Today I presSoft_santasent the dolls' sleeping bag thingy (bunting the American's call it) and a pillow and quilt for the Demon Spaw's new twins. (MrsDrWho's niece).

Now, there will be Red: "Soft' Santa's that I saw a picture of somewhere and I used the Soft Tree pattern.

Lovely_chunky_14ply_wool At last, Green: lots of lovely woolly 14ply that was only $2 a ball!!! I don't know what I shall make but how could I pass it up???

Harki and Peri are both well and happy and enjoying our run of cooler weather, as am I. They have been paddling in the pool, playing with their new toys and having lovely walks in the bush.Peri_and_harki_are_happy

If you want to be a joiner next year, there are quite a few Alongs already.

MrsDrWho will be getting some Block of Chocolate Socks from me. The wool is from The Knittery. I plan on making the actual sock look like a block of chocolate, with squares of stocking stitch surrounded by purls!!! I have no pattern so I will be making it up as I go along. I will also be knitting my Greenery Snickert Mrsdrwhos_chocolate_sockssocks (Baudelaire top down) and MrsDrWho's Blake's 7 socks.

MrsDrWho has something new at her house!!!!

The new James Bond is most excellent. Casino Royale was over 144 minutes long yet I was not for one minute bored. It is a sophisticated film, and that bears no refelction on me I hasten to add!! My Favourite Bonds are now Sean, Daniel and then Pierce in that order!!!Hooley_dooley

And so the obligatory Happy New Year and I'm off to watch Mr Monk and maybe eat something for tea and have a little Limoncello. The Labradors might have a treat as well!!!!


metal and knit

Hope that 2007 is a good year for you and the girls are good if there is fireworks near you.


I'm a complete grump when it comes to new year. Glad to see the green yarn is back. And thanks for the Craig picture - he's a local lad, you know (local to me, anyway!)


Happy New Year! I've seen Mrs Dr Who's something new! How exciting!

I've yet to see Casino Royale, alhtough I am very excitied, it is after all a NEW Bond movie.

The socks sound intriguing, can't wait to see them finished.


Happy New Day to you and the Labs! I went to a Casino Royale party last night. Took the whole family and we were dressed as a pack of cards. We really needed to be dealt with!


Happy new years!!!
Go on , finish Hoodie. I really really want to see it with the changes you made.


Happy New Year! Hope 2007 is a lovely year for you.

She Who Smells Yarn

Oooh I so have to get some of that Knittery Chocolate wool someday soon!! I do like it.

oooooooh you went and got some of Anns 14ply!! Did you get all the green ;) I have to go back and perhaps get some of the blue..I have a few 14ply childrens patterns I could do with them..would help Demz with walking the kids up to the school.

I wont wish you a happy new year...dont that already in an email! ;)



I hope your 2007 is a wonderful one! Happy New Year!


Happy 2007 and I'm really loving that chocolate sock yarn!!!


Happy New Year Cindy!! I just got the zippy pouch you made for me!! Thank you!!! Thanks for the other goodies too!! Momo and Coco say thanks too!!!

Ahhh...nothing to update on my blog as I haven't knitted anything for the past 3 weeks?? Oooopps!!! Lots to catch up!!


Happiest New Year to you! Thank you for your comments on my blog. I'm looking forward to getting to know you -- your dogs are so sweet!!! Best wishes with your CPH too!


Happy new year 2Paw! I rather like the sound of those choc-socks! Very keen to see them when you're done!


Happy New Year Cindy!! I love the soft santas and the camo pack!! MrsDrWho's kitten is so cute too but I can't comment on her blog!
wishing you good things for 2007

amanda j

Ooh, chocolate socks! Lucky MrsDrWho. I am seeing Bond this week I think, and quite looking forward to it.

I would like to try Baudelaire - perhaps we could have our own little Baudelairealong?


you defintely need to give the labradors a treat! unless you are buddy the labradork, who can't seem to learn that dumpster diving isn't good for his digestion. btw, happy new year!

Grandma Flea

I love the soft santas - I'll definitely be trying these for 2007. If I start now I might even finish them!


Happy New Year to you (and the puppies)!

You and I are still going strong with this "coincidence" thing - today (before reading this post) I CO for Beaudelaire TOP DOWN!

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