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Baudelairealong and other socks..

AJ and Nora and I are Baudelaireing along. I know we are not following the rules of spelling, but dammit, we are wild, wild women and just this once we don't care!!!! Oh, the Labradors are wildly wet!! The have been cooler today but in the last few days they have been Wet'n'wild!!!

Unravelled_greenery_snickert I had dropped some half stitches and one whole stitch in my  Greenery Snickert aka Baudelaire sock. It has been staring at me since the last Knitting Coven meeting and so today I unravelled back to the cuff and started on some steel needles, rather than my cute little pony pearls. The metal needles seem to pick up the wool more cleanly. They are Pony Metals!!! I am half way to the heel again.

I have almost given Nora a conniption by turning the chart upside down and making the socks top down. The pattern isn't the same, you don't get the same Greenery_snickert_attempt_2 defined leaf, more a leafy seadragon seahorse, but I like it. It is mine and no-one else will have one like it!! Because I like 72 stitches on 2.25mm needles I have also had to modify the cables and adjust them so that when I am up to the instep I have a nice clean cable down each side. Thinking ahead there!!!

I have arranged my stitches on each needle thusly:

  1. P1, second 11 stitches of lace pattern, P3, 8 cable stitches, P3 (26 stitches)
  2. 22 stitches of the lace pattern
  3. P3, 8 cable sitches, P3, first 11 stitches of lace pattern, P1 (26 stitches)

That is 72 stitches in all. I am cabling cable 2 front and then cable 2 back. This means that after the heel and gusset when I end up with 36 stitches:

Cable 2 back (4) , P3, 22 lace, P3, Cable 2 front (4)

This makes 36 stitches for the instep and then 18 on each on the the other needles after the gusset!!!One_chocolate_sock

On other sock fronts, I have finished MrsDrWho's first Block of Chocolate sock which fits beautifully. I am waiting on more wool to make the second sock.

I have started the Artemis Owl sock for my friend, Madcage, who likes owls. TheyArtemis_owl_socks_begun  were meant to be made in Opal Owl but there was no buying it early last year and so I owled up with some other wool instead. I am just doing 3 simple columns of lace up each needle: K2tog, yfwd, K2, yfwd, K2tog tbl every third row out of four. These are for her birthday in less than a week so I had better get a wriggle on!!


She Who Smells Yarn

ooooooh all socks look GORGEOUS!!!

what ones will be making a visit tomorrow?

there is some hotsocks (i think its that) that look a little like an owl..I have two skeins of it..I have plans for mine though..



Saffy and Silas are wet today from the rain and they are spending as much time curled up by the radiator as possible, which really distributes the smell of wet dog all thru the house!!

I love that green yarn!


I was going to say that I couldn't wait to see what the Baudelaires look like finished, but I think you'll be focusing on the Artemis Owl socks given your deadline. I'm starting to *need* to cast on for some socks after reading your post.


You socksy thing, you! Isn't maths brilliant (yes, I'm biased). I'm glad it's raining again for you. I could always send you some of the downpour I'm getting now?

lynne s of Oz

Lucky you - getting rain! We got some vague drizzle that managed to increase the tank water by a whole 3mm!
Any reason why you don't do toe up socks?
I admit that I often turn a top down sock into a toe up one, so I am obviously biassed :)

amanda j

Ooh we are all about the socks at the moment aren't we!! I have been focussing on other things, I will do some Baudelaireing tonight. I don't want to be left behind!


The sock looks fab - especially your cable. Have you heard about the 'GREEN SOCK KAL'? http://knottybits.blogspot.com/2007/01/because-i-am-exceptionally-good-at.html

Check out the cool button - it's worth joining just for that!!

AJs been in contact re our KAL - maybe I should design a button featuring the REAL Baudelaire (so we come across as y'know, intelligent or whatever...)! Ha! x


I've just read your 1st paragraph and can't stop laughing!! I'm at the hospital, in the staffroom (work experience) surrounded by Drs and I'm HYSTERICAL (again)!

And yes, I look at the pictures first, post my comment and then go back to read the rest of the post... part of my wild-wild streak!


Just catching up on your posts -- I love your sewing and knitting projects! And of course, the photo of the new kitten. What a sweetie.

Your dogs are adorable and I hope they are surviving the heat ok there.

Little Purl

Hello! I am back. The Baudelaire sock looks grand. What a nice green you have!
Little Purl xx


I couldn't find a contact on your site, so sending you a note in your comments.
I've pinched one of your buttons and put it on my blog. I've just discovered how to do it and think myself very clever. I've saved it to my drive, so not using your bandwidth.
With all that said, I am now asking, is it okay (to pinch it that is)?
If not, I'll remove it (I'm clever now), otherwise, it looks great.
signed: very clever cat's meow!

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