Happy Feat
I don't like cricket, Oh no, I 5-Love it!!!

Don't Fence Me Out

Why_are_you_so_far_away Oh the heat, the humidity....we are all melting as if we are Wicked Witches!!! No house on top of me needed. At. All. Harki and Peri have taken to the paddle pool as if they are canine Thorpedoes and the actually like being misted with the spray bottle.Born_free

Yesterday they were invited to the cafe on the corner, very posh, very cool, for afternoon tea with Miss Darkside, Ms Stash and Sandra D. They brought them SchmAfternoon_snackackos!!! Despite this there was whining and panting and needing to be near us. I took water and Peri's tin dish, but there was a big bucket of water provided, and The Labradors felt very welcome. They had treats and water and shade and ever so many pats. The Labradors are cute: and they know it!! Harki was an angel and clever Peri carried her dish all the way back to the car!! A good time was had by all the grownups too: yummy snacks and real tea and amusing conversation.

We have Thank_you_katie_silk_tea_and_a_seal_tooother presents too, from Katie and Penny!! For The Labradors: tasty Lamb treats and tennis balls so good the other 24 have been spurned!! And for me the most beautiful silk and Irish Breakfast tea!! I drink lots of tea in the hot Heres_your_present_from_katie_and_pennyweather. Obviously we are all very spoiled here!!! I think I might knit this scarf. It will be green goodness personified.

Now I have a list of clicky links. The Internet has been awash with disgruntled users lately. The 'Blugger" fiasco, where it decides you can't comment, and my blog apparently wreaks vengeance in a similar way at times. It is just like the VHS/Beta debate writ internetally large. Why can't all the blogs just get along???

I Heart Knitting  and I are having our own Baudelairealong!! I have promised to dig mine out as soon as it is cool!!!

There are a lot of new KALs about to sign up for, and also Project Spectrum 2.0. I'm not signing up this year. I thoroughly enjoyed it last time,  but I want to make green things in Twenty O Seven.

Want to vote in the Macquarie Dictionary's poll?? Go ahead!!!

How about the new Australian version of Monopoly?? Voting starts on January 8th.

Food for thought? Whether you agree or not with the opinions expressed, we are definitely living in interesting and nervous times. I feel more than a little paranoid.

There are still people making a difference. I promised I would link, so here it is.

Cleopatra_and_mrsdrwhos_toes It has just started to rain. I think it is a token effort and won't cool us down or water the garden, but we will make the best of it.

MrsDrWho's new kitten, Cleo!!! Gratuitous Cat Photos now, what is the world coming too?? I am her Auntie 2paw, so I am allowed to indulge her.

Tomorrow or the next day I will have more photos of things I have made. I can also write up The Block of Chocolate sock pattern, no worries, but I expect I should finish them first!!!



You could always have your own Project Spectrum - shades of green. I'm sure you could manage it. Lovely presents.

She Who Smells Yarn

Man its been horrid today!!! And there was almost NO rain it was when Adam was leaving for work (otherwise it would have gone unnoticed in our house)..Doesnt help that I made jam today to heat the house up..Interested in Apricot jam?

Take care..Rest up heaps



You could have your own modified Project Spectrum, with a different shade of green featured each month! Strangely enough, we're having a bit of a heatwave here in December -- it's almost 60 F when it should be in the 30's.


nice presents! I agree, the hotter it gets, the more tea I drink. And IB is a personal fave.

And it's a green tin, too. :-)

amanda j

Oh, you are brave going out in that heat. I stayed inside and got very frustrated with my knitting, then decided it was too hot to do anything. Lovely presents. I am not project spectrumming either, due to my inability to meet demands of any kind.


Lovely presents to distract you from the heat. It's been hot and yuk here too. Too hot to knit :(


"Feelin Hot Hot HOT" (sing it with me!) that was Thursday,
yesterday was "heading for a coo-oo-ool cha-ange",
today it is the very upbeat "singing in the rain, just singing in the rain" in Hobart.
I heard it all night, and the outdoors smell so beautiful now, but the *coolest* bit was listening to the rain on the skylight over the shower during my morning ablutions - the vertically stereo water noises were FAB!
Lastly: do you do green tea? How about full-on Japanese tea ceremony green tea (maccha)? Coz maccha ice cream would combine tea, green and coolth in one prefect package for you on these (occassional) hot summer days :)


What a great post - I'm just worn out from all the link clicking!! The pups... cute as evah of course! :)


I wanna Baudelaire-along too! x


It's been in the 50's here when it would normally be in the 30's and the dogs are enjoying all the time spent outside. Silas got hot playing fetch and actually looked for the paddle pool that he goes in to cool off in the summer, but of course it was picked up for winter!

Harki and Peri have such big smiles in those new pics!

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