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HaPeri Birthday to You!!!

YesterdaCollage_1y was Peri's birthday and now she is 5!! I can't believe she is such a big girl now: 5 years old. It just seems like yesterday she came home to live with Vundy the German Shepherd and Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey. Peri is a challenging Labrador!! She is very 'enthusiastic' and likes to push boundaries, but she is the smoochiest and most loving Labrador. She loves Harki and howls if they are apart. She is always busy and her specialties are: eating, dribbly drinking, sitting on me, swimming, stealing Harki's toys and running around with a really waggy tail as she carries something in her mouth!!!

Yesterday was not going-for-a-walk-day but because it was Peri's birthday Rub_a_dub_dub_2_labs_in_a_tub we had a special midmorning walk, and then we came home and cavorted in the paddle pool because it was so hot.

Peri_gets_her_own_card It is extremely sad to see that Peri had to get her own birthday card. We are in a very bad way!!! I thought I had 50 cards in the cupboard, so where she found this one, I don't know!!

The Labradors had an extra meaty bone to eat and some chicken too.Peri_is_a_big_5_year_old

Today it is hot again and the city is covered with a cloud of smoke. It has blown over from the mainland where they are again in the grip of bushfires. Our fires are under control at the moment, but we are urged to be alert.

I have not been alert. I managed to do 6 or 8 rounds at the end of the Artemis Owl sock just as I approached the toe, I was like a drowning person giving up all hope as the rescue boat appears. I put the sock aside. It must be too hot for me to knit. I am on a desert knitting island it seems.



Happy birthday to Peri!!


Happy birthday Peri xxx

Cindy, I too am on that island, way too hot to knit today. I do a few rows first thing then that is it!!

She Who Smells Yarn


Reading the first part of your description of Peri is like reading a description of Harley (until you get to the drooling part! lol) Peri is 6mths older then Rachelle!

Its awfully hot isn't it? And smokey!! And I have a LOT of knitting to do today too! YIKES



Happy B'day Peri! Five is a nice age to be. I am jealous of your paddle pool today.

metal and knit

Happy birthday Peri you a good girl for 5

Boss sends big playful wags and jumps for you


Happy Birthday, Peri! Wishing you years more of tail wags, puddle splashing, long walks, and toy carrying.


Happy Birthday little Peri. wishing you many more with lots of fun.


Happy Birthday Peri!
From Saffy and Silas


Happy Birthday Peri!

It certainly is too hot for knitting!

P.S. I feel much better about making a quilt now you have reminded me that it is only a series of cushion covers. I needed that little push. ;-)


Happy BD Peri!!
Give her some kisses for me!
Chief sends a butt sniff!


Happy Birthday Peri!!!!! Lots of hugs from Momo and Coco!!!

Little Purl

Happy birthday Peri!! Sounds like you had a good day ;o)


Happy birthday Peri from Sheeba BDKs. xox

PS: You're 35 in human years. Heeheehee...


Happy Birthday, Peri!!


Happy Birthday Peri!!!! Enjoy your day!!!

I'm sorry to hear about the smoke and the bush fires. I really hope you all get some rain soon!!!


Thanks for visiting my blog.

We've been getting the smoke in Hobart too - crazy isn't it?

Sending you lots of cool thoughts for more knitting friendly weather.

PS Happy Birthday Peri

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