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Baudelairealong and other socks..

I don't like cricket, Oh no, I 5-Love it!!!

Well, it was a 5-0 win against England for the Ashes: that's 5 for us and 0 for them. It was quite momentous and strangely disappointing at the same time. I'm happy we won, but the England team wasn't up to its best and we had a lot of shortened matches because we won early.

MrsDrWho has a new blog!! How exciting and it should be easier for her to upload pictures of Cleopatra now. Cleo played with me this afternoon and was ever so cute and clever.

AJ and I have been joined by the lovely Nora at Black Dog Knits in our Baudelairealong. Although it is cooler and I promised a picture, alas, it is too dark for a photo now. Nora's sock is beautiful!! I look The_pumpkin_bagforward to our mutual support group ending in 6 lovely socks!!!

So, here are some other things I made at the end of the year....

The Pumpkin Bag, my first felted project!!! It was knitted in the exactly right wool and though I think it could have been felted just a tad more, it turned out very well I think.

Little_christmas_bags Little 3D Zipped Christmas bags. I really like the effect of squared corners on the base, they give the bag depth. I drew up a pattern and Embroidered_decorations designed my own bag. I am very pleased. I lined them and then added some Suffolk Puffs to make them Christmassy.

I embroidered lots of decorations, and then backed them with some Christmas material and made some into hangings!! I have made some with angels in red, gold and green as well.

Blueberryfields_nameless_and_iciclesFinally, here are some of the Sock Knitting totes I made: Blueberry Fields, Judy Garland(who was namelss at the beginning)and Icicles.

The weather has at last taken a turn for the cool and rainy and The Labradors and I are feeling better!!! We walked in the rain this morning and splashed in the puddles and now we are going to bed to sleep the sleep of the cool!!!



Well, you had to go and mention it, didn't you. I'm now off to sulk. You know, the problem was there weren't enough nurses to throw at Warne. It worked last time! :D


Yay for the Aussies!
All your handmade items are very beautiful!

amanda j

I love your pumpkin bag! Very clever. I am Baudelaireing along nicely. Does my spelling irk you?

She Who Smells Yarn

love all the piccies. hope the Baudie socks make an appearance tomorrow! :D

See you tomorrow.



Yes, please post a photo of the upside down B's - I'm intrigued... and sorry 'bout the hysterics last night - man, that was close (but very funny)! x

PS: Are you in Sydney?


And those Suffolk Puff thingys look suspiciously like... YO-YOs!


Attention my fellow SNBer's!

The cafe at Door of Hope dosen't open till Wednesday! So tomorrow will have to be a BYO lunch and drinks day. So pack your cut lunch and fill your thermos, and then perhaps pack it as well.

In addition to this mail out, I will attempt a mass mail out to everyones accounts through my yahoo account, hopefully covering everyone. If anybody knows of anyone who won't be reached by either of these e-mails can you please pass the message on to them! I'd rather double or triple up than have someone come tomorrow unawares and unprepared.
Cindy has a wonderful idea to help solve these minor hiccups in the future! Will discuss it all tomorrow! Cindy I will draw up some ideas tonight and hopefully then after tomorrows discussion we can issue it out at the next meeting.


I love your felted pumpkin bag! It is so perky!! I made one, and it just kind of wilted and looked more like a pumpkin puddle than a bag :( Happy knitting!

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