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If A Tree Falls In The Backyard.........

TBlink_blink_blinkhe indicators on my car are working very well!!! Over the last 15 years it has cost me about $15 aTurn_turn_turn_2  year to use each indicator: not much really, almost a pair of socks each!! But I have to be safe if I am turning a corner with The Labradors on board. I actually call them 'blinkers'. My friend at Uni used to call them 'wickwacks'. I have those little buttons that you press down on the inside of my doors to lock them: they're called 'plonkers' but they aren't plonkers in the Minder or The Bill sense. In our old Hillman Minx, the first family car, they made a hollow 'plonk' sound when you pressed them down. I have a fondness for the Minx, I had a station wagon for my first car too. It is the only chance I got to be a minx!!!Help_me_i_think_im_falling

On to other things. It has remained cool, in fact there as been heavy rain, flood and wind warnings. That might be why one of the big trees in my backyard fell over last night. Luckily it missed anything of any real importance, but Harki is mightily upset that it has fallen in her backyard. She has been sitting at the top of the steps crying and looking confused and cross. Peri has been playing Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Tree, ducking in and out of the branches and exploring the snapping point!!! When I look out the back door it looks all tropical Tree_is_all_i_see because the Kiwi Fruit vine has partially come along  for the ride as well. "I think that I shall never seeeee, A thing as lovely as a treeeee" is not top of the pops here at the moment!!!

Then to round things off nicely my printer has developed a failure to communicate.

Despite this, I am decidedly cheerful. I popped a few Rescue Remedy pastilles, and had a cup of tea and then went to MrsDrWho's to watch 3 more episodes of Stargate: Atlantis. I played rough and rowdy-rebel games with Cleo the Kitten and had a leisurely lunch. MrsDrWho gave me a present for Other_puppies_to_keep_my_car_coolmy car. It is a thing to keep your car cooler. I don't know what it is called, and she thought it might have cows on it, but when I opened it there were puppies!!

Consequently there has been no knitting of late. I have joined the One Hour Craft Bag Swap. I've sent off an email to my swap partner today and I will have to get a sewing wriggle on soon. Of course I have but one wish for my bag: That it should be green!!!

Now, before any other disasters befall us here, I might sneak in a cup of tea and a little Block of Chocolate sock #2 knitting before Shakespeare Retold starts. It's The Taming of the Shrew tonight!!! I caught up with Macbeth during the week, and even though I almost know the play backwards, I was riveted by the story.



I like the sound of the Rescue Remedy pastilles - I can't have the tincture beacuse of the alcohol, so I'll keep an eye out for that.
And the thing for the car? A sunshade or window screen shade. My dad has a Wallace and Gromit one that says "Cracking Weather Gromit"!
Sorry about the tree, but at least none was hurt.


my indicators are 'winkers' and my door locks are 'snibs'....!?! one of our first family cars i can remember was the Hillman Imp..but i think that maybe we had a Minx before that!


I'm glad no one was hurt by the falling tree! I am so amazed you have a Kiwi vine in your yard, but I suppose they must grow everywhere there =) Good you are staying cheerful.


It is nice to finally have cool weather I htink the Daft white Cat appreciates it as well. At least te tre missed anything vital, lessens the blow.

I am so going to check out the pirate knit along. May even join it, might be just what the doctor ordered!

She Who Smells Yarn

ooh a fallen tree! If a tree falls in our back yard I just hope it wont be the walnut (though I think it would take a LOT to make that fall..Its over 40years old..maybe closer to 60).

Glad it didnt take out anything important! Scary thought really.

The weather has gotten lovely hasnt it? though its a bit warmer today. Meant to stay mid to low 20s all week..YAY

Catch you tomorrow.



I remember they were always blinkers when I was a kid.

amanda j

How boring! I call them indicators. Sorry to hear about your tree - it must have just about had enough of the weird weather, just like the rest of us. I watched the Shrew and loved it!

amanda j

I mean I am boring, not you!


Hey, mega flashback - we had a Hillman Minx, pale blue, I think.

I'm loving Shakespeare retold but missed last night due to a (dreadful) family function. We were invited to act as the 'buffers'.


Ohmigosh! Go little Canine Indi Jones! *sings Indi theme song for Peri's prancing and pouncing adventures* The bag swap sounds fun - and great taste on your fave colour! *wink* :)


Rescue remedy pastilles? I did not know that they made them..wonder if they are available in this half of the globe. Poor Harki, my dal gets upset if anything is out of place.


Thanks for dropping by for a visit! I think the pattern means a total of 24 hours to knit. I ain't sittin' up 24 hours to knit this mama!
I cannot believe MrsDrWho has gone away and left her baby!!!!!! (just kidding).
I don't know about your little doggies, but with kitties, there is usually a payback - hee hee. I will eagerly await MrsDrWho's return and what she may find.


Good thing the tree missed your house! I hope your printer is fixed soon and that the weather evens out there.


The weather, oh the weather! Totally confusing - Wed aka Moving Day was steamy hot all morning then showery and cool all pm, the atmospheric effects continued to bewilder until it poured on the weekend, helping us to find the tennis ball blocking the downpipe.... drizzle this morning, warm and breezy this post-meridian
PS lovely to catch up after a few days offline
PPS we called them dic-dars, which was my younger brother's term for them when little enough to lisp :)

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