Yoghurt-imate! Yoghurt-imate!!!
Wool and Grace

I'm walking: No sunshine, oh oh!

What_a_lovely_time_we_all_had_and_j Today The Labradors went on an 'Expotition' with Clara and Rosie's mum and her children, C,S and J. Harki and Peri knew they were going on a special trip and they were very excited, but they didn't exactly know why. You can see they look thoroughly happy and content. They ran and played and had a big drink, and dribbled watery dribbles on everyone's legs and trousers: they were allowed off their leads aVandals_broke_the_tablend were so thirsty by going home time that they drank almost a litre of water. We all climbed up the stairs to the LookOut and we saw men fixing the vandalised picnic area. It is very disappointing to see that the table and seats had been ruined as they were only refurbished before Christmas.

The weather today was cooler, and quite rainy too, but very windy. We were all Vandals_ruined_the_seatsblown about and looked like fir bushes in a fit!!!  The Sun wasn't shining at all and has only started to shine quite feebly this afternoon.C,S, J and their mum and I all went for lunch and had a little shop in town for Back-to-School things and a thin J_s_and_c_went_on_our_expeditionbookcase too.

I have finished the Block of Chocolate socks!! They are complete and done and O.V.A.H. Not because they were a bother or a trouble, but just because I had to put in that final effort to complete them. I have 'misplaceBlock_of_chocolate_socksd' my Knitting Journal from the end of last year, so I had to use Sock #1 as a guide for Sock #2. This was a little tricky as I did some juggling of the stitches at the start of the heel to make them symmetrical. I couldn't remember what I did at first, but it all worked out well in the end.

The Block of Chocolate Socks: My own pattern, made with The Knittery's Merino Cashmere in the Chocolate colour and 2.25mm needles. I started these on January 2nd, so they took almost 3 weeks. They are for MrsDrWho for Christmas 2006. The wool is beautiful to knit and even lovelier to wear. I am now tackling the second Blake's 7 sock in Knitter wool for her 2006 birthday!!! Sock #1 has the Blake's 7 logo and sock #2 will have B7 written in knit on a purl background. They will be a pair, but not matching.

My_yoghurt_banana_and_honey_yummy I made some yoghurt and we have all been eating it. It is very delicious. I had yoghurt, drizzled with delicate flavoured honey topped with a nice banana for my breakfast. The Labradors like yoghurt too and I am pretty sure it is good for them. They lap it up as if it were cream.

It was Starsky and Hutch's Mum's birthday yesterday and I madNeedle_book_for_starsky_and_hutchs_mume her a little needle book from some nice flowery felt. I used a button and some nice trim from AmySue to close it up and I filled it with needles. I quite liked making this and I might make a few more, though there is little felt choice here.

It is that time of year, when lots of new TV shows are being shown. This is a time when I am always awash with TV, too much TV to watch, but one can never be too careful. Sometimes I have missed the first episode of a new show, only to find out I would have loved it. Now I record everything humanely possible, and then begin the task of discarding the flotsom and jetsom (I found that I use the olden day spelling) and keeping only the shows worth pursuing. I am almost, but not quite, over Prison Break, Lost and The Desperates, and 24 is going to have to prove itself to me, or I will just keep on watching the 'Last week on 24' highlights all season till the last episode!!! You have been warned, Jack!!!


She Who Smells Yarn

I am looking forward to Lost season....3 is it now? and season 2 of Prison Break..I lost interest in Desperate housewifes before season 2 even started so wont be watching season 3 at all...and never really got into 24 (caught one here or there for all the seasons but never actually watched a whole season).

Hasnt the weather been lovely (although very windy)..


She Who Smells Yarn

forgot to say the socks look GREAT and I adore the retro flower needle holder

Katt (the forgetful)


I LOVE the block of chocolate socks, I might need to try out that yarn if I ever get back to knitting socks.

Rumour has it that Marc Cherry took a more active role in Desperates so it's back to its Season 1 form, but I fail to see how anyone could be ovah Lost!!


Sheeba almost had an 'expotition' of her own this morning that involved the cat next door, lots of excitement (of the dubious kind) and me being hailed the new superhero of our neighbourhood (a position previously held by Mr BDKs)!

(Yes, the above sentence is rather lengthy - PLS IGNORE!)


The socks look delish.

The weather has been lovely and cool lately.


amanda j

Those socks look good enough to eat without the too much sugar problem! We must Baudelairealong if this weather continues. I think your dogs are smiling. I am loving the tv prospects too - however it also means back to work time!!

metal and knit

love the socks they really look great and so does the needle case
wish our weather was cooler tonight it is hot and steamy here. Boss is sprawled out on the tiles to cool himself.


Dogs *do* love yogurt! We used to give it to our labs every morning with breakfast when they were younger. We got out of the habit for some reason, probably because my husband got annoyed at the cost of the big tub of organic plain yogurt that I bought for the dogs every week!


Love the Block 'o' Choc socks (try saying that when you're tired!) and the little needle notebook is really sweet!


Yummy sock!!!
I love the needle book too!

Thank goodness bananas are down to an affordable price now. I only allowed myself to buy one or two when they were $13 a kilo. Now we can have a banana spree. They are only $2 to $3 a kilo!


Your Block of Choc socks look yummy - I have been eyeing that color from the Knittery & now you have convinced me to get it! Is that a basketweave pattern on the socks? You are lucky to have cool weather - it's really hot here!


2PAW go look at these green socks!


Well that link didn't work ... try pasting this into your web addy ... http://www.sarkasmo.net


How awesome are those chocolate block socks? I lurve them!


wow!! the brown socks and the needle book is very very pretty!!


I forgot to mention I love your chocolate socks. I have some of that yarn tucked away for a rainy day (so know I'm safe on that one for a while!). Haven't quite decided what to knit with it yet, but it will not be socks.
Peri and Harki do look so terribly happy - what a great life they have!


The socks are lovely to wear too....but very hot....test driving new socks should not be tried in temperatures over 24 degrees!!!!


Yoghurt is very good for dogs. It's good for their bellies. I give it to my Lab whether she's feeling well or not. She loves it!


you should look into Windows Vista. Don't ask me how, but my husband downloads the tv guide onto windows media and programs 'record always' commands into almost every show - it records onto the hard drive so I can scroll through and watch the shows at my leisure during the week. I love it, I can watch back to back Boston Legal and House when the kids are at school.
Love that bag too.


you should look into Windows Vista. Don't ask me how, but my husband downloads the tv guide onto windows media and programs 'record always' commands into almost every show - it records onto the hard drive so I can scroll through and watch the shows at my leisure during the week. I love it, I can watch back to back Boston Legal and House when the kids are at school.
Love that bag too.

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