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Sunday, Muddy Sunday

Yes, filmic-ly, Sunday was a bit muddy, a bit fuzzy: The Labradors had a walk and then I went to bed at 10am and despite their best attempts to waken me, I slept through the heat of the day till 6-11pm. Now this cut severely into my sock knitting time. I was committed to doing things yesterday and I had onlyArtemis_owl_socks knitted up to the cuff. Luckily MrsMadcage has small feet and I was able to finish The Artemis Owl socks in time!! I keep typing Artemis Fowl, MrsMadcage likes owls and Artemis, the goddess, is represented by an owl, hence the name: Artemis Owl!!

So, The Artemis Owl Socks: knitted in Regia Crazy Colour #5443. The pattern is my own, my usual 72 stitches on 2.25mm, a slip 1 K1 heel and the little lace pattern that I just 'did' . This is the first of the Birthday Socks for the year, this being the Year Of Birthday Socks!!!  Wetnnot_very_wild

We are hot and it is going to get hotter. Harki (standing) and Peri (sitting)  are happy to be wet and cool in front of the  breeze, or the evaporative cooler, whichever is coldest really.

MrsDrWho and I had a cool luncheon after my appointment of boogelliness yesterday and she had sushi. The very best part was the tiny plastic squeezy fish filled with soy sauce. Now MrsDrWho and I know someone who works at the Cafe and so she's hoping for a little Soy_fish_with_sushi stash of the fish for herself, rather than the fish being thrown away. They have little faces, sad faces I think, and little scales and fins.

I am glad there are other people out there who understand my comet suspicions!! John Wyndham's books are fantastic: The Midwich Cuckoos, The Kraken Wakes and my very favourite, The Chrysalids. His books are haunting and I'm keeping an ear out for Triffids... you never know where they might be lurking....

MrsDrWho has sent me comfort viewing : MacGyver, Blackpool, P&P and North & South. By way of thanks, I have turned her to the Dark Side and she has become totally and emphatically enamoured of Cleopatra the Kitten!!



Yes, this weather is too hot for dogs, cats and people. We just aren't made for it.
Hope you are feeling better. Well done for finishing the socks. Very considerate of MrsMadcage to have small feet.


wow!! sushi for lunch?? i love japanese food!! and arent you quick finishing that socks in such a short time?

She Who Smells Yarn

Today has been horrid hasnt it? we went to the movies to enjoy how cool it was there (and saw Happy Feet)...Then to bowling (where it was cool there)..then to the walk on fridge of meat at the Kingsmeadows butchers (which was 8.6degrees!!)...

Austar weather says its 33.3degrees with 26% humidity..Tomorrow is meant to be just as hot!

Love the socks


metal and knit

sushi yum and those cute soy sauce packets are divine.

I hear it has been hot down there but as a major part of my day is in aircon I dont notice as a cardigan or jumper is needed inside our work due to the over compensating air con.


Lovely socks and all those DVD should keep you busy for a while. And I can tell you that "Blackpool" may be a little extreme, but it's fairly accurate! (take it from someone who spend a lot of their childhood there).


The socks are great, you did it right on schedule.

Sushi looks very yummy.

Mr Brickie was home earlier than usual yesterday and said that no one should have to work out in that:(


Yes we have been hiding from the heat too.

You knit those socks up so quickly. Very speedy knitting.

lynne s of Oz

Did I see a certain doggie didn't get Birthday Socks? Not that she would want them at present anyway... (I can't remember what webapge I saw it on but there was one where the dog was wearing commercial dog socks!!!)
I'm off to the shops to avoid the mugginess here. Very horrid.


I love the Artemis Owl socks.

I remember being very very freaked out by the Triffids when I read it in school. Haunting doesn't even come close to describing Wyndham's writing
The band 'The Triffids' were great though...

Fingers crossed for a cool change.

Little Purl

Yum. Sushi! Those little fish are...divine.

The socks are very nice.

Do you know when the new Dr Who is out?

Oh, and yes, Michael Jackson is bad. I mean...his song is. His song is Bad, not back, as AJ had to carefully explain to me when I asked what the song was, the one that went 'I'm back, I'm back, I move it, I'm back'...

Little Purl x


It is 32F here -- literally freezing! Please send some of that heat this way!!! I can only dream of it as it's 6 months away from us. My cats are huddling with me in quilts to keep warm. :)


I love the sqeezy fish! Too cute!

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