HaPeri Birthday to You!!!
Sunday, Muddy Sunday

The Accidental Lunchist

Something_for_us Peri is so lucky to have so many Birthday Wishes for Doggy things!!! I know she wants to pass on a wiggly waggly tail thump and a dribbly lick as a thanks to all: she's a sharing, caring kind of Labrador!!! When I look at her happy face, and Harki's too, it makes me feel very happy too. I love coming home and seeing them inside the gate, wagging their tails and ready for a big pat from me. They gaze at me with their big eyes and I melt into a puddle of give-them-any-treat-they-like...almost!! I love this picture of them with happy treat-anticipatory expressions!!

Having heard a boogelly tale about pork imports into Australia on RN, I have decided to only eat happy free range pigs, a la Restaurant at the End of the Universe!!! So armed with said happy free ranging ham as a gift, I went to MrsDrWho's house to watch Stargate Atlantis: Season 2 and eat smoked chicken salad for lunch. Atlantis was purchased after the horrid TV station graced our screens with only 3 episodes and then stopped. Just. LiAngel_bags_ready_to_goke. That. Then there was a phone call and we went out to lunch with Mrs Starsky&Hutch and Wee Jock's Mum!! Very nice and relaxed it was too, even if it was unexpected. I think sometimes the unanticipated outing can be the best!! Today there was a planned outing, but the cafe was closed and we went to the Gorge to eat and to watch the start of the Sports carnival: bike riding, running and kSide_view_of_the_artemis_owl_sockayaking/canoeing. I was able to exchange late Christmas presents and have a lovely chat to my friends!!!

One Artemis Owl sock is complete and I have till Tuesday morning to finish the second. I have one more round of rib to finish the cuff and then it's onto the leg. I really like the lace pattern and the way it continues down to the toe. It is pretty and, more Bev_of_the_artemis_owl_sock importantly, quick!!!

It's hot, dammed hot, and it will be hotter as the week progresses. At least we are not exploding!!! Oh and there's a comet. Don't look - Day of the Triffids and all. I won't be looking, not that I think I can see it from here, but I need to keep an eye or two on the sock I'm knitting. A girl can't be too careful..............



I read "Day of the Triffids" at school. I haven't been the same since!

Those bags are lovely.

She Who Smells Yarn

Oooh I hate warm weather!

Sock looks great! Puppies look gorgeous! LOVE the bags too!!

"Tell her you love her...Send her some Triffids" was something I use to say often ;) Not everyone got it...lol



The owl sock looks spiffing. At least you got some of the Atlantis second series - not an electronic sausage at my end. I sense another DVD purchase coming on!


Belated Happy Birthday Greetings to Peri. I'm sure she had a wonderful time paddling in the pool:) The Urban Aran isn't hard, just a bit fidley.
The owl sock is looking great, I can't believe you will finish the pair by Tuesday. I feel very lazy :P


Those 2 puppies are the cutest little things...

Anyway, a few yrs ago I read an article that linked pigs with something horrendous (I won't say what) but trust me on this: it was HORRENDOUS! x


Happy birthday to you Peri, doesn't time just fly by so quick these days. Nice socks, I am thinking about what to knit next, it maybe a pair of socks, I need to try out knitting them on two circulars, but want to knit for "knit4charities", and they need baby stuff and dog blankets and coats, so maybe that will be my next project.


2PAW - I love your little xmas bags - oh so cute.

Now I've been out tonight looking for that comet - I did not find it. I had actually forgotten about it until driving home after having been dining with the grandbabies and saw all these people along the side of the roads with binoculars - (light bulb moment!)- the comet! I cried to hubby, who was ready to stop the car there and then not to miss it. Dashed home, gabbed the binoculars and ran up the road to the highpoint. It was certainly a 'not tonight Josephine' scenario, so we toddled back home and will search the sky tomorrow night.

I'm not sure what colour I will knit the Melon Scarf. I've been tossing up between colourways Ocean and Mahogany, but I do like the colourway Moss that Grumperina has used. I'll make that choice when I'm that far down the line.

Tummy rubs for Peri and Harki.


Keep on sock knitting you will get it finished! But in this heat I am finding knitting a little tough at the moment :(


Day of the Triffids freaked me out as a teenager. Definately no comet watching from me!


happy happy happy birthday peri! :)

everytime i'm feeling down, i come by your website and just can't help smiling at peri and harki's pictures :) thank you.

ps is harki or peri the lighter colored lab?

pps do the pic collection at the top right hand corner change whenever u update?

Ann Lim

The Artemis Owl sock looks lovely & what a nice name - you always have a knack for naming your projects. I am also knitting a pair of socks for my Mum & may "steal" your lace pattern for the leg - it's nice & simple!


Happy Belated Birthday to Peri! What fun to have a Birthday! Thanks for you encouraging comments about the overlocker. I'm watching EBay and asking around so I think I'll end up with a nice machine eventually. Take care!


Happy Birthday Peri! I look at your labers and want a yellow so bad. Brody will be 6 this Feb. I just cannot even image life without them. Sickness and illness and all. Happy licks, sniffs and lots of leans to you!!!


i LOVE your christmas bags :-)


Great socks and bags

Linda Spawr

Hello Down Under, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day and are relaxing in the afterglow.

Best Wishes for a Bright 2011.

Linda Spawr

Hi Cindy, I made your Raspberry and Lemon Ice Cream for my card club last week. It was so yummy and so easy. Since we don't have meringue nest I used purchased vanilla
meringue cookies(biscuits). However I must get a kitchen scale as I had to guess how many to use. If you were making your own meringue how many egg whites would be enough for the recipe? Hope your New Year is bright and joyful. We have snow and ice, but we are used to that in Michigan, the Mitten State. Thank you for your musings, ear scratches to the puppies.

Linda Spawr

Greetings from almost autumn in Michigan.
I have thoroughly enjoyed your SSS photos. I do have a solution of sorts. There is a product called a gorillapod which is a VERY
flexilbe tripod one can attach to the camera and then use the timer function. If you cannnot find one on your island, let me know, they are easy to find here in the States.

Please take very good care and pats to the "girls"

Linda Spawr

Cindy, I am in shoe envy mode!! Congrats on the spectacular find.

Linda Spawr

Cindy, I hope that Gilly & Peri are keeping you company. Feel better.


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