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Yoghurt-imate! Yoghurt-imate!!!

The Post-seidon Adventure

Yes, this could have been a disaster post, but I've got my act together to do a bit of catching up. I Bush_labs_1 love the names people have for their various car bits:  winkers and snibs, dic-dars and the weirdest of all Amanda - indicators!!!!! And another Hillman Minx owner too. I loved my old car: column shift, 3 gears and reverse, real red leather bench seats and two-tone colourway with creamy white on the top and under a snazzy swoosh of metal, a pale aqua blue. Sarah, Australia would be the perfeCleo_the_acrobat_burt_lancasterct place for Lord Greystokes, aka Tarzan. We are the land of vines. Here Kiwi Fruit and all kinds of Passionfruit, Banana and Nelly Kelly, grow like weeds and I think Chokos on the mainland are on a vine too??

I have been Kitten Sittin' and Cleo has been a handful. She got stuck behind the bookcase, climbed up onto the window sill, opened the drawers of the button box and stole buttons and then pulled down her mother's jade display. She is full of beans!!!

Now, other catching up includes *hanging my head in shame* Katt's SS presentThank_you_ss_katt to me: a Buffy the Vampire Slayer tin handbag, which Katt coveted but she gave to me!!, a cute little owl charmy thing for teachers, even though I'm not one now!!, and a pair of beautiful cabled green Prisma socks. There is only one sock as they accidentally went to Hobart with my mum and now they are back but to Katt's horror I won't cut of the little bit on one sock where there was a flaw in the wool. I like it!! It will take me a while to cut it off....6 weeks so far... There was also a present for The Labradors which has been consumed with gusto. Thank you Katt.Doctor_who_tardis_coin

Skein_winding_thingy Caroline and her daughter Miss Tinny (she is always winning things!) gave me a skein winder thingy and a Doctor Who TARDIS coin respectively. I shall treasure the coin and wind with the knitting implement. Thank you.

I sent Ann a Sock Knitting Tote and she sent me a reciprocal gift, unexpected, but so appreciated. There is a little green Harrods bag. I will never get to Harrods, I'm all Marianne FaithfullA_lovely_present_from_ann about certain things now, I'll never drive through Paris etc... There are some little knitting needle type wooden pins and a ball of Opal Acapulco. I have started a new pair of socks now!! This is #4. I am on the second Block of Chocolate socks, about to start the second Blake's 7, but am only up to the heel of the first Greenery Snickert/Baudelaire. I am a poor KAL-er!!! Block_of_chocolate_sock_2_2 

We are all so much happier that it is cooler this week.  It has been in the middle 20s and that is the kind of heat we can cope with. The Labradors have been for a long 28 minute walk, that's a very long for me, and we had a big play with tennis balls on the verandah this evening. Our very own Austalian Open of sorts.

Whose_whos_are_these Oh I have new Doctor Who books. I have new Library books. I have way too many books to read now. It is always the way!!!



One word: LOOT! Great haul of goodies. I've been watching the Aussie Open tennis and they were saying it was such a relief when it when to 25 C at 11 at night!


wow. lots of socks going on there!!! and all the pressies!! green!!! :)

Ann Lim

The bamboo pins are for pinning the pieces together for sewing up. I can see the start of Acapulco - looks nice & green. Glad you like the present. Enjoy!


Those chocolate socks make me hungry everytime you mention them. I must hunt down some chocolate......... or some sock yarn...


We had the red seats too!

Great lot-a-loot, Batgirl!

She Who Smells Yarn

You taught me how to make a sock tote (and Caroline and Sharon how to put a zipper into a cardigan)..so you are still a teacher!! :-D

The cooler weather has been great..

I am stuffed today though...house full of kids...if you add them all up (over 2 seperate times) I had 6...I dont know how teachers handle more! lol


amanda j

Is it really strange to call things what they are called?

Oh my goodness but you have received a lot of goody goodness!! Lucky you.


YOU have been teaching my poor innocent little kitty to misbehave ( and she aims to misbehave)
NOT only that but apparently you fed her beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't you think she has a smelly enough bottom without that?????


The socks are looking great! How fun to get all that good loot! I think it would be wonderful to have lush green vines in the garden. I was just out with the doggies and our yard is all bare and brown with a little dusting of snow. J was especially jealous about the kiwi vine in your backyard...we buy them anytime we can find them at the store here.


Nice pressies there and Suzi will love your reference to Marianne Faithfull.

No I haven't been giving the builders grief next door, temperature drops and so do my stress levels ;)


How exciting! Lots of presents!

My Dad had a blue and white Hillman station wagon. It had column gears and bench seats and he taught me to drive in it. It was great to drive.


oh i want a buffy tin! God I want one. Wonder where I can find such a thing???


Ah Marianne Faithful! Sharon was right I was pleased when I saw the reference, I now look upon it as I may drive thorugh Paris, well not actually drive through Paris but something equally momentus!

Did you watch the thing on the fairground Wednesday night on the ABC (yes THE ABC!), Love Tunnel????

I do covet the Buffy tin, I actually saw one and now regret not buying it of course, fool that I was! There's my never driving through Paris!

What is this about you baby sitting the kitten? Apparently letting it get stuck behind bookcases, and letting it play with the jade collection, all pales into insignificance with the small matter of beans??????

I have started a new project, I ma ignoring the socks, they don't deserve my love, this is there not driving through Paris at the moment.


rosie-maree dean

Did you mention chokos? I am from the mainland and have been in Tassie for 21 years this year, I haven't seen a choko since I left Sydney.


Your socks look great and it sounds like you received a lot of good mail!


1. Tell me, how are/is Baudelaire?

2. The choc sock looks tempting...

3. I have a house guest from Hobart and she's teaching me to knit without a cable needle!

4. I have no idea why my comment is in point form (perhaps sentence construction just isn't happening this mrng.)

4 a). Did I read somewhere that you're a TEACHER?

5. I love that each post has a lab pic! x


6. Bells: Buffy tins can be found at K-Mart ot Toys R Us etc.


Of course you're still a teacher, it's a life long passion, or is that a life sentence?!?! Speaking of which, 2 more weeks until I'm back in the classroom after 8 months off, am I ready for classes full of teenaged girls? probably not.

Love the Lucy Jordan reference.

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