Sunday, Muddy Sunday
If A Tree Falls In The Backyard.........

The Towelling Inferno!!!

One_artemis_owl_sock The Artemis Owl socks were completed and wrapped up in time!! Here is MrsMadcage wearing one!! They fitted perfectly!! Of course it was too hot to wear two socks, one was enough. We are still at the 30*C mark inside at 10-30pm tonight and it has been unbelievably hot for 3 days now and promises to be so for a few days more. I have found the best way to become, and maintain, The Cool is to swathe myself in a cold, wet towel. That, combined with Mr Cooly  (obviously mine is not the nuclear looking type!!!) seemed to do the trick last night and I managed more than 4 hours of undisturbed sleep. Take_us_home_were_hot_1

Poor Harki and Peri are so hot, and despite misting and hosing and paddle pooling, they remain so. If it does cool down much later on they like to run about and play in the coolness, regardless of the hour. When we walk very early in the morning they have a wonderful time, but if I ask them 'Is it time to go home now?' they turn around and head straight back to the car for a quick drink from the water I take along and then our homeward way we wend.

The GardyGardeners received some quilted decorations a few years ago that they immediately decided made excellent drink coasters for their tea and coffee. They were sad I didn't make them some Gardygardeners_extra_coastersmore last Christmas so I whipped them up two new ones on Wednesday morning. I know they are fulfilling their under-the-cup function admirably!!!

Tomorrow I have to have 2 whole new indicator lights for my car. My word they are expensive: they cost $200 each!! But I need to go safely around corners, so there is nothing else to be done. I shall swear off sock wool for a month or two if I can bear it.....

Being MacGyver's ex-wife has really paid off for MrsDrWho (nee MrsMacGyver, nee nee Aunty Captain Mrs Archer etc etc etc) Lucky Cleo has the beginnings of a new 8th Wonder of the World!!!

I have followed David Morrissey from Blackpool over to State of Play. I watched the episodes in this order: 2,3,5,1,6,4 because I 'misplaced' them momentarily!!! I am distraught to see that there is going to be an American version with Brad Pitt in the John Simm main role. This is so wrong, its wrongness is incalculable. I will be boycotting it, just like when Tom Cruise was in The Firm. He was just so wrong I haven't ever seen the film, it would sully the book.....



I like that pic of H & P with their pink tongues! We're having a cold spell here, but Saffy and Silas don't seem to notice the cold or the wind chill and spend ages sniffing around the yard while I'm shivering!


I remember temperatures like that - my eyelids sweated. Yikes on the cost of car lights!


You do spoil the GardyGardeners.

Don't watch The Firm, it spoilt it for me as the character in the book was definately not a Tom Cruise!

I want cooler weather today I want to knit, badly :)


I hate it when a movie ruins a book. It is never the same afterwards, no matter how many times you re-read the book.


A wet towel??? 2Paw you are a genius!

I tried to get into State of Play but just couldn't, despite Bill whathisface and kelly McDonald being in it. Maybe I should try harder?

She Who Smells Yarn

yes we have been doing the wet towel thing of late. Today is much nicer!!

Poor Drew has been feeling the heat (silly fluffy white cat).

Knitting has been doing well...Though rather resentfully.



I need a Mr Cooly or failing that a Mr Hardy with a giant fan, and lots of long tall cocktails with ridiculous names!

My knitting has gorund to a halt, it's too hot! But I will bring it Tuesday and work on it. Girls Sout's Honour!


Love the socks-I just had to tell you!


I do hope you don't have to go without sock yarn to fix the car. Then again, if it continues to be that hot no one will need socks for another month or so anyway.

Ann Lim

It has been nice & cool here in Perth, in fact gets cold in the evenings (abt. 18 deg) but it will be getting hotter from tomorrow. Whatever the weather, I will still knit! Knit On!

amanda j

Oooh, this heat! As of right now it is a bit cooler, but I can't stand it MUCH LONGER! I am afraid that I would be happy to see Mr Pitt in any role he chooses! Thanks for your lovely comment on my NEW BLOG WITH GREEN. Sorry for the shouting but I am a BIT EXCITED!!!!


Poor doggies!! They must be like the cats when it is too hot -- they lie down and don't move unless they have to!

I'm sorry to hear about your car, and am hoping it's not as bad as you thought for the repairs.


They do love their car rides don't they? I am experiencing the other extreme of weather taking Chief for his walks. It was about 9 degrees out with wind chill yesterday, that's -12 for Celcius. Yet, he still insisted on going! I hate car repairs, it always takes away from knitting $.


I guess you'll just have to knit from stash for a while until those lights are paid off - Outrageous :o)
Penny has been flipping & flopping all over the house in an effort to keep cool, poor puppies.


OMG, those indicators are so expensive!!!

Thank goodness today is cooler for you are the pups and me!

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