The Post-seidon Adventure
I'm walking: No sunshine, oh oh!

Yoghurt-imate! Yoghurt-imate!!!

You would not believe it!! On Tuesday at The Knitting Coven Miss Darkside showed me the newDalek_yoghurt_battle  insert for my yoghurt maker.  I SMS-ed MrsDrWho, as she was at the other end of the island, and asked her to buy me one at the Big Initial-at-the-end-of-the-Alphabet shop. Lo and behold, she had already bought me one!! Then, to top it all off, Miss Darkside said that the yoghurt container she had there was actually for me! I thought she was just showing it to me, but it was a present!! So now I have 2 new inserts and 4 little containers and I am all 'set' for yoghurt making today. It is ever so convenient to be able to have one lot being eaten and another lot on the go being made!! When I was about to take a photo I realised what the containers reminded me of: Daleks!!! So out came the Doctor Who Model-Making Sock book and we were away. Resistance is Useless!!!!

I have completed one Sinatra sock. It knitted up so quickly. I used my normal pattern that works every time, and whipped it up in no time!! Ann sent me the Acapulco wool, and of course I was soon humming along to Frank in my head and so the socks were named!!! The Block of Chocolate sock #2 is aSmells_galore_1t the heel, and so I feel I am on the homeward bound there.  My only consolation is that it  is too hot for MrsDrWho to be wearing socks anyway.

The Labradors had an extra long walk today as they met Winnie and Wee Jock!! There were many excellent smells and they were allowed to play in Peri_beating_harki_in_a_race_to_me the vicinity of the track-we-are-not-allowed-to-take as long as they came back straight away when I called: and they came, ears flying in the breeze and legs leaping through the bush!!!

Nora of Black Dog Knits posted a great tutorial for a bag, combining knitting and sewing. I am using it as inspiration to make myself an emerald green bag. I like to have bits and bobs in my bag: camera, purse, Buffy Diary, mobile, drugs!!(legal!!!) dog treats and knitting too, so I thought that I  might line the bag inside the knitting part so none of the strain is actually taken by the knitting. I Green_bag_begunthink I'd also like one long strap inserted down each side seam. I will have to draw up a diagram and take measurements. I will also have to go to The Black Spot of Doomlight (TM) to find some good emerald material. I think I would like a variegated all over pattern.

Penni who is about to go back to teaching  in 2 weeks after 8 months off, is quite right when she says :"it's a life long passion, or is that a life sentence?!?!" Even though I am 'retired' I never stop thinking like a teacher. I still have my teacher voice and I expect things to happen pronto if I use it!!! Teaching is a vocation, so while the last of the holidays wind down for the children, teachers will be back at school over the next two weeks preparing their rooms ie moving all the furniture back to where they want it, planning, attending extra meetings, making their rooms look fantastic and preparing great learning experiences for their new students. School starts on February 15th....

Yesterday was Australia Day. For me, it is not a big day. I'm not always proud of the way our country has 'behaved' over the last few years, and I am nervous about rampant patriotism. Most people interviewed yesterday swathed in flags, really didn't understand what the day was about. I believe we live in a good country, a lucky country, a country I am glad to have been born into, but a country that should be better behaved ethically and morally. I also have issues with some of the awards given out. Lots of important and powerful people are rewarded for doing their jobs, while the people who really make a difference every day are often ignored. There were also almost 4 times as many men as women receiving awards. I'm not too happy about that either. Perhaps it is because I live on an island that I feel somewhat apart from the mainland?? I don't know. Maybe Federation Day would be a better choice?? Or Eureka Day!!! But any day I hear I Still Call Australia Home or Tenterfield Saddler ,Down Under ,Sounds of Then , My Country,or our National Anthem , my eyes well up with tears and I forget for a little while my misgivings.



Great...just what we need ....yoghurt that kills...see I told you healthy food was dangerous.


My Labrador is so stubborn. She doesn't always come when she's called, like your dogs do. When I want her to come back in the house, I have to tell her "Clean Up!" and then she comes because she thinks the baby's throwing food from the highchair for her. Yeesh.


yummm....EasiYo yoghurt.....

amanda j

Hey, where's your Baudelaire? Languishing like mine I suspect. We celebrate Australia Day because it is our kitty catty's birthday. I must post a picture of her!

She Who Smells Yarn

You dont want to know how I spent my Australia Day!! YOINKS

Socks are looking fantastic.

I really gotta get one of those homemade yogurt things...



Oh, you can get those EasiYo things over here.
I thought England did a stand-up job in helping you guys celebrate Austrailia day. Besides, a "Lancastrian" got an award (Stuart Law) so I'm quite proud! :)
Ever since I was a child I've always been asked "Are you going to be teacher when you grow up?". "The Look" soon shut them up. I'm the daughter of a teacher, who was the daughter of a teacher. A teacher squared. A professor, if you will!


Yum, maybe a yoghurt maker should be on my list of gadgets I would like to buy.
Your Sinatra sock is lovely.


You're right, I should've lined the knitted part... damn!

(I can see it now: bags everywhere, STRETCHED FROM HERE TO ETERNITY!!)

Good one Nora. x

Ann Lim

Yummy homemade yoghurt - I love yoghurt esp. the fruity ones. The Sinatra sock looks great - you are fast & I am like you when knitting with self pattern yarn - just want to finish it off asap so that I can see the pattern.


I'll bet those labs would like some home made yogurt! They look like they had a great time on their walk. The sock looks VERY nice. Great colors. As for celebrating Australia day? Just be thankful that you don't have Bush for a president. Now that's something to celebrate!

Little Purl

A belated Happy Australia day anyway. I think we should celebrate what we want to about being Australian on these days and, even more, ourselves.


Sinatra sounds like something very dashing and adventurous should happen when you wear them. Do let us know!

The purse sounds like it will be very useful. I always have things in my purse that need little cases of their own, so I'll keep an eye on your progress photos.

Happy Australia Day (belated) to you!


Okay you are really tempting me, I too must invest in a yogurt maker.

Love the Sinatra socks and can't wait to see the bag when finished.


Oooh yes, we do with home brew what you plan with yoghurt and it works well :)

Bernie O'Donnell

Dear Site Master,
"Look Baby, Food!" is a striking end to a memorable Science Fiction short story. You referred to it about a year ago on your site.
Did you ever find an Author or Title for it? I would now desperately like to find and re-read it (after a 40 year gap!)
Any help appreciated
Thanks Bernie
20 Feb 2008
Brighton, England

Gemma Cross


"Look, baby. Food."

This is the chilling climax to the John Wyndham short story "Survival" (contained, if you can find a copy, within the volume "the Seeds of Time").

Still creeps me out recalling the first time I heard a radio adaptation. (As they say, you get much better pictures on radio..."

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