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Beware the Eye-des of March.....

I woke up this mornng, on the Ides of March and my eye was boogelly. I bought some eye drops, which I love to keep in the fridge and my eye has ceased to be red and itchy. I hate anything to do witThe_stickmeisterh my eyes and putting drops in is such a trauma: I can see the drop coming and I want to blink Now. of course, my eyes feel so nice I want to have drops in them for all of eternity!!! Oh and I bought this with my  Christmas money!!!

On a Shakespearian theme, there is something rotten in the State I live in. We are supposed to be having a Pulp Mill assessed by the RPDC (Resource Planning and Development Commission??) The pulp mill was supposed to be closed loop, chlorine-free and use only plantation wood. Our valley has an inversioIll_have_what_shes_havingn layer which traps any pollution, (we are fined if wood heaters smoke) and the river empties into Bass Strait. The Pulp Mill proponents have withdrawn from the process, had a hissy fit, and the Lennon Government is going to use Parliament to 'approve' the mill. Note I said approve and not assess. I am not in favour of a polluting mill in an inappropriate setting using old growth forest, with approval rubber stamped by a partisan Government.  There was a fight to save The Rivers , a long and bitter battle, and I think the people of the Valley need to be safe and healthy. OK, I have finished now. I know jobs and the economy are very important, but as one who knows, you can't put a price on your health, or your life and I want the Life I have to be in a clean, green place. Who_is_it

Harki had her second Arthritis injection yesterday and she feel much better, I can see a real improvement in her 'getting up' ability!! Harki and Peri are quite obedient. I will have it no other way!! When I want them to, they will sit and wait or stay until I tell them it isHere_we_come_runnin_down_the_street OK to move. They don't always want to, but they do it. There is usually a big cuddle and a treat at the end. Labradors are very amenable, and though as puppies they are hell on wheels, when they are grown up they just want to be with you, and make you happy. I don't want doormat dogs, and they can be naughty and wicked but as with children, as long as they behave when they are out, or they need to be safe, I'm  happy.  We had a lovely walk this morning, half on the leads and the rest running in the bush. Grapes_of_gosh

I am accidentally growing grapes that are edible. There has been a grape vine on the garage for 20 years and I have tasted the grapes in other years and they have been as bitter as all get out, but The GardyGardeners suggested I taste them this year, and lo and behold the grapes and sweet and juicy!!! It must have been the very hot weather. The weather has been hot again today, 27*C, even though it is Autumn. I met MrsDrWho in town after school and we Rosieposie_bag indulged in a little sparkling wine and a snack!!

On the craft front, I have been knitting the Baby Blanket, I have made 'egg' way on the calico eggs, met Katt to find fabric to make her a tote bag and I gave my last Christmas present, which included a tote: RosiePosie!!! We are expecting rain later on tonight so I'm hoping to knit some more of the blanket. I am over the halfway mark so it's all downhill now!!!

PS, I LOVE Rinse The Blood Off My Toga!!!!



Grrr government has a tendency to make me cranky *scowls at inefficient bureaucracy* On the positive though - fabulous to hear Harki's feeling better and um YUM your grapes! That sounds fabulous! We had an ornamental grape vine on our rear pagola when I was growing up and I always yearned for it to fruit so I could nibble away at the grapes!


Don't get me started on government and politicians...
And hurrah for the grapes. And non-dicky dog hips! :)


wow!! grapes in your own backyard??? yum yum!!


The grapes look yummy - I have grape vines in my patio & had sweet, juicy grapes last year but they are barren this year - wonder why?


i cannot believe the dogs are coming up to 8 years old. they look young and frisky - i assumed they were about 2-3!

if you have time, would you do a post on their diet :)

She Who Smells Yarn

We had grape vines growing up. Some years they were edible..Some years they were not. It was fun waiting to find out which year they would be though.

We got walnuts falling at the moment. Might have to pick some up..

Interested in any? We dont eat walnuts here..Mind you..the first lot are usually soft and rubbery..



I am totally amused by Rinse The Blood Off My Toga. All the best hallmarks of the old radio shows..very clever. I want to hear Round The Horn again...it was on one summer when I was about 14...I used to not go to the pool till it was over ...and going to the pool was the only thing to do in my town then!!!!
I have a grape vine...it is the McDonalds for wasps around here.
I make no political comment for 2 reasons...
1.They make me too cross
2.I would have to listen to my political lecturer (it is her blog) more closely.


So glad to hear that the pup is feeling better. It's always so sad and frustrating when they are in pain. Fresh yummy grapes...lucky you!


My Lab is a great watchdog. She'd lick an intruder to death. Heh...


Your labs are lovely - glad the injection helped. We regularly meet a lab puppy (Titus is only about 9 months old) with hip displasia. It's terribly distressing for him and his humans.


I'm so glad Harki is doing much better with the injections. I can see from the previous post that you have lots of help with yoru crafts. :)

We have similar battles here, jobs and resources at the expense of a healthy living area. The current dispute is to put a floating gas something or other in the waterway between our state and another one. This, after we've spent millions trying to clean OUT the waterway. Sigh.


I loooove the tote bag Cindy it's gorgeous. This whole pulp mill thing has made my blood pressure rise! I can't believe the hissy fit by Gunns to get their own way and it worked!! I am furious about it


Happy doggies are good! Mine ate my wallet this morning. He is lucky to still be alive. My credit card still works... although there are teeth marks though it!!!

Love the bag! nice work!


Yummy grapes! we had some here too but they were always way too sour so we got rid of the vines maybe we should have hung onto them.

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