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I,I,I,I,I,I Like You Peri Much!!

Donor Forsake Me Oh My Darlin'

Brave_harki Blood donors are wonderful people: they have saved my life!!!! Now The Labradors are being blood donors for sick dogs at the Animal Hospital. Dr Tim broached the subject yesterday and today when I was out my phone rang with a request for a sample for cross matching. Harki went in and there must have been a surfeit of fuss because when she came back a few minutes later she went right past the room and she was off for an explore out the back of the Hospital!!! She has a little shaved patch and a tiny hole from the needle, but no other side effects. I am glad to do this and Harki is very happy too. I am not so sure Peri will be still and calm, but we will see.Bbbb_almost_finished

I was out today at the Dentist, indeed I almost titled this post: The Girl Who Cried Tooth!! Last night I thought I had broken my tooth. It felt very rough and 'bits' were apparent. The dentist squeezed me in, but to my relief and embarrassment it seems that just a little bit of filling had detached itself. My filling was smoothed out and there was no charge. What a nice dentist!!! I, of course, feel as if I panicked for no reason.

Get_off_the_blanket_harki We have just experienced the Autumnal Equinox here, though Autumn officially starts on March 1st. I wonder what they call this day in the USA: Fallular Equinox??? Daylight Saving ends this weekend too, so we gain an hour's sleep. Hurray!!! I will be able to harness the extra hour to knit 6 more rows of the 4B: Big Bad Baby Blanket. It takes 10 minutes, on average, to knit a row, so with 20 rows to go and the moss section, that's about 400 minutes or 6 hours and 40 minutes. I must knit more quickly. I am surprised that the blanket looks quite good. The squares of purl and plain and the moss edging are perfect together. Of course it will need a good wash, as Harki and Peri can't stop themselves from helping me!!!

They helped themselves when I went out. Helped themselves to their food. I fed them before I went outWho_me_surely_not_says_peri  and in my pre-dental haze I just put the food in a container on the dining table. Bad. Idea. Peri assures me that she had nothing to do with the food eating. Harki certainly didn't. It must have been Mr Nobody. Luckily they only scored one day's food, but there will be more vegetables and less dry food for the next few days. That's what they eat: 2 or 3 cups of mainly green vegetables and one cup of 'diet' dry dog food, as natural and as reputable as I can find!!!

Ms Stash lent me Season 1 of The West Wing and since Tuesday afternoon I have watched 16 episodes. I am addicted. MrsDrWho is looking into the purchasing of seasons 1-5. Meanwhile Season 7 is drawing to a close on the ABC. I am looking forward to the new Robin Hood. It is coming in April, no fooling!!!

Our political strife continues, but it makes me feel safe when the centre is falling apart to see that there are no violent protests, but rather witty ones: a comment on our Mickey Mouse dilemma by singing neI_love_numbersw lyrics to The Mickey Mouse Club song, everyone resplendent with ears!!! Even when Kerr sacked Whitlam, there was not a shot fired, but we had some rousing speeches and Norman Gunston. Who could ask for more???

I like numbers and look at this wonderful paindromic example!!! 107701  I have more news, but it's 26*C and we're all too hot. Did I mention it's Autumn???



You and Harki are SO brave giving blood AND going to the dentist.


Brave dog, probably deserved the extra food but naughty for taking it. How wonderful to be a doggy donor. Must ask my vet about this next time we're there.


Oh, that's so nice of the dogs to do that! Both of my dogs have donated blood. The chocolate one was retired from the program at the age of nine, though there's a big notation on his file that he was a donor, so he gets lots of love from hospital staff whenever he's in for a visit. The yellow one is still an active donor and though he gets nervous about a lot of things, he's quite calm about his donations.

From the other side of the fence, I also had a lab who wasn't eligible to donate (didn't meet health requirements) but whose life was saved by a donation of blood. He had a rare blood type and wouldn't have survived long enough to be diagnosed but for the availability of that blood product in the middle of the night. So, I feel good about the donations all around and heartily applaud all of you!


What a brave little thing Harki was!
I always wondered where my lie in went when we change over to BST. Now I know! You get it!
The new Robin Hood is a bit ... modern. Not a patch on the Connery version (Jr. not Sr.) but treat it as panto and it's a fun ride.


Harki... the hero! Peri will be just as brave.... I am sure of it!


gotta love that mr nobody who creates all sorts of havoc at my house! what a wonderful thing for harki to do. extra treats for her!

She Who Smells Yarn

Were you DRIVING when you took that last piccie!?!?!?

The weather has been horrid. I want my cold weather!!!

Very brave of Harki to go give Blood..Adam gives blood. Lets hope Peri is just as brave.



wow...really really brave dogs. momo never likes to go to the vet. that blanket is looking great!!! how long did it take u to knit what?? what ply yarn are you using and how many balls does it take? one of my friend's baby is due this june. i'm thinking of knitting one for him (yes it's going to be a boy). what needle size?


Here in Chicago, we've just lost an hour of sleep. It's called Vernal Equinox, or Spring Equinox, here. We're exactly the opposite of you.

And your dogs are great! Giving blood is such a wonderful thing to do.


It's great to have blood donors like you & Harki - unfortunately, I can't give blood as I have a genetic blood disorder. Lucky baby to receive such a lovely blanket. It has been warm in Perth - mid to high 30's.

amanda j

What a brave dog! And brave you for going to the dentist so promptly when you thought you had an issue!

That blanket looks lovely! Six hours is only six episodes of a good tv show you know!

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